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Disaster Button:
I also have these to offer


Seriously. Thank you.

I don't remember ever seeing this show, but I have an action figure of.... *wikis* Goliath that I never knew where it was from.

You are very welcome. I'm glad to see this thread is having some impact.

Oh, I have one.

I don't care how old you are, you will have, at some point, watched this fantastic duo!

Oh god, I have seen every episode of that cartoon and I still love it. Its deffinitely one of my favourite shows still.

This last one might just be me (I'm only 15), but I'll post it anyway:


Do I win?

You win

My turn:

Freakazoid! Animaniacs! Pinky and the Brain!

Who does Stephen like best?

No, i didn't grow up in the 60's but growing up in the 80's with no cable and only CBC to watch, here is a fond memory.

David the [expletive deleted] gnome is gonna [expletives deleted] and then [expletives deleted] GOAT CHEESE [expletive deleted].

For some reason I also remember this from my child hood

The friggin Tick, man! X3

Double-dose of nostalgia, from my childhood and adolescence:


Proof that as a child we were all dumb.

I wanna find the one other person on this site that finds this nostalgic.


God, my childhood rocked.

I loved the animation and characters, and the opening credits are still one of the most memorable I've seen in my life. And I've seen a lot.

Jacson's film's were epic on every level imaginable, but Bakshi had some great ideas too, and his depictions of Sauron, the Orcs, and the Ring-Wraiths are still the more striking and terrifying of the two films.

Most of Bakshi's stuff was shit, though.

Oh, I have one.

I don't care how old you are, you will have, at some point, watched this fantastic duo!

I still watch Tom and Jerry today! *wipes away a tear of nostalgia*


i mean COME on how can show be bad when it begins with : "It is the 31 century. Ulysses killed the giant cyclops when he rescued the children and his son Telemacus"

It's nice to have had some innovation here and there. (But seriously: we had a lot of crap back then too *g*)

For me the Loony Tunes and Batman the animated series along with The Simpsons do that too me.

I loved comming home to watch this and dbz and roroni kenshin on toonami

I was watching the original Pokemon Episodes on Boomerang. Good times


Bring these back NOW!

I concur. Two of the best shows ever

I used to watch Johnny Bravo all the time!

In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to a military court for a crime they didn't commit.
They promptly escaped from a high-security military stockade to the Los Angeles underground.
Still wanted by the Government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.
If you have a problem,
If no one else can help,
And you can find them,

Maybe you can hire...


This is what I remember being on tv. =^.^=


I raise you this

[/quote]Man I love that show.

Disaster Button:

Thankyou Disaster Button, now I don't even have to go searching for it. I would say Power Rangers comes second.

I'm surprised with all the talk about Toonami I haven't seen this yet, Zoids!

(couldn't find the opening song so I went with the next best theme I could find.)

This and Ruroni Kenshin were my all time favorite shows.


God damn I love Ren and Stimpy.

What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs and over your neighbor's dog?

Yeah I love that show too.

For me I would say ReBoot is fairly nostalgic, I barely remember anything other than the animation but still.

Aww shows? Come on, toys is where its at!

Everyone had that as a kid!
Or that. Everyone. EVERYONE had a mini town rug

I actually didn't have either of those when I was a kid. I however knew someone that did.

There was some Anime that I watched but CANNOT for the life of me remember what its called. It was like these Samurai guys who faced some demon lord or something. THAT is super nostalgic to me but i cannot remember what it is.

Why hasent anyone said this yet?!

Or this for that matter!

God I remember More than half of these, Including ones I thought were shown only here in obscure old New zealand. There were a bunch more though hovering in the back of my mind. That i can think of : the Action Man cartoon,Starship troopers cartoon, cat and dog. And this one that i cant remember anything about except that a dude and a magic/technological (either bracer or Necklace thing i cant rmeber) that he could activate to cover his body in some Armour stuff.

Argh! I hate half remembered memories! Love the fully remembered ones though :D (Digimon raised me as a kid.)

Oh and....

No i dont know why me and my sister watched it so much as a kid, I guess i never noticed anything weird about it compared to the strange crap on T.V. And then I grew up......*shudders*

Oooh, I love this thread so much...
Lets see, was there anything I watched that hasn't been posted/made me giggle uncontrollably yet today...

That show frightened me, just a bit..

And three of my favorite movies when I was little, back when they could (And often did) show young children painful death on screen.


Oh man, this right here is majorly nostalgic for me. Loved that show.

And also

(sorry, this was the best I could find that wasn't the shitty "new" series they had on Disney)

And does anyone else remember another series on Nickelodeon - it was fairy tales and folk stories in a kind of anime style?




The smell of a hot, humid summer evening. I can't stand humidity or heat, but something about those summer evenings just brings back such wonderful memories of being six and seven and catching fireflies in the backyard.

I'm definitely having a nostalgia overload from this thread. The Pokemon theme really brings back some memories.

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