Escape from the Law - The Walking Dead (Call for Questions)

Hey folks,

Our Escape from the Law column will be tackling The Walking Dead this week and the author (Adam Adler) wants to know what legal questions you might have in relation to The Walking Dead TV series.

If your question is selected it will appear in this week's column with an answer! Here's a previous entry to get an idea of what kinds of questions people ask.

Hope to see some interesting questions we can send to Adam!

Legally speaking, is a walker alive or dead?


-During Katrina, people were so afraid of looting that they formed militia groups that shot at unarmed civilians, unfortunately leading to a few deaths. If the zombie apocalypse is quelled and the same United States government is placed back in power, would there be a duty to prosecute any Militia in the Walking Dead Universe if they similarly opened fire on innocent civilians due to the suspicion that they were infected?

-Given Kirkman's glib answer that "Blue Meth caused the outbreak" that people are now taking as canon (as Kirkman said), would the outbreak be considered an Act of God since it wasn't the actual intention of the drug but it was uncontrollable in nature, or a Weapon of Mass Destruction attack given the havoc it caused?

-Looting in General. Again, say if the United States Government existed in some form. Now that most owners of goods are dead, are they up for anyone to take, or do they default to families of the previous owners, or anyone left in the corporations who manufactured said goods? Or does eminent domain come into play?

-AS the virus lays dominant in all people, does that make humans technically a hazardous material? Would that lead to special new laws on how people handle each other, are alone with each other (one person committing murder could start the outbreak all over again), etc?

What are the rights of a walker-to-be (an infected live person)?

Haven't seen beyond the first season, so not sure where it is right now. However, what would be the legal status of all surviving zombies? Can they be legally euthanised if too far decomposed to be held captive in hope of future cures? (If considered alive of course) If so, and the armed forces went on massive culling (euthanising) sprees, would they need permission from potential surviving family members or else risk lawsuits further down the line?
If some people have their zombie loved ones chained up in the basement, feeding them rats or whatever to keep them around for something to go wrong as it always does, will the government allow that to continue or will they have to whisk the Chekhov's zombie away?

What are the laws on commandeering private property in an emergency?


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