Ever had a thread that became necro'd?

Just as the title says I just recently had one of my really older threads on the PR forum come back unexceptionably, even though it not how I feel now. It's a little embarrassing seeing your past post, especially since this is the second time this has happen.

So had this happen to you? Even if it wasn't a thread of yours just a way older post.

Oh I haven't. But I once had a hamster necro'd, Mr Flufybumkin was really mean after his 6 year sleep.

Smelly to.

People keep quoting me and arguing points to a thread I made yesterday, but after some lengthy discussions I've had a slight change of mind from "string him up" to "hear him out". So, yeah it sucks.

Nope. I very rarely make threads though, and those few I make are pretty uninteresting and not worth necroing.
I get quoted sometimes from something I said a few days ago and sometimes don't remember typing what I said. But that's usually down to my bad memory.

Not that I can think of, but then I only ever made one thread that was controversial enough for anyone to want to necro it, and not only did that one run its course, but it got moved to religion and politics, where it should be tame enough compared to the competition that nobody would really care about it. There is a thread that I was a pretty vocal poster in several days back, which I still seem to get quoted in at least once a day, despite the fact that it's been off the "hot topics" list for a couple of days now.

I had a few that did.
My "report button and you" thread was necro'd. It was kind of weird.


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