Would you support a change to Halloween (and other holidays)

Something we've been kicking around for a couple of days on the local radio shows I produce. The morning news show host has lots of grandkids and would like for Halloween to fall on the last Friday in October, regardless of the date. Basically for the kids so it wouldn't be on a "school night" and for parents and celebrations so fewer people would have to work the next morning. His single, and very Catholic co-host is firmly against such a suggestion. Being as it is the eve of All Saints Day, making it a set day as opposed to date removes any real significance it has (to him.)

The sports show I produce's hosts are split as well, between the older host (who's kids have grown up) wanting it to stay the same while the younger host (who has trick-or-treating age kids) would like it to always be a Friday.

I personally want ALL holidays moved to specific Fridays or Mondays to maximize the 3 day weekends. I really don't give a damn about traditions (anybody's really) and it is entirely self-centered to maximize my personal enjoyment of holidays. I understand my Catholic friend's reluctance to move Halloween, but the church picked that day for the Feast of All-Saints so they could co-opt Samhain in an effort to convert Gaelic populations... so its kind of arbitrary anyway. Same with pretty much any religious holiday who's dates were picked for various reasons later, none of which because we know the exact date when specific religious events happened (if they actually did.)

Hell, here in the U.S. the only significance of July 4th is that is the date that was printed on the Declaration of Independence. Congress had officially declared independence 2 days prior, and there weren't enough signatures to make the document "official" until August 2nd. So making our Independence Day the first Friday in July... fine by me. We actually know Washington and Lincoln's birthdates... but we float those holidays into "President's Day" and celebrate that day 3rd Monday in Feburary, regardless of the actual date. I think we should just do that for every holiday; religious, historical anniversary, or any kind of secular holiday.

Not in the US. The weekend extension thing already applies to most minor holidays though it'd be great if it applied to all of them.

Don't change the date, just make the day after a holiday too.

Honestly that's a fine idea. Halloween on the last Friday of the month, call it done.

I think it should always be the 2nd Friday of October so there's a chance it will be a Friday 13th.


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