Anyone read "In Her Name" Michael R. Hicks? Am I crazy or is it really that good?

Hey everyone,

I read a lot of books, mostly fantasy and science fiction. Over the past year I've probably read around 200 books. Including master pieces like the Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin and the like.

But the one book that, for me, stands even above that is "In Her Name (Omnibus Edition)". I'm not sure what exactly to describe the book as. It includes part coming-of-age story, part romance, part epic fantasy, part space opera and probably more. And imho it's all woven masterfully together in a way that makes for an extremely compelling story.

As you can see I'm fanboying quite a bit over this. And, honestly, I'm not one to fanboy. I prefer rationally and cautiously optimistic at best. Recognising strong points while also accepting the weak points. Yet part of my brain simply won't stop screaming "EFFING BEST BOOK EVER!!". All this while, as far as I know, it isn't a hugely popular or well-known book.

So for anyone else that read it, are you also this amazed by the book? Is it really that good as I think it is? Or am I completely missing some glaring flaws? Has my brain lost all rationality when it concerns this book?

For those that haven't read it and are intrigued you can buy it for 3 bucks as an e-book from Amazon or other places. Even if I'm just suffering from minor temporary brain damage in my assessment it shouldn't be a great loss.

Some rational input to quiet the part of my brain that keeps repeating "EFFING BEST BOOK EVER!!" over and over again would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hagi - WOW! So glad you enjoyed the book! I think your post is probably the most "emphatic" commentary on IN HER NAME that I've ever read. If you'd like, I can email you an autographed copy of the cover (with whatever on it that you want me to say!), just let me know via my contact page at :-)

Thanks again!
Michael R. Hicks


I just finished "In Her Name (Omnibus Edition)" and I have to say that yes, you are bug f**k crazy. I say this because I am afflicted with the same condition. My husband tells me, at increasing intervals, that I need to put down my kindle and pay attention to him. He is very jealous of you Mr. Hicks as I informed him today that I will be starting the prequel to In Her Name. When I told my husband that it is necessary element to my Way and that I shall not be deterred, he gave me a very serious look and called me bug f**k crazy. So Hagi, I will join you in that very nice, softly padded cell and at least I will be able to finish this wonderful series in peace =)

Thank you so much Mr. Hicks for created such a beautiful and compelling world! May thy way be long and glorious!



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