Topical Tuesday: In-Game Death

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Topical Tuesday: In-Game Death

What's your best in-game death?

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Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer frequently produces this kinds of moments. The fact that I'm quite good at the game and can convincingly defeat the average player means that when the truly awesome players punish me with lighting fast headshots, I can't help but be utterly stunned.

It's very humbling.

Mine was in CoD:MW2.

I was dual wielding MP5Ks. I spotted an enemy heading down a ramp about 10 meters ahead going down to my left. I made after him. About 10 meters from the ramp he exploded out of it with what I thought was a shotgun.I went from a full run dropping into a crouch hoping to avoid the first Shotgun blast. At the same time I opened up with both guns. Going into a crouch had the side effect of taking my aim lower. My opponent Jumped straight at me at the same time. He cleared the 10 meters in between us practically flying over the stream of bullets as i tried to compensate and bring my cross hairs up. Just as he was about a meter away from me he activated his knife midair and planted it firmly between my eyes insta killing me.

That was the one death that still stands out to me this day.

In Red Dead Redemption a bear pushed me off a cliff. I survived, but before I could get up I was trampled by a boar.

The animals in that game just hate me...

The one I remember was in Team Fortress two. I was playing has pyro, chasing down a spy on fire, he runs up some stairs and I follow him. Then, he jumps off the stairs, over my head, and backstabs me before I know what was going on.

On Bad Company two though, I was often the one giving the epic deaths.

My best death could be 1 bottle wielding Demoman getting beaten by 20 Soldiers with shovels during the WAR! campaign on TF2.

Or it's the 'sideways compressed airblast on a sentry rocket in my face.' The Pyro skipped towards my Sentry, backed up and blew the incoming rocket 90 degreeds towards my face.

My most epic kill: Super Smash Brothers Melee, Hyrule Castle. There is a small slope there where I was charging a Super Scope 9. My friend just jumped up on a high platform, the moment he did that, I shot my charge and it ricochet on the slope right towards my friend. EPIC ENDING!

I would absolutely say the most stunning moments are the pride-before-the-fall moments.

You know, when you've been absolutely kicking ass, and everything coming through your headset is grumbling acknowledgement of your superiority. You're picking people off like ants under your feet. If anything, you're getting complacent, and bored.

All of a sudden, you're shot in the back. You spin round, absolutely amazed, and get a knife between the ribs. As the camera whirls away, you realise this was the quiet kid, the one who wasn't grumbling as he blindly ran into your fire. No, this kid watched very patiently, and over the course of a good 20 minutes edged around the entire map, watching for your blind spot and taking advantage of your moments of sheer trigger-happiness to infiltrate your base. And he had the steadiness of hand to creep up on you and not take a single shot until he was absolutely sure he had your number.

Very humbling. Despite one player's skill and prowess, he can still be defeated by someone of stronger endurance, cunning and will. I felt like Sauron.

Also humbling for the amount of cheering and jeering that immediately followed. Reminded me that dictators are never loved, and that the no.1 spot is a lonely place. Since then I've mostly played team capture the flag.

I was playing local multiplayer a few years ago on a James Bond game on the Gamecube at Furburt's house and he had some kind of guided rocket launcher you could guide yourself. It was split-screen so I saw the rocket coming towards me, and I just said "The cows..." the instant before it hit me.

The comic timing made it amazing.

The only fun I ever had in Fallout 3 is actually very, very related to this.

I was out killing super mutants in DC, had some quest to finish I think. Then I encounter a group of raiders, kill them all, with no real issues now either. Then I go on and because the game was so fucking boring I do what I always do, I start randomly jumping, this is also how I got an excellent acrobatics skill in Oblivion. I suddenly sky rocket right up into the sky, like 50 feet up, and come down right where I was standing.

Yeah, it pissed me the fuck off. But it was still pretty hilarious.

I suck at Halo, so I mostly just mess around when playing with friends.

Forgive my ignorance, but we were playing a map on Halo 3 that takes place on some sort of base in the sky or something. I don't know its name. Anyway, I was goofing off on this set of launch pads that send your character back and forth across a large chasm, spinning around in mid-air to look dopey for the playback.

The last time, however, I kept spinning longer than any other launch and curiously wondered why until my death. The playback revealed what happened: While in mid-air, another friend launched from the other side of the gap and clipped the head of my character--almost Smash Brothers-like--sending me straight down as he safely landed on the other side. I am still proud of that death to this day.

The best in-game death was basically a self-inflicted one in Modern Warfare 2. Airport + Care Package + Glass + Ricochet = Epically Nonsensical Suicide.

Can't think of anything else.

Bad Company 2, playing as the medic.

I pulled out my defibulators to rez, what I thought at the time, a teammate, only to see an enemy medic bring him back to life. The enemy soldier then killed a freindly soldier, which I brought back to life.

for about five minutes we would heal and rez our more combat capable teammates hoping they would kill the other, then the UAV landed on us and exploded.

not exactly an epic way to die, but it made me stop for a second as ask "What the hell?".

however, the most epic of kills I had was from Saints Row 2, in the rare cases I try to play multiplayer. I was running around with the McManus trying to find a better gun, namely the RPG, when I saw an enemy running towards me with the .44 revolver, as he starts to shoot a freindly hits him with a car and sends him flying yet still alive. I get a head shot on him in mid-air.

In team fortess 2 I was fighting a soldier as scout, after a tense battle on a roof top the explosion knocked me and him off. I shot him dead on the way down about a quarter of a second before I hit the ground and died of fall damage.
Ah, good times...

My greatest death was when, while playing COD:MW2, I was one of six people to die to one bullet from a sniper.

In MW2 I was about to launch a javilain to shoot down a harrier when an enemey run in front of me as I launched. It didnt end well for anyone.

Resident Evil 2, my first encounter with the Licker. I remember walking down the hall and catching a glimpse of something running by the window. I turned around and beheld this new strange zombie-Venom thing...who promptly LICKED my friggin' head off. I do not remember dropping my controller, but it happened. Not multiplayer, but it's all I've got.

Mine comes from Halo 3. Playin on Rat's nest my bro and I were dominating on team death match. there was a player who was being particularly annoying bunny hopping around. My bro fired a rocket and the obvious thing is that this dude jumped it, well what he didn't expect is that I was in a warthog paralleling the rocket. So instincitely i swerved into the rocket being killed by my bro but we got a kill for the win b/c it blew up just below him.

Halo 3, I was troll playing around a Warthog, when the other guy throws a plasma grenade, that misses me and hits the warthog. I move to the opposite side thinking I'd be safe from the blast, when it goes off, send the warthog flying and splatters me.

I was playing starcraft 2 on scrap station. I was terran and my opponent was protoss. He tried to cannon rush me, but I managed to kill off his probe and lift off the buildings that was close leaving him with a single photon cannon in my base that couldn't reach anything and which I soon destroyed. I figured that I'd push out early with some marauders and marines to put some pressure on him and punish him for trying to cannon rush me. So I destroyed the rocks in order to open up the shortcut between our bases and marched over there with my army. I soon realised that he'd blocked off his entrance with photon cannons so a frontal assault would be suicide, so I waited a short while for my starport to finish and bought two medivacs and lifted my army in behind his cannons. I subsequently ripped through his entire base...but he didn't gg strangely enough. I'd seen some probes run out of his base while I was busy ripping it apart, so I figured that he'd ran away and had a second base somewhere. So I scouted around and killed off his second base. Right when I'm killing his nexus I see a big red blob up in my base and quickly scroll there only to find 4 carriers ripping my base apart. He had transported a probe to the island expansion, lined it with photon cannons for defense and built a base considering of a single nexus, stargate and fleet beacon from which he pumped carriers like crazy. I - who had thought that the game was over when I killed off his first base - had neglected to build air defense since "he's dead anyway and I didn't see any stargates in his main".

I gg'ed shortly after. You should have seen the look on my face, that was truly an epic loss.

Best in game depth I have to say, for me - Well, most memorable was the Modern Warfare Nuke moment...most emotional, Aeries in FF7...I know, Cliche

A singleplayer moment:

Fighting the final (secret) boss of Cave Story, the enemy is initially in human(oid) form. His attack pattern isn't too complex, but a bit of a nightmare if it's the first time you've got there. I narrowly beat it, and he staggers, then flies up off the top of the screen.

SMAAAASH, down he comes again, this time as a giant, monstrous, grinning sphere. Right on top of my head. "You have died. Do you want to try again?" I think my jaw physically dropped there and then, and my hands went limp, dropping the controller to my lap. Just too ridiculous to handle at that moment - it comes after a solid 5/10 minute Platform Hell experience, INCLUDING another boss, without any save points! Essentially, I was awed by the designer's amazingly cheap shot that I should've seen coming.

The phrase "Blue ones stick!" yelled out from the other side of the couch, as a perfectly-arced grenade came flying down out of the sky, attached itself squarely to my face for less than a second, and exploded. Just came outta nowhere, and perfectly timed. The original Halo in 4-player. Priceless.

Halo 3, Rats Nest.

Threw a grenade at a Warthog driving towards me, it hit the back wheels and it flew forward. The car killed me and earned the still alive driver one more kill and a "Splatter" medal.

Very fun game.

It was in Bad Company 2. I was playing as a medic on some server with my boyfriend. Our final computer point was in some little house, and we ran in before anyone else did so we could wait in the corner for the enemies to run in. I threw a med kit down in the center of the room. All at once, both teams were crammed into this tiny house and my heal points started climbing. Eventually I was running around the room using the defib on anything that died amidst explosions and bullets, hoping the obscured body in front of me was an ally. Finally the whole house came crashing down right on top of us and we lost the round, but not before I had racked up more than 450 points from that medkit on the floor.

The original unreal tournament.

Two towers, two worlds, what ever the map is called. I had made my way into the opposing teams tower, killed several people with the flack cannon. a few began to try to gun me down, with half my life left I ran through the portal to a room half way up the tower, containing the "redeemer" (a portable mini nuke). Figuring I was about to die when the two chasing me came through the portal. I leapt from the tower, much to my joy the enemy was regrouping at their tower entrance (where I was about to land and die from the fall). So I aimed down and shot the nuke right before impact. 8 kills and a very surprised enemy team =D

Would have to be Left 4 Dead (the first one), shortly after it came out. Two friends and I and one random stranger who didn't type or speak once were playing campaign on Expert (the highest difficulty setting).
We make it through all the maps of No Mercy and through the Crescendo, with good health. The helicopter descends, we make a break for it... and the cruel, oh so cruel AI decides to bring out another Tank.
Before I know what hits me the bastard slams me off the roof, leaving me to fall (and fail the campaign) while the rest makes it out alive.

Totally awesome even if I have yet to ever make it through the campaign on Expert.

My best in-game death was in Halo 3 custom games with a map varient on sandbox. In short, tanks, grandes and explosive containers do not mix so well with a fighting spartan. In long, it was when I was awesome at Halo, now I am just good but not great, anyway, I was sencond or third on my team but I was pssing off the most people by using rockets, spartan lazers and grenades just to kick there asses out into the open to funnel them into BR, sniper fire and minigun spray. I get cut off looking for ammo and get coughtgoing for a tank. Now a grave hammer hits the tank that hits me a drops my shields . Now the real unfortunate part is that I am now stuck in a room that has fusion coils and a tank on top of me and am I glad to see that there is no roof except for that the walls are to high. And they kill me will a grenade that detonates the fusion coils that blow up the tank. The real funny part is that the fusion coils gave the lift off power that propeld me into the air and the tank set the tragectory of the my borabola flight which I end up in the around half way acrose the map with at least 10 seconds of flight.

Not my own death, but funny enough to add
Halo 3, Rats Nest, slayer free for all,
I was driving around in a mongoose, looking for someone to kill, when in one of the tunnels
I passed a guy running forward.
I jumped of the mongoose, it kept moving forward and splattered my brother, who was sneaking up behind the first guy.
I put down the controller and laughed like a madman

in badcompany 2 on atacoma (or whatever) desert. Getting sniped out of a chopper, only to have the chopper crash on the sniper who shot me, that was cool. Massively lucky shot since I was going at a good speed to rocket strafe a tank under me

Playing Blazblue Calamity Trigger. I still have this replay and I will never ever get rid of it because it was so crazy.

I was playing Noel and fighting a Hakumen. I win the first round. Second round starts. I get a big damage lead, he makes an epic comeback, its anyone's game, and then boom DOUBLE DOWN. That NEVER happens. Trophy unlocked "This Just Got Real".

It was so epic. It gave him the win though, presumably because I was up a round, which led me to lose the match overall as he won round 3. That was kind of lame since we both won one round and then had a tie but whatever, still epic.

I Wanna Be the Guy for me. I just got done with a vertical segment about four screens high, and I died (but I don't remember how). My gibs proceeded to fall down the screen, until my death had traversed every screed I had just went through. Kinda lame? Yeah, but I'd like to see you die across four screens.

Playing COD4, I had one of the better machine guns. I had killed one or two guys and turned a corner to see another. I had the perk that makes you aim better without looking down the sights so I just started spraying. It's a machine gun after all. The guy just keeps coming at me and knifes me in the face. In the replay, from his perspective, I saw my bullets flying past him on every side. Not one hit. Nothing to do with his skill, but I still found it pretty hilarious.

Accidentally hitting auto-attack when standing next to a guard in EverQuest when setting up my toolbar on a brand-new character.

Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer frequently produces this kinds of moments. The fact that I'm quite good at the game and can convincingly defeat the average player means that when the truly awesome players punish me with lighting fast headshots, I can't help but be utterly stunned.

It's very humbling.

LOL Yeah, right.

in kane and lynch 2, we were playing fragile alliance.
when you die, you come back as a cop to try to stop the heist from being successful.
i got killed by some nonsensical bullshit, so i came back as a cop.
i snuck around, turned more than half the remaining players into cops, and then got caught in an absurd CQB firefight in which i made a last ditch effort to kill the last man by throwing a propane tank at him. he shot it in the air, and we both died.

Is it cheating if I talk about a death I caused for someone else?

It was a few years ago and I was playing "City of Heroes," on the Villain side. One of the PVP zones, where heroes and villains can duke it out, is a devastated island called Bloody Bay. The villain base is much smaller, but more vertically challenging than the hero base. I was waiting by the zone entrance, a helicopter pad on the top of the base, and messaging a few friends to come join me for a mission or two. Suddenly I start getting hit from above and look up; a hero was flying over the base, just out of reach of the protection drones. [Drones are how they keep people from mobbing the zone entrances; you get zapped and instantly killed if you get too close to the drones].

The hero was a blaster, the long-range but frail class, and they were flying just out of my range and peppering me with attacks. I was playing my corrupter, similar but with some healing/buff powers, so I was taking the damage in stride but it was super annoying. I decided to teach the hero a lesson for griefing me, so I fired back with my sniper blast: high damage, high range, slow fire rate but a chance to do knockdown. The blast hit and the hero, still alive, plummeted from the sky... directly between two drones who turned him into a pile of ash.

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