Anyone here watching Mao Mao:Heroes of Pure heart Valley

I am and I'm loving it, its only on the 1st season but its shaping up to be Cartoon Networks finest(Not counting DC properties) the show has everything you want in an animated show, it has good animation, great comedy, fantastic voice acting, funny yet interesting characters and most of all meme able scenes. If you want a taste of it check out the Twitter page out of context Mao Mao

Also this video where the voice actress for Mulan plays a Tanuki named Tanya Keys

And this Gif

I am. I love every single thing about it. I love the art style, the animation, the characters. Adorabat is aptly named, child Mao Mao I want to give all the hugs to.

I do hope it goes the Adventure Time route were a real plot develops but still having a ton of light-hearted fun.

This show is also good cause, ya know, they talk.

I saw a bit of it and out of curiosity watched the first episode; it's quite a good show it seems. I wouldn't say it's something super mindblowing or standout (yet), but it's a quality cartoon that I'd enjoy mind watching more of.

I want to check it out but its not on Netflix or Hulu yet.

I have been watching it and I too have been enjoying the series. Fret not to those glooming past shows ending like Adventure Time or Regular Shows, 2019 has been great year when it come to new shows airing (this, Amphriba, Infinity Train, Primal etc)!

Enjoyed the anime but not anime vibes it has and for its more action oriantated to the point of making fun of Steven Universe on how they handle conflict! Likewise the characters are great too which Adorable is hilarous and creepy on the way she scream (sound so legit as in terrify) and her dark moments too!

Looks like they uploaded the first episode to youtube.

So yeah, its pretty good so far.

So am I the only person who thinks Mao Mao sounds eerily like Vegeta?
...I keep expecting him to call Badgerclops "Kakarot".


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