Your Favourite Poster In Your Room

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Mine aren't posters, but I do have the cloth wall scrolls and a painting...canvas picture.

But my favorite is tied with a wall scroll of Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4 or a framed canvas photo of American McGee's Alice.

Well seeing as it is the only poster up

I've got a giant wall scroll of Zack Fair <3
*Goes fangirl*

I can't decide, so I will just post all of the posters in my room.

and finally,

I have a signed In Flames one from Gigantour a few years back. Maybe my Sonata Arctica one

August Underground 27x40, signed and personalized by Fred Vogel.


This in reeeally big, like four times the size of a normal poster.

The only poster I have is a map of Faerun that came with the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide.

I used to have a poster of the cast of Mana Khemia 2, but then I realized it was an awful, awful game and traded in the poster with the rest of the stuff taht came with it.

I have a shadow of the colossus one.

I don't have any posters in my room.

Now I'm sad.

Other than that, I have a giant Japanese fan and a mirror. That's all on my walls.

I have a few of them, I can't choose just one

I also have this amazingly large Bumblebee poster that I can't put up mostly due to size and the fact I can't laminate it, So I need to buy a picture frame for it or make one.

Probably this:

I've also got these others:

Be warned that if you click this second spoiler you'll get a bit spammed.

Yes, I'm a fan of Luis Royo. My girlfriend, however, isn't.

Lame. I love Luis Royo as does my on and off again boyfriend.


A good old fasioned Haruhi poster

Oh. My. Word. I want that poster where on earth did you get it??????

Probably my Behemoth poster

Well, since I have only one poster on the wall in my dorm at the moment, I'm gonna say my Kingdom Hearts II poster. Though I did just buy a Beatles poster, but I'm not gonna have much of a chance to throw it up on the wall and enjoy it for very long.

the only thing I have ever bought online.
well, that and the nobody shirt from sharkrobot.
thats just awesome

My poster of Hayley Williams :-)

*Looks at my Megaman X poster* Oh Megaman X how I love you.

Just above my computer


Signed by Randall himself.

Wow, you guys have some kickass shit in your room.

I don't even have any posters!

So, ummm, the coca cola (even though I don't even drink soda) shrine.

I've got a couple of posters strewn up around me room, while they aren't as varied or cool as the ones that have been posted before me if I had to pick two they'd be this

or an I am alive poster which shows the bloke looking up at the ruined city with the games title in the bottom right corner. I like that poster.

I've also got a Wolfenstein poster and one for that movie Drillbit Taylor because they were giving them free at the video shop, but in the future I would like to invest in getting some really nice ones.

I have tons of posters, couldn't possibly chose my favourite. Would probably be either my Cloud Strife one, my Squall Leonhart one or my wolf face one.




Favorite lithograph...


Where can i get this!?

You can't anymore. Check the valve store ( for some posters and current lithographs though.

All they have is team fortress stuff now a days.

Aaarrrrgh!!!!! Oh well, better wait til the Portal 2 stuff comes along.

I'd have to say my Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention poster.

The only poster I have in my room is of the Balrog and a gandalf figurine, I do have an awesome Pirate flag strung across my wall though :)

In my high school we had a male beauty pageant and all the contestants where made a unique poster for them. Mine is defiantly the one I got for participating.

I have a poster titled "Shit Happens"
It's basically a load of sentences to do with shit and the "happening there of"
A few examples:
Darwinism: Survival of the shittiest
Statistician: Shit is 84.7% likely to happen
Conspiracy Theorist: They, shit on us!

It goes on...

I only have one poster, a plaqued poster with all 10000 names of the people who ran the 2007 Boston marathon, in which my dad participated and finished. I tagged along and spent the whole week making fun of his inability to move after the run, and eating teryaki chicken.

The Star Wars Episode 1 teaser poster.


Okay, so I had trouble posting the image, whatever.

Anyway, the prequels weren't that great, but this poster is amazingly powerful in its simplicity. Holy crap, I love this poster.

i have a portal poster which shows the cake on a table in an empty room

Since I'm in halls I'm a little short on good ones.

mine has to be a Burst Angel wallscroll with Jo holding a wounded Meg... woot for subtle yuri paring.

This is the only poster i own

I got this one

Haha, I have that one as well. My favourite has to be my London Calling one.

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