Dates in History: What Happened on the Day you were Born?

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Have you ever wandered what Historical Events happened on the day you were born. Do you share the birthday with an important historical figure, or were you born on the day a war was won. Find Out Here and Post your Events. After you have posted, feel free to take a look and post your favourite or the most interesting event that you found.

MOST INTERESTING DATE: 1842 On this day Dr.William Brydon, a surgeon in the British Army during the First Anglo-Afghan War, became famous for being the sole survivor of an army of 16,500 when he reached the safety of a garrison in Jalalabad.

My birthday is the day Michael Jackson was born, the day of the apocalypse in Terminator 2, and the day Hurricane Katrina hit.

Fun fun fun.

Oh, and Mary Poppins was released.

EDIT: Decided to get rid of it because there were about thirty trillion things that happened on 3rd March.

Not a whole lot really, apparently George Washington died on my birthday...

the Boy scouts of america was founded on my birthday....insidently i am also a boysecout and am an eagle scout as well....woohoo for me!


World War II: Hungary and Romania declare war on the United States.

New Zealand discovered by Dutch navigator Abel Tasman

Just a few things that happened on December 13th. :P

December 21. The day of the Apocalypse... Nice...

29th of November
1972 - Nolan Bushnell (co-founder of Atari) releases Pong (the first commercially successful video game) in Andy Capp's Tavern in Sunnyvale, California.
Now that's something :D

December 21. The day of the Apocalypse... Nice...

Grats dude! Happy Birthday!

Pearl Harbour motherfuckers!

I tried to find the interesting ones.

Most interesting :)
1929 - BINGO invented by Edwin S Lowe

April 17: Mary Surratt is arrested as a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Edit: Working!

I got Gemini XII comin' home.
AND the first League of Nations. (Sounds like a superhero group)
Plus, got 11 people usin' Black Magic for some reason ^^

Well I was born during a blizzard so that was fun for my parents

1382 St. Mary's College is founded at Westminster, England.

1600 Battle of Sekigahara sets Tokugawa clan as Japan's rulers (shoguns)

1740 Maria Theresa became ruler of Austria, Hungary & Bohemia

1740 Maria Theresa takes the throne of Austria. France, Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony refuse to honour the Pragmatic Sanction and the War of the Austrian Succession begins.

1781 Patent of Toleration, providing limited freedom of worship, was approved in Habsburg Monarchy.

1803 US Senate ratifies the Louisiana Purchase

1813 German Kingdom of Westphalia abolished

1817 First Mississippi showboat leaves Nashville on maiden voyage

1818 49th parallel established as the border between US & Canada

1818 The Convention of 1818 signed between the United States and the United Kingdom which, among other things, settled the US-Canada border on the 49th parallel for most of its length.

1818 US & Britain agree to joint control of Oregon country

1824 William H. Seward and Frances Adeline Miller Seward wed.

1827 Battle of Navarino - a combined Turkish and Egyptian armada is destroyed by an allied British, French, and Russian naval force in the port of Navarino in Pylos, Greece. The most important result of this battle is the end of the Greek Liberation War and the affirmation of independence of modern Greece.

1847 Little William Nelman poisons his grandfather

1883 Peru and Chile signed the Treaty of Ancn, by which the Tarapac province was ceded to the latter, bringing an end to Peru's involvement in the War of the Pacific.

1883 Treaty of Ancon, Peru cedes Tarapaca to Chile

1890 Pike's Peak railroad completed.

1891 First International 6 day bike race begins in New York

1898 NC Mutual & Provident Insurance Company forms

1903 US wins disputed boundary between the District of Alaska & Canada

1905 Great General Strike in Russia begins; lasts 11 days

1906 Dr Lee DeForest demonstrates his radio tube

1910 The hull of the RMS Olympic, sister-ship to the ill-fated RMS Titanic, is launched from the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland.

1911 Amundsen sets out on race to South Pole

1929 Bayshore Highway opens in San Francisco

1930 British White Paper restricts Jews from buying Arab land

1935 The Long March ends

1941 World War II: Thousands of civilians in Kragujevac in German-occupied Serbia are killed in the Kragujevac massacre.

1944 30 blocks of Cleveland Ohio burn after a liquid gas factory explodes

1944 Liquid natural gas leaks from storage tanks in Cleveland, then explodes; the explosion and resulting fire level 30 blocks and kill 130.

1944 Revolution by workers & students in Guatemala

1944 The Soviet army and Yugoslav Partisans liberate Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia

1947 HUAC opens hearings into alleged Communist influence in Hollywood

1951 The "Johnny Bright Incident" occurred in Stillwater, Oklahoma

1952 Governor Evelyn Baring declared a state of emergency in Kenya and began arresting hundreds of suspected leaders of the Mau Mau Uprising, including Jomo Kenyatta, the future first President of Kenya.

1955 Day-O is released by Harry Belafonte. It was later renamed to The Banana Boat Song.

1955 Publication of The Return of the King, being the last part of The Lord of the Rings.

1956 Hannes Lindemann begins journey across Atlantic in a 17 foot craft

1960 First fully mechanized post office opened, Providence, RI

1960 Number one hit on UK music charts - Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely

1963 South Africa begins trial of Nelson Mandela & 8 others on conspiracy

1964 Herbert Hoover, former U.S. president, dies.

1964 Riot at Rolling Stones show in Paris (150 arrested)

1967 A purported bigfoot is filmed by Patterson and Gimlin.

1967 All white federal jury convicts 7 in murder of 3 civil rights workers

1968 Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy marries Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

1968 Jacqueline Kennedy marries Aristotle Onassis.

1971 The Nepal stock exchange collapses.

1973 OPEC oil embargo begins

1973 The Saturday Night Massacre: President Nixon fires Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus after they refuse to fire Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, who is finally fired by Robert Bork.

1973 The Sydney Opera House opens.

1976 70 die as Norwegian tanker Frosta collides with George Prince

1976 The ferry George Prince is struck by a ship while crossing the Mississippi River between Destrehan and Luling, LA. Seventy-eight passengers and crew died; only 18 people aboard the ferry survived.

1977 3 members of rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd die in charter plane crash

1977 A plane carrying Lynyrd Skynyrd crashes in Mississippi, killing lead singer Ronnie Van Zant and guitarist Steve Gaines along with backup singer Cassie Gaines, the road manager, pilot, and co-pilot.

1979 John F Kennedy Library dedicated in Boston

1979 Number one hit on UK music charts - Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

1979 The John F Kennedy library is opened in Boston, Massachusetts.

1981 3 members of Weather underground arrested for armored truck robbery

1982 During the UEFA Cup match between FC Spartak Moscow and HFC Haarlem at least 63 and probably many more people are crushed to death in the Luzhniki disaster.

1983 IBM-PC DOS Version 2.1 released

1984 Number one hit on UK music charts - Wham! - Freedom

1984 The Monterey Bay Aquarium opens in Monterey Bay, California.

1987 10 die as Air Force jet crashed into a Ramada Inn near Indianapolis

1988 Britain ends suspects right to remain silent in crackdown on IRA

1988 Man armed with explosives blows self up in 125 St subway station (NYC)

1991 The Oakland Hills firestorm kills 25 and destroys 3,469 homes and apartments, causing more than $2 billion in damage.

1993 Personal posting - I...Taylor Elizabeth...was born : ) - USA

2004 Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is sworn in as the President of Indonesia.

2004 The Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball become the first team in the history of the league to win a best-of-7 postseason series after trailing the series 3 games to 0, by defeating the New York Yankees in Game 7 the American League Championship Series.

2004 The first Ubuntu Linux distribution is released.

2008 Jewish Holiday - Hoshana Rabbah - Work permitted with certain restrictions.

omg, its the day Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane crashed!

4th October..

World Animal Day. I get dog biscuits and fish food for my birthday every year. Ha ha. Gets old after so many years. :(

augaust 12
the most dedicated yoai addict
writer and reader was born the world has never recoverd her crappy badly written yoai fills the bleach fan fic forums

her name is EMILY ASHTON

August 31:

# 1056 Byzantine Empress Theodora becomes ill, dying suddenly a few days later, without children to succeed the throne, ending the Macedonian dynasty.
# 1142 With the aid of Hiawatha and Deganawidah, The Great Peacemaker, the Iroquois tribes establish the Confederation of the Haudenosaunee.
# 1422 Henry VI, becomes King of England at the age of 9 months.
# 1535 Pope Paul II deposed & excommunicated King Henry VIII
# 1688 Death in London of John Bunyan, English author of The Pilgrim's Progress.
# 1772 Hurricane destroy ships off Dominica
# 1778 British kill 17 Stockbridge indians in the Bronx during Revolution
# 1803 Lewis and Clark start their expedition from Pittsburgh at 11 o clock in the morning.
# 1842 US Naval Observatory authorized by an act of Congress
# 1846 Committee established in Sydney to organise appeal for Irish famine.
# 1850 Calif pioneers organized at Montgomery & Clay Streets
# 1858 Personal posting - Lake Victoria, source of the Nile, discovered by John Speke - United Kingdom
# 1864 Atlanta Campaign-Battle of Jonesborough
# 1876 Ottoman sultan Murat V is deposed and succeeded by his brother Abd-ul-Hamid II.
# 1886 A strong earthquake rocks Charleston, SC, killing more than 100 people.
# 1886 Earthquake kills 100 in Charleston, South Carolina.
# 1886 The first major earthquake recorded in eastern US, at Charleston, SC
# 1887 Thomas A Edison patents Kinetoscope, (produces moving pictures)
# 1888 Jack the Ripper claims his first victim as the body of Mary Ann Nicholls is found in London.
# 1888 Mary Ann Nichols is murdered. She is the first of Jack the Ripper's known victims.
# 1888 North Canterbury, New Zealand a 7+ earthquake in northern Canterbury, some 100 kilometers from Christchurch, caused the partial collapse of the cathedral's spire
# 1902 Split skirt first worn by Mrs Adolph Landeburg (horse rider)
# 1907 Count Alexander Izvolsky and Sir Arthur Nicolson sign the St. Petersburg Convention, which results in the Triple Entente alliance.
# 1907 England, Russia & France form the Triple Entente
# 1914 Ecuador becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
# 1915 Brazil becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
# 1919 Communist Labor Party of America formed in Chicago
# 1919 Petlyura's Ukranian Army kills 35 members of a Jewish defense group
# 1920 First radio news program broadcast by station 8MK in Detroit, Michigan.
# 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War: A decisive Polish victory in the Battle of Komarw.
# 1935 FDR signs an act prohibiting export of US arms to belligerents
# 1939 Nazi Germany mounts a staged attack on Gleiwitz radio station, giving them an excuse to attack Poland the following day, starting World War II in Europe.
# 1940 Hollywood screen stars Lawrence Olivier and Vivian Leigh are married.
# 1940 The FBI created a Disaster Squad to assist civilian authorities in identifying persons who died in a Virginia plane crash. FBI personnel were among the victims.
# 1941 Great Gildersleeve, a spin-off of Fibber McGee & Molly debuts on NBC
# 1942 In Ternopil, western Ukraine, at 4.30 am, German SS organise the first deportation of Jews from Ternopil ghetto to death camp in Belzec, about 5,000 Jews were deported to face death in Belzec. When the Germans captured Ternopil, about 18,000 Jews lived in the city.
# 1943 The USS Harmon, the first U.S. Navy ship to be named for a black person, is commissioned.
# 1945 The Liberal Party of Australia is founded by Robert Menzies.
# 1948 Actor Robert Mitchum was arrested in a Hollywood drug raid. He would later be found guilty of criminal conspiracy to possess marijuana and was sentenced to 60 days in prison.
# 1950 Contingent of 80 men from First Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, leaves for the Korean War.

Officially, my longest post ever...

Taken from a Wikipedia article.

On February 23rd 1991

The One Meridian Plaza fire in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania kills 3 firefighters and destroys 8 floors of the building.
In Thailand, General Sunthorn Kongsompong deposes Prime Minister Chatichai Choonhavan in a bloodless coup d'état.

Caesar was brutally murdered.

You can't pin it on me and if you try you'll bleed out just like he did, the smug bastard.

11th May:

1310 - In France, fifty-four members of the Knights Templar are burned at the stake as heretics.

1502 - Christopher Columbus leaves for his fourth and final voyage to the West Indies.

1820 - Launch of HMS Beagle, the ship that took Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage.

1983 - Holly Valance, Australian-born actress and singer born

1981 - Bob Marley, Jamaican singer and musician dies

2001 - Douglas Adams, English author dies


World War II: Hungary and Romania declare war on the United States.

New Zealand discovered by Dutch navigator Abel Tasman

Just a few things that happened on December 13th. :P

High five!

Well, the All Soul's Day was declared on that date, a lot of Jews were killed, and some other guys died, cheerleading started, shit got real for the Ottoman Empire, first American soldiers of WWI died, people impressively talk and write about UFOs, also some Koreans died, some guys were born, one of them even into a 'wonderful family', and "Saving Private Ryan" became the firstmajor Spielberg movie to be released on DVD! Whoo!

Oh, and some dude called Andrew Smith was born...what? He was born LAST YEAR, and he was on that site? What the shit? Way to make me feel unspecial...

Also, it seems that I share birthdays with Marie Antoinette, whoever that is. I have no idea why I pointed her out. Ignore this, move along.

the sixth of august, the day the world experienced the first atomic bomb with the bombing of Hiroshima.

September 27th, 1993:

Sukhumi Massacre of the Abkhazia War...

Great, I was born as millions of people died!

Mine would be January 13th (I was born Friday 13th. Sadly, not in the right month to share it's famous past)

* 532 - Nika riots in Constantinople.

* 888 - Odo, Count of Paris becomes King of the Franks.

* 1328 - Edward III of England marries Philippa of Hainault, daughter of the Count of Hainault.

* 1435 - Sicut Dudum is promulgated by Pope Eugene IV about the enslaving of black natives in Canary Islands by Spanish Natives.

* 1547 - Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey is sentenced to death.

* 1605 - The controversial play Eastward Hoe by Ben Jonson, George Chapman, and John Marston is performed, landing two of the authors in prison.

* 1607 - The Bank of Genoa fails after announcement of national bankruptcy in Spain.

* 1610 - Galileo Galilei discovers Ganymede, 4th moon of Jupiter.

* 1733 - James Oglethorpe and 130 colonists arrive in Charleston, South Carolina.

* 1785 - John Walter publishes the first issue of the Daily Universal Register (later renamed The Times).

* 1797 - A naval battle is fought between a French ship of the line and two British frigates off the coast of Brittany during the French Revolutionary Wars ends with the French vessel running ashore, resulting in the death of over 900.

* 1822 - The design of the Greek flag is adopted by the First National Assembly at Epidaurus.

* 1830 - The Great fire of New Orleans, Louisiana begins.

* 1832 - President Andrew Jackson writes to Vice President Martin Van Buren expressing his opposition to South Carolina's defiance of federal authority in the Nullification Crisis.

* 1840 - The steamship Lexington burns and sinks four miles off the coast of Long Island with the loss of 139 lives.

* 1842 - Dr. William Brydon, an assistant surgeon in the British East India Company Army during the First Anglo-Afghan War, becomes famous for being the sole survivor of an army of 4,500 men and 12,000 camp followers when he reaches the safety of a garrison in Jalalabad.

* 1847 - The Treaty of Cahuenga ends the Mexican-American War in California.

* 1869 - National convention of black leaders meets in Washington D.C.

* 1893 - The Independent Labour Party of the UK has its first meeting.

* 1893 - U.S. Marines land in Honolulu from the U.S.S. Boston to prevent the queen from abrogating the Bayonet Constitution.

* 1898 - Emile Zola's J'accuse exposes the Dreyfus affair.

* 1908 - Rhoads Opera House fire in Boyertown, PA killing 171 people.

* 1913 - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated is founded on the campus of Howard University as the second Black Greek Letter Organization for Women. The mission is to make a move towards social activism.

* 1915 - An earthquake in Avezzano, Italy kills 29,800.

* 1934 - The Candidate of Science degree is established in the USSR.

* 1935 - A plebiscite in Saarland shows that 90.3% of those voting wish to join Nazi Germany.

* 1939 - The Black Friday bush fires burn 20,000 square kilometres of land in Australia, claiming the lives of 71 people.

* 1942 - Henry Ford patents a plastic automobile, which is 30% lighter than a regular car.

* 1942 - World War II: First use of aircraft ejection seat by a German test pilot in a Heinkel He 280 jet fighter.

* 1953 - Marshal Josip Broz Tito is chosen as President of Yugoslavia.

* 1958 - Moroccan Liberation Army ambushes Spanish patrol in the Battle of Edchera.

* 1964 - Hindu-Muslim rioting breaks out in the Indian city of Calcutta - now Kolkata - resulting in the deaths of more than 100 people.

* 1964 - Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope John Paul II, is appointed archbishop of Krakow, Poland.

* 1966 - Robert C. Weaver becomes the first African American Cabinet member by being appointed United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

* 1968 - Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom Prison.

* 1972 - Prime Minister Kofi Busia and President Edward Akufo-Addo of Ghana are ousted in a bloodless military coup by Col. Ignatius Kutu Acheamphong.

* 1974 - Seraphim is elected Archbishop of Athens and All Greece.

* 1982 - Shortly after takeoff, Air Florida Flight 90 737 jet crashes into Washington, DC's 14th Street Bridge and falls into the Potomac River, killing 78 including four motorists. Coincidentally, a Washington DC Metro Rail train is derailed, killing 3 people.

* 1985 - A passenger train plunged into a ravine at Ethiopia, killing 428 in the worst railroad disaster in Africa.

* 1986 - A month-long violent struggle begins in Aden, South Yemen between supporters of Ali Nasir Muhammad and Abdul Fattah Ismail, resulting in thousands of casualties.

* 1990 - L. Douglas Wilder becomes the first elected African American governor as he takes office in Richmond, Virginia.

* 1991 - Soviet Union military troops attack Lithuanian independence supporters in Vilnius. Killed 14 people and wounding 1000.

* 1992 - Japan apologizes for forcing Korean women into sexual slavery (Comfort women) during World War II.

* 1993 - Space Shuttle program: Endeavour heads for space for the third time as STS-54 launches from the Kennedy Space Center.

* 2001 - An earthquake hits El Salvador, killing more than 800.

My fave event being 1610 when Galileo discovered Ganymede.

There were a few interesting things in there. Apparently the Bill of Rights was proposed on my birthday by James Madison. Islam was started in the city of Mecca. And lassie began airing on the radio.

This is the coolest two. July 07.

1930 Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser begins construction of the Boulder Dam (now known as Hoover Dam).

1456 A retrial verdict acquits Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death.

Could you lot put your posts in spoilers? They're a bit long

January 21st

Me, Tuta and Nicole Kidman share the same birthdays! Yay! :D Also, Queen Victoria succeeded the British throne and that red phone between USA and Soviet Union is established. Oh, yeah, and it's the day Conrad Schumann and Raphael Salem died :(

I forgot to mention that Emil Cioran died the exact same day I was born.

The Summer Solstice. Does this make me some kind of god or something?
It's June 20th for those who haven't guessed.

And Clint Eastwood was born.

29th of November
1972 - Nolan Bushnell (co-founder of Atari) releases Pong (the first commercially successful video game) in Andy Capp's Tavern in Sunnyvale, California.
Now that's something :D

Thanks for saving me a littel effort

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