Share something that gave you a good laugh - the official unauthorized thread.

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Apparently there aren't enough threads in off-topic that aren't about politics, so I felt an inexplicable urge to answer that call, and since everyone presumably likes a sensible chuckle:

Share something that gave you a good laugh.

I'll start us off. I came across this yesterday. I'll admit I created this thread purely because the below is so dumb yet so genius it needed sharing. Apparently some dude made a bot AI watch 1k hours of Batman and then tasked it with writing a script for a new Batman movie.

inb4 someone points out this is fake, not actually written by an AI, and the guy who posted this is a comedy writer. Yeah, I know. Should be real tho.

I'm all for this, especially trying to keep this thread float before it's buried by more political threads:

Take this, equal parts heartWarming, awesome, and hilarious:

Basically, the guy managed to get into Paris Hilton's birthday party, made off with a cake, and gave it to the homeless! Top that!

OP reminds me of Star War: Backstroke of the West, in a good way.

I now feel like Game Grumps has more quantity than quality, but there are a few:

(And yes I am aware the artist misinterpreted 'Ash Man')

I'm aware this is a show about satirizing the politics of the week in Britain, but Brian Blessed is just such a fun host. Plus the story he tells about Everest is fantastic.

Given the reason for this thread, I find this video both hilarious and extremely fitting.

And I give you the L.A. Beast. Competitive eater, amateur daredevil, holder of several of the dumbest world records... basically he's a professional idiot. Without shame or regret, I've spent hours of my life over the past several years watching this man, this HERO, eat handfuls of the world's hottest peppers, eat 30-years-expired breakfast cereals, drink raw eggs by the gallon, gallons of hot sauce and so much more. This man is golden stupid and he's entirely self-aware which makes him that much more endearing. "I know jack shit about science" moments before THIS happens...

That point where I laughed at the meaningless of existence and that human civilization will collapse within the century.

...too soon?

Have any of you heard of Monster Factory?

If not, you should definitely give it a try. It's a youtube show where 2 brothers use the character creation of a bunch of games to spawn ungodly abominations, and also do funny commentary while doing so. It's better than it sounds. Not all episodes are winners, but there's been a few that had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and on the verge of throwing up.

Brian Blessed

That doesn't sound right:


Ah, much better.

Time for some youtube vids from beyond the grave.

because deathmetal and ponies just works together sometimes.

My current favorite YouTube is UpIsNotJump. I don't know why, but I laugh my ass off at his videos. He's great at the jump cut. And he hates the sun!

Ok, I used to enjoy Scrubs until I found out that Zach Braff was... not what I expected.

But Turk and JD's Bromance is all I ever want in this world.

Also, I've gotten into Clean Humor

...because the below is so dumb...

So it's the new experimental Batman reboot as written by Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci?

...yet so genius...

So no, no it isn't.

...some dude made a bot...

So it is Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci?

...comedy writer.

So it isn't? Stop playing games with me, man!

Something that made me laugh lately? Fine.

Here's a spin on an old meme:

Panty & Stocking

Devil May Cry 5 (WARNING,has spoilers for the entire game)


My favorite bit from my alltime favorite comedy album.

I love Doom memes.

Johnny Novgorod:

Godfather Part 2: Trump and Epstein Edition.


I love Doom memes.

So if Homer believed all that, why did he think a shotgun and flimsy barricade would do anything? 0_0

Also one of the funniest things I've seen on YT in years.

Reddit usually has something at least once a day. Here's today's.

A bit morbid perhaps, but the best humor is almost always at someone else's expense. That's why it's soooo important to have a good sense of it, or we're all in big trouble!

We are the Champions. We are the Champions. We are... The Champions.

We are the Champions. We are the Champions. We are... The Champions.

No time for losers then?

Warning! This content may contain the following: death metal, juvenile humor, pop culture reference, cartoon violence, gore and Batman' bulge. Viewer discretion is advised.

Batmetal Returns
Batmetal Forever

Since it seems we've lost the ability to embed videos again, I present this image

From Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, comes the new smash hit comic book character. Beware of...


This is brilliant! XD

"Do you do poison?"

Woman "Haha, Yeahs" Her Way Through 3-Day Music Festival
TAOS, N.M. - Local woman Anne Naus was forced to "Haha, yeah" her way through a three-day alternative music festival this weekend to combat the men in attendance talking at her, pitying sources confirmed.
Fellow women in attendance empathized with Naus' efforts to escape conversations with the "Haha, yeah" tactic.

"She made desperate eye contact with me from across the room a few times, but I didn't want to get roped into any conversation about Tame Impala's 'old stuff' either," said concert-goer Allie DePinto. "I definitely considered offering her refuge in my tent, though. Maybe next time."

After 42 hours, the men's blatant lack of self-awareness forced Naus to disconnect herself from her surroundings.

"I turned on autopilot the moment that I heard Joe Rogan's name," said Naus. "Thinking about it, though, one guy might've asked me if I saw where his kid went, but I couldn't risk another man telling me to listen to Pile."

Reportedly, Naus' defense mechanism began to turn to habit following three days of "Haha, yeah"-ing boring, narcissistic men.

"I told her that her nachos came to $4.75, and she just said, 'Haha, yeah,' as she stared cross-eyed into the distance with a glazed look over her face," said food truck vendor Kyle Wilson. "Then she handed me the money and walked away without even taking the nachos. I wonder what her damage was."

At press time, Naus was brainstorming more nuanced conversational escape methods for her next concert, after saying "Haha, yeah" to a guy for over an hour led to her backing up slowly over a low cliff.

Donkey Kong's Bizarre Banana Adventure.

Although to be honest, the show only really gets good starting Part 4, Banana Is Unpeelable.


Since it seems we've lost the ability to embed videos again, I present this image

I dunno, German is pretty fun to joke about

I dunno, German is pretty fun to joke about

German is amazing at making things that are generally considered cute and innocent sound horrifying.

For example, the butterfly. In French, it's papillon. In Spanish, mariposa. In Italian, farfalla. But in Germany, you must beware the ...


which honestly sounds like some kind of terrible, flesh-disolving disease.

I found the "invisible bikes" reddit and got a good laugh out of this image.


This is brilliant! XD

?Do you do poison??

Bruiser- spot on!

I'll come back with a little exploration of the universe.

Specter Von Baren:
I found the "invisible bikes" reddit and got a good laugh out of this image.

Bonus points: Seeing it in action.

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