Nostalgia Thread!

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Admit it, before he got whored out, you loved this little purple fella.

When I was a kid, I didn't realize that my Playstation would need a memory card to save my game, so I never bought one. This did not stop me from seeing the end of Spyro the Dragon. I don't know, maybe a speed run of this game isn't very impressive, but when I was 8....

You forgot about it didnt you!



Holy shit, I thought that I was the only person alive who knew about those!

As for me:

To bad there were ONLY 3 games.

Dunno if anyone posted this yet.

This game :
when it creates a meme, 15 years later, then its GOOD

OMG I loved Mummies alive.

I used to spend hours and hours playing this game, and had a collection of hand-drawn maps (color coded and everything)

Another of my faves:

And for TV:

And finally, one of the stupidest movies ever made. Yet I watched it probably 50 times (made my mom rent it just about every other week)

I can`t find a picture but I was in a store and I saw the wombles soundtrack I bought it for £3 and had a massive nostalgia trip

Holding back the nostalgic tears here.

This game :
when it creates a meme, 15 years later, then its GOOD

I was honestly hoping that was Battletoads when I opened it...



I used to play it all day, even though I was terrible at it. :')

Ah, that brings back the memories!

YOU BEAT ME TOO IT >_________<

I tried to put the image but it wouldn't work...the image was MGS1 alright

Someone needs to reboot Johnny Quest.

I Loved this Game to bits

Oh god, OP. I played that all the time.
"You can build a mountain, if you build it brick by brick!"

Ah, the magic treehouse, I'm pretty sure I read every single one of those books in the first grade. (At least the ones available at the time.)



...I actually never finished that. >.<

I think I also have some of the actual RR lego sets in a box somewhere...

Do you really want me to go there? Really!?! *Sigh* Okay...

Yeah, I did warn you.


I Loved this Game to bits

Im sorry but i had too, its just such an awesome song.

Gilbert Munch:
Lego Racers?

You bastard!

I remember when I played the final race, Rocket Racer came 7th. Yeah.

It took me sooo long to beat him... But I finally got a good start, kept stealing all the warps, and won.
I think he was 2nd or third, though...


As for me the computer game The Ultimate Haunted House

Oh god, yes.

The slinky. Green computer screens. Floppy discs.

You kids make me feel old.


Bang! Right there. Those orbitz drinks with the flavor nuggets floating in them.

and don't get me started on blue pepsi...

Gundam Wing. That theme tune brings back so many memories.





And many many more !!!

Behold the might!

Nostalgia. How long has that been around for then?

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