Other forums.

What forums do you go to besides this one?

Resetera because it's very active, serves as a good gaming news aggregator and also has a bunch of people as regulars who are very knowledgeable about PC hardware, emulation and other tech stuff, like the guys from Digital Foundry. Moderation is strict tho, even by olden days Escapist standards.

Giant in the Playground because I play D&D and the forum is great for discussion and resources on that game and tabletop gaming in general.

None really. I very occasionally make a post to reddit when I have something to rant about and am fishing for a few more replies than I get here, but I don't frequent the site.

At the moment GitPG, Orkenspalter and Splittermond. And some invite based ones. Used to be a couple more but more and more hobby forums close down.

I begrudgingly got a Discord, and I think I have a Disqus account...


Giant in the Playground for roleplaying, several subreddits for various interests that you won't find much discussion of (or detailed discussion of) on general forums like these.

Giant in the Playground is pretty active for roleplaying. 4chan for everything else I guess.

I don't.

I know this place is dead, but it's got the benefit of allowing me to post on various topics on the same website.

Prior to this, I used to hang out on Rooster Teeth (forget why I left), Sonic Anime Fans (again, forget why I left), and StarCraft Legacy. That er...well, let's just say that I was having fun until 2010, then SC2 was released, and I had five years of toxicity. I left just before LotV was released, as I was just so tired of everything.

I guess you could also include Wikia/Gamepedia forums, as I sometimes have to discuss things on the wikis I edit.

None really.

I mostly hang out at Destructoid now, but only on Disqus.

Never found a forum that really compared to this place at its peak, so I kind of stopped trying.

I used to heavily use the BioWare forums back when the social network was around, but then BioWare shut that down just before Andromeda came out.

I don't visit any forums that regularly nowadays, only discord servers. Although one has an associated forum, I haven't been on much the past couple months


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