Does Thor's Axe have that "If They Be Worthy" clause?

Just curious, after watching a clip from Endgame, I wondered if his new weapon had that same clause as Mjolnir about who can/can't wield it.

Did the comics carry that clause over, or did they just make it be a new weapon that works like any other weapon?

I'm sure it will as soon as it matters.

Im pretty sure the dwarf said it was meant to be the king of asgard's axe, so presumably its not 'Worthy of Thor' but 'Worthy of ruling asgard'

I'm pretty sure it doesn't in the comics. But also in the comics I think it was his weapon from before he got Mjolnir.

Since Odin is the one who put that requirement on Mjolnir, my guess is that Stormbreaker has no such clause. Thor wouldn't deliberately handicap himself that way and Etri probably can't do that at all.

Ok sorry, so to clarify a little bit, I'm more curious about it's existence in the comics. I don't recall the films saying anything about it, but I seem to recall various comic lines have him using that axe, and I was just curious if it had a similar requirement in the comics, not the MCU.

Oh wait, no, I was thinking of a different axe. Stormbreaker is Beta Ray Bill's weapon in the comics and it does have a similar enchantment.

Also in the MCU, Stormbreaker was a direct upgrade over Mjolnir, what with it able to use the Bifrost. In the comics, Stormbreaker is effectively a copy of Mjolnir. It isn't weaker, but it isn't stronger either.

The "Be Worthy" thing seemed to be put in Mjolnir only in the first Thor film by Odin who isn't around in the MCU to do that to Stormbreaker. So my guess is it's purely "if you're strong enough to lift this giant weapon" kind of similar to how Mjolnir actually works in the original myths


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