Why was the woman on the Pioneer plaque drawn without a vagina?

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Vaginas are difficult to draw, and he doesn't seem to have mastered the penis yet. The penis is one of the first things you learn to draw.

Dude, have you ever seen naked women? That vagina is about as accurate as the rest of the picture.



woman didn't have vagina,s in the 70,s.

Thats true, actually. The vagina was actually first invented in 1986.

So I didn't have a vagina for the first year of my life...Interesting.

Nope. At first, cherry farmers used it to hold and carry cherrys like a basket, but soon realized it could also hold nuts.


Seriously tho, vaginas aren't exactly forward facing.

Mwhaha! Exactly!

Perhaps we should send out a VHS of 'Dolly does Dallas'...that ought to scare off any potential invasions for a few thousand years.

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