What moments have had you sitting on your bed, thinking, "what the hell is wrong with this world?!"

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when someone stole my bed....and only the bed

You're kidding me right?

The bed, and only THE BED???
How did they carry it out???
Why did they steal THAT of all things???
Do you live within walking distance of an asylum, because I think you need to ask if they have any extra beds...

OT: There is only one person who shares many of my values and we've discussed this a few times, so not really thinking, but speaking.

i dident have anything off worth of money (noticeably i had my laptop with me) and it made quit a mess moving out the bed, but they dident take anything else, seems they where only interested in the bed because its soft.... i dunno, and asylum part, there is one just outside the city...

I think you should check that mad house, because your thief was mental, wait, was it a really soft, fluffy bed? *plans criminal raid*

a bit, it was mechanical with a motor i never used, else it was old and not very soft anymore and properly filled with enough for scientists to find in 5000 years to prove the existence of me

Oh. *cancels raid, calls mob boss, gets beaten by Cronies...*

The poor bed, not being of the highest quality... I think I'm gonna cry...

I crashed my bike just outside a residential district once and couldn't get up from the side of the road. Maybe ten cars passed me before someone finally slowed to check if I was alright.

I have stopped watching the news, I don't need or want to see the crap that is going on.

Whenever I get discriminated against and/or hated on in general just for being a Muslim. Especially when I got hospitalized after getting my ass beat by hardcore Christians, and ESPECIALLY when a Mosque I used to go to got vandalized with hateful maessages and then burned to the ground (with people in it) and nobody did a damn thing...This was in USA in case you're wondering. As I was helping my Muslim brothers and sisters clean up the mess, thats when the thoughts of what the hell is wrong with this world went through my head.



inb4 shitstorm of people telling OP how good he has it to even have a roof over his head.

Our house is rented, so I'm not sure how long we'll even have that. But thanks for commenting!

Shit son, that sounds bad.

What kind of computer are you runnin' at the moment? I'll gift you something on steam.

Thanks again. You deserve a real life pat on the back for even consoling me; thumbs up!

Here's the update: My tv has gone, (as in, gone for good) and my PS3 crashed with the YLOD. I've been able to keep my speakers and the laptop though, as my dad's mysterious uncle has bailed us out, (I've never even met him?) Basically, everything's okay, but I'll have to buy another tv. It's a small price to pay to know that I'm still living under a roof though. Again, thanks for even caring!

That Chinese woman who crushed kittens and puppies for a fetish website had me feeling pretty ill.

That Peta video with the racoons being skinned alive.

The relationship threads on this site (people are so cruel to eachother)

Any time I watch the news

Only thing I have to complain about is my older brother, his woman, and his 2 year old (and soon a newborn) are living with me and aren't doing a bloody thing to help out around the hosue. Locally, I am doing well. My younger brother's newborn is having major issues, but is recovering in the hospital. Only other major thing I can compainabout it my little sister was born with a major kidney disease. She was given a year at best, but pulled through, gota a transplant, and is just as annoying as any other little sister.

Not having to think about local troubles gives me time to think about the bigger issues like politcal corruption, oil companies holding humanity's progress back by buying up patents to things that would make oil obsolete and moving us forwards as a species all so they can continue going to the bank, and all that. I've wondered what happened to people's morality, and why kids these days (I am old enough to say that, not by much) have such terrible attitudes, with no shame (the clothes young girls (despite some being in their 20's or older, they aren't grown up enough to be declared as women) wear these days reveal everything), or any discipline. I say give these mouthy pricks a month with a Roman centurion or a Spartan trainer and see how quickly their attitudes change when someone stops taking their bullshit and shows them the meaning of discipline.
Since neither are around, I think military service should be mandatory, but not forced deployment. Twould kick America's weight problem and discipline problem in the ass. Weapons training would only be for those who would be deployed, of course.

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