If you were to get a tattoo...

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I have several planned, a caricature set on each arm of my female characters for rpgs, and essentially what will become the basis of an IP or two I plan on producing as a game developer. I also plan for an essential information or ID tag of sorts on my right hip, and a list of important dates (wedding date, kids birthdays) on the inside of my right wrist.

I hate needles. However, if I had a somehow crazy weekend and just had to choose something to permenantly etch my skin forever, there would be no other symbol to do so other than the following.


No other game series has left such a lasting impact on my life. Disregarding Nuts and Bolts for a rather fun game but not truly "Banjo Kazooie," the first two games are what made my childhood, and I will cherish them always.

That, is what my only tattoo would be. I would never tire of it.

I'm getting this on my chest. Gotta protect myself from possession y'know xD


I would get cthulhu tattoed onto my back

I know it's been done before, but I'm pretty attached to the idea of a Halo of the Sun tattoo on my shoulder, and, if the spirit moves me, a Seal of Metatron on the other. I shall award one free internet to whomever can correctly guess what character this is a reference to. To give you an additional, and, perhaps, largely unnecessary hint, I will also spend a lot of my free time turning valves.

I know. It's possibly the nerdiest/most incredibly stupid idea of all time, but I still think I might like to get it done some day.

Alternatively, a space invader on my shoulderblade, but if I ever do end up getting a tattoo, I'd probably want it to be a koru, which is a symbol of great significance to the Maori, somehow in combination with something Celtic. I'm proud of my heritage.

I don't really know, it's something I've been thinking about more frequently as of late, because I'm seriously considering getting one soon (by which I mean in a few years or so), but haven't really decided on anything concrete as of yet.

I can't say I would get a tattoo due to the aging process of the body. But if I were, I'd get the word "Zero" tattooed on the knuckles of my left hand (based on the Smashing Pumpkins song), and The Punisher skull on the back of my right hand

Full colour silver fern wrapped around shoulder.

I wouldn't get one... Seems like it is unnecessary and lame at my age (eighteen)

I see way too many people with "Hey look at my cool new tattoo it is a symbol for peace is love and love is to have peace"
1: I say hipster
2: If any one were to get a tattoo don't just get words and little flowers and vines in-tangling them, get something better.

I say to clarify I think this for anyone in High School, if your out of it go nuts. If you are a freshman don't get it and if you do get one get a professional to do it. If a tattoo symbolizes something I respect that.

If I were to get one it would be a stylized font of the number "42"

I would wear this proudly.


Cookie for reference.

Pretty much this:


I'm sure all the skinheads would love you.

very close to a skinhead symbol.

The words "Ka is a wheel and it turns round." wrapping around my right forearm. Or on the outside of a wagon wheel that has twelve beams going out from the center, with the Beam Guardians at the end of each. This would either be on the right shoulder blade or would be in the center of my back. Cookie for what the words and stuff comes from.

Stephen King's Dark Tower series. The whole 'ka' aspect is akin to fate or destiny and is the underlying theme of Roland's quest for the tower... and the two 'ka-tets' he formed along the way.

P.S. I'll take a peanut butter cookie, plz.

A massive Hydralisk... either around my arm or on my back. That'd be badass.

Oh, and a swarm symbol under my eye.



Pretty much this:


I'm sure all the skinheads would love you.

very close to a skinhead symbol.

Gnostic cross, mate. It's a religious thing for me. (Yes, I am Gnostic)

Just throwing this out there; You don't want a tattoo that is based off video games/movie/television etc.

And on a hypocritical note, I discovered I have a rather surprising talent with the Black Ops emblem editor.

Edit: That means I would make my own, if that wasn't clear.

God, you people have the tackiest tastes, especially for something thats going to be MELDED ON YOUR FUCKING FLESH.

I'd probably go with something elegant and simple. Celtic design perhaps.

Toss up between the Dirac equation and "Lucky Me, Lucky Mud" on my arm.

A gear. It's got to be something I can easily adapt to my changing tastes; a gear can mean many different things.

A huge 8bit mega man across my back

If I ever started to get tattoos, which I very well may, I wouldn't want to get just one - over time, I would probably cover at least my arms and legs with them. There just doesn't really seem like a point to only getting one.

I would probably start with a Deathbat (logo of A7X), seeing as how they are one of my favorite bands, and the logo can also mean many things.

Also, someday I'm gonna go totally Memento on this bitch and just cover my body in words important to my life so I never forget ANYTHING =P

I have one, on my right wrist, of the Starmen symbol from Earthbound. I'm wanting a few more, and have the ideas, and a few of the drawings laid out. It's really just about laying out the cash for it, and the time to do it.


What would it be? I don't know if I'd ever get one, but if I decide to get one, it would be this, on my left shoulder:


For those of you who don't know, the translation is "Rogue Squadron".

I would get a tattoo of my face
on my face
only slightly to the side
then I would stand in front of a 3D movie theater
and ruin peoples lives!

okay that made my stomach hurt :D

well for me, id only get a tattoo when something very meaningful happens in my life. something life-changing or one ill never forget ever. so far...nothing -_-"

..but if HL:EP3 finally comes out then maybe, just maybe..

A researcher I know recently discovered a sweet new drug (yeah, yeah, the useful kind, not the fun kind :p) and once the crystal structure was worked out he had that structure tattooed on his leg. That would really be the only way I'd get a tattoo, myself; if I'd genuinely discovered or created something cool that would be a lasting personal achievement. Gotta keep it geeky classy y'all!

I have three tattoos with three more planned (a blue lantern logo tattoo with the words "all will be well", a small star on my chest and a wolf on my arm)

the tattoos I already have are




(the reason the last one is just a drawing rather than a photo like the other two is it is on my bum, got it mainly for my fiancee)

I wouldn't mind getting beati pacifici quoniam filii Dei vocabuntur on my left shoulder, just need to find something to frame it with or what to have along with it, or maybe just leave it as nothing but text, will probably take a while to decide.

Dr Snakeman:

Or, if one day I managed to become a Special Forces officer (very unlikely, but I don't want to rule out any possibilities for my future, or just give up on my childish pipe dreams), I'd get this, on my shoulder.

And if I had both, it would be crazy awesome.

I think when you actually get into the service, your views may change on getting an SF tattoo, even if you're currently in it. Well, could be different there, but that's the general feeling on military tattoos in my corp.

Edit: Just remembered, there's a guy at work with a KISS tattoo, but the KI have faded so much it just looks like he has the SS symbol on his leg, give him shit for it all the time.

I would be entirely unoriginal, for a semi-original reason.

Design: Ace of Spades
Location: Right Bicep

Other common symbols are the Ace of Spades or the Ace of Hearts playing on words, with 'Ace' also being a shortened word for asexual. There is no fixed choice between which one works best though it has been suggested that the Ace of Hearts works for the romantic asexuals and the Ace of Spades for the aromantic asexuals. This however is not a strict rule by any means nor accepted by all asexuals. Link

However, genetics are out to get me, due to keloid scarring. So, yay. No tattoo for me.

i thought about getting a tattoo many times,
but i can imagine...
id sit there, in the chair, think about what image i should have branded on my flesh for the rest of my life, for just as long.

id never be able to choose >.>

I am considering getting one, on the underside (the bit with no hair) of my left forearm saying 'in a mons ea sedeo, non de aurum sed de vitium'.

It would be there to remind me to not be greedy and share whatever i'm blessed with in life.

If I had to get a tatoo for some reason then my would be in my own design and located above my upper arm.

Pretty much a simplified version of the upper half of this:


None. But if I was forced to take one it would definitely be this one!

Probobly a Canadian flag on my left arm. Or, for something slightly less boring, how about...

a starfish, stretched out across my left shoulder and back, peeling off a bit.

the way i imagined it, it would be sexy-win.

is pretty damn cool

although id rather go for something like
although use the thumbs up as a seperate logo on the other shoulder probably

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