Staring at Boobs Helps Men Live Longer, says Study.

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Well as a master in the art of ogling i must say that it is unimportant if it's true.
We won't stop even if it kills us!

OT: Complete bollocks ofcourse.
''german scientists''
''manly man''
''5 years''

yeah that's just not believable.
much to shady.

I don't believe this. Although it would be awesome if it was true...

Edit: Haha, I knew it! It sounded too good to be true. And yeah, it would not be possible to stop the other 100 from looking at the goods.

That is awesome. I have no more words for this.

Before I opened the spoiler I knew that this was balonga. You tired to trick me and I am so wishing that this study was true, you dont know how much you hurt me.

lmao when i first heard about this on russel howards good news

still, possibly a good ice breaker :D

If this were true, there'd be no question that men would easily outlive women.

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