Pokemon: Gotta Catch One

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I'd catch a Pidgey as I live in the middle of a city.

I live near a wood,so I'd try to catch a Pidgey then get to evolve to a Pidgeot

There is a very deep forest and field behing my home. I am going to catch a Furret.



There are a lot of lizards running around my neighborhood, even right outside my house.
I imagine if I were transported to a PKMN version of my house/neighborhood, there would be Hitokage and Kimori all over the place...

We got an opera house, water treatment center, a river, a park known for its large rock outcrop, and several graveyards, all of which would be prime stomping grounds for a variety of pokemon. This doesn't mention the toads, frogs, lizards, birds, and cats that live wild in the neighborhood. Choices.

I'd totally get the resident flying pokémon. They're always awesome in their 3rd form and I could fly with them :D

Might be able to find a scyther in the park nearby.

I live in suburban/urban area and I'm a nerd, so I would catch Beldum!
A small cute robotic supercomputer!

Go into the woods and look for a Venonat or Spinarak.

Purrloin because Liepard is badass. Or I would go to the ocean and catch a Staryu, so I could get my favorite Starmie.

I live in an urban setting, so Pokemon near me are more human-shaped. I'd probably get a Ralts or an Abra.

I've seen a fox in my garden before, so much lurking until a Vulpix appears sounds like a good idea to me.

I live near a farm. Woo, Miltank.

I'd probably go looking for an Eevee or Flareon, since I live in a town. Bar that, I'd get a Weedle, or head down to the lake and get a Magikarp/Poliwag. I might even go looking for a Slowpoke. Yeah, Slowpoke is awesome.

I would catch myself a syther, the are awesome

MUNCHLAX FTW! so i'm gonna catch a munchlax because...well i think they would live in a city like area so i'm catching a munchlax!

I'd just spawn at the Hall of Origins and grab an Arceus.




Wobbuffet, shocking I know.

I would go and catch an Eevee

I live near lakes, power plants, mountains, and open plains. I think I have a wide variety of choices. That said, I'd probably try to catch a Lairon in order to train it into Aggron. Such a badass pokémon.

I'll catch a human female with my ultraball and make her mine.

I wonder what those evolve to.

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