The Streaming Service Thread

This is a thread on Streaming services, which ones you like which ones you don't and which ones you might be looking for that you forget the name of.

Netflix is one of the main ones, and one I suspect many of s have. Orgionaly a Mail DVD rental service they have since got really big into streaming films and shows, many they have produced themselves.

Disny +. Besides new and old Disney Films and Shows, as well as some original content, they show off things Disney has collected over the years like Simpsons (Fox), National Geographics, Marvel products, and Star Wars. I don't have it so I don't know if they have other things they produced via Independent studios such as: Scream, Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Sister Act. Probably going to get it for the animal stuff, the cartoons of my childhood, and Mandalorian.

Curiosity Stream: All documentaries all the times. Not sure if all are a hundred percent accurate but they have subject on a ton of subjects ranging from dinosaurs to politics, food to rocket science, history to crime.

Crunchy Roll: one of many anime streaming sights. an have a free account and it will have a ton of adds or paid one and add free with also simulcasts.

Now for my question: Is there a streaming sight for more older/classic anime?

I use Netflix and Hulu. Netflix makes some good entertainment of its own and has a good service. Hulu has more of what I want to watch, but its kind of a garbage service that cuts out too much.

I hate to say it, but Funimation has a lot of the old stuff. They do have subtitles on some stuff to save you from the voice acting, but its all Funimation style censorship which can be a little annoying. I'm actually watching Slayers and barring the total removal of blood (which makes certain scenes briefly confusing until I remember what probably happened), but otherwise its fine.

Sketchy websites that probably don't have the licence to stream anything.

Like YouTube.

At this point of oversaturation and infinitely expanding corporate greed, they're all shit and piracy is the simpler option.

I use blu-rays and DVDs.

Wake me when the number of streaming services is brought down to three.

Kodi add ons.

Amazon Prime because it offers a shitload more than just the video streaming, and I regularly order stuff from Amazon. It has every Star Trek that matters, a large Sci-Fi library in general(including having picked up The Expanse as a new Amazon Original), and had most of Law & Order: SVU up until last week when I presume that their contract with NBC ended. Only downside is that there is no app for the Nintendo Switch. With that in mind, I'm looking a bit into Hulu because they're the only streaming service that has an app on the damn thing, and they have most of what I want from Prime and a bit of what they don't have, like SVU. That, and some live TV if I get the itch.

Vudu works nice on my PS3(and better than Prime) but the quality is actual ass. Might just be the PS3 app.

Netflix has only one exclusive series I care about, and I'm not subbing at those prices just for the one.

Fuck CBS All-Access. In fact, fuck all of the single-network streaming services, but fuck that one in particular. It's just a terrible service all around and the other streaming services do far better with the same series that are shared across platforms. Cheap attempt at a cash-in and it shows.

saint of m:

Now for my question: Is there a streaming sight for more older/classic anime?

Could you give a more specific timeframe/example, such as a particular series or decade? 90s? 80s? Maybe even 70s? Libraries can vary wildly, but Crunchyroll is probably your best all-rounder, even if their subs for some things are horrendous (See: Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2: The Sealed Card).

Netflix and Amazon Prime, though by and large I find Amazon Prime to be total shit (it was just a freebie when I changed ISP).

I use the UK catch-up service for Channel 4 too, but not the BBC one (you don't need a TV licence for Channel 4 (catch-up only, you still need one for broadcast), you do for BBC).

Netflix is fine I guess, but the recommendation algorithm doesn't seem very good. Would like a random function.

Netflix because it's convenient and I'm getting older/lazy. For older movies and stuff that's never on Netflix, DVDs and... other means, you know. I never bothered with anything else, I'll never have enough time to watch everything I want anyway.

In the age of streaming, I'm seeing less and less of these video stores though:

End of an era. Americans must have felt the same when Blockbuster died.


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