Poll: UFO Disclosure Project: Real or Hoax? I say hoax.

Hey everybody, want to waste an hour or two? Watch this:

For those of you who don't have the time, here's the skinny: this is a video from a conference several years ago made up of high-ranking and 'trustworthy' individuals from various government bodies who are discussing UFO sightings and contact with aliens. Interesting stuff to say the least.

The poll is not about whether alien life exists, but rather if the UFO Disclosure Project's claims are legitimate.

This has apparently gotten a lot of people to believe in the notion of a government cover-up of alien contact. I, personally, find plenty wrong with this conference (I'll explain my reasoning below) but I was wondering if this changed anyone's mind or made them think differently about first contact. I honestly feel like Greer's opening statement sounded cultish and mad, but I'm sure others think differently.

Now, I love me a good conspiracy theory. I'm a natural skeptic, and this conference was a gold mine of out-there weirdness. It seems to just get more wacky as it goes on. With stuff like this I usually watch and then attempt to research the individuals making the claims. What I found was that a bunch of these 'witnesses' have already been exposed or have been making a fair amount of money off of UFO culture. Here's a few examples (I'll try to source where needed):

John Callahan: Claims to have tape of UFO, but merely holds up a VHS tape and states it. Why not play the actual tape?
Glenn Dennis: The 'Roswell coroner' who is connected with alien autopsy hoaxes.
Clifford Stone: Has completely fabricated stories about his service in Vietnam as well as his involvement with the Kecksberg UFO Crash (Kevin D. Randle, 2005).
Colonel Philip Corso: Has made a great deal of money off of books about the Roswell crash, despite the fact that he has been known to use secondary accounts and disinformation (Tim Printy, 2008)
Larry Warren: Claims to have been involved with the Rendlesham UFO despite no evidence that he was even close to Rendlesham at the time.
SGT Robert Dean: Has completely altered his story multiple times throughout the past two decades (Randle, 2005)
Major George Filer: Connected to a hoax by the National Institute of Discovery Science, a UFO group.
Neil Daniels: UFO was in the direction of Venus.
Robert Jacobs: His sighting occurred at the exact same time an ICBM was being test-launched in the same area during 1964 (Kingston George, 2002).

These are just a few examples, but there are other problems with the conference as well. There's the obvious 'poker tells' of several of the speakers, making it clear that they were possibly lying. Then there's the background of founder of the UFO Disclosure Project, Stephen Greer. In the 1990s Greer founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), where he claimed that a form of telepathy called Coherent Thought Sequencing could attract UFOs by merely having a group of people think about them. Bruce Morrison, a skywatcher himself, was present at one of these sightings where a single light appeared in the distance, which he discovered to be an airplane. Despite his video-taped evidence, Greer and his followers claimed that they saw multiple UFOs moving in sequence throughout the night sky. Something like this shows that Greer will obviously lie to fit his own agenda.

Anyway, that's all I've been able to dig up at this time, what do you think?


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