Poll: Have you, personally, ever been discriminated against?

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Because of race and lifestyle. I always thought that the kids in grade school teased me because I was short, but when I grew up I realized that it was because I was Asian. I was also one of the very few kids who liked anime and manga and everyone else looked down on that stuff.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that pretty much everyone in my upper secondary school watched anime.

Being an athiest, polyamorous, butch, pansexual, male-to-female transsexual, with liberal views, as well as being part of several minorities (Native Canadian, Ukrainian) Alongside being fat, I've been discriminated against in every form you've mentioned, often in more than one way. Do I win?

Age, Lifestyle, Intellect, Height... Generally things where the hate becomes before the arbitrary rulings of what's unacceptable in society.

Almost certainly had my grades lowered at various times due to my handwriting.

Yes. I'm half Romanian, half Hungarian. Idiots from Romania hate me because I'm a dirty Hungarian. Idiots from Hungary hate me because I'm a dirty Romanian.

And I'm also looked down upon for playing video games. But I think that's normal in a society that can't do more with computers than start them and go on Facebook. "Oh, you play 3 hours a day."; "Yeah, and you spend 5 hours a day taking pictures of yourself and being an attention wh*** on Facebook"...

And it's not that I'm playing video games, because some still play age old CS 1.6 or some FIFA game. The problem is that I play Battlefield, and I spend "enormous amounts of money" on my computer. Well, let's just say I prefer putting my money into something more useful than getting p*** drunk or going to the tanning salon.

And yes, some people pick on my physical appearance for being slim and tall.

im a gypsy and everyone hates us

People don't understand why I loathe children and will never want them. I'm actually doing everyone a favour.

I've often been mocked, albeit in jest (most of the time at least) for being, well... ginger apparently, though it's hardly THAT ginger. There's a reddish tint in there, but not much else. Also for being part German. The 'you killed all the Jews' jokes get a bit tiresome sometimes, even if they're not meant maliciously.

A Shadows Age:

What does BBC stand for? British Broadcasting Channel is all I can come up with.

Just a side point as it's a very easy assumption to make, it's British Broadcasting Corporation.

The story is too long, so I'll give you the point:
GLBT activists can be just as nasty to you if they, for some reason, think you will help them, but you don't

Oh, and being rather German looking in a highly Jewish school isn't the best of things.

There should be an option for all of the above. But I suppose "sexual preference" would be the one I usually encounter.

I'm a Pagan. Gotten shut out of chat rooms because people are intolerant douche bags.

Also I've gotten a lot of shit on my YouTube channel because I'm a red head. Seriously. WHAT THE FUCK?!

Never. White, English and hetero. Not exactly the easiest target for discrimination.

I was once, racially. I was raised in a small town in Canada, and near the town was a Jewish summer camp. I ran across a small group of Jewish children in town. Ethnically I'm German (pale, blond hair, blue eyes) and they were yelling insults at me, calling me a filthy Nazi and the like. I just kept walking.

Harassed in real life 'cause I'm gay, harassed on the Internet 'cause I'm an Aspergian.

So, yeah.

>Captcha: magnetic ndinnit

Racially. By muslim arabs. All it really takes is being native european and they are on your ass for no other reason other than that they are racist xenophobic fascist theocrats.

I'm a nerd. Not quite the basement-dweller type, but it makes up most of my already shitty existence. So people tell me that they think I'm a pathetic little shit whenever I speak up, or most of the time they simply completely ignore my existence. Now, I am a very violent person. I do my best not to step out of line, but I have often punched people in the face (or otherwise physically harmed) for insulting me. Combined with constant pressure, feeling of rejection, resentment, and well-founded self-hatred, I really, really fucking hate my life overall. The only reason I stick to it, is because I know damn well that it is the only fucking thing I'm ever gonna have.

Try the outdoors, always helps me with my anger, as long as it's quite anyway. Insects, birds plenty of good things out there all for you, just gotta look. Oh and they don't fucking talk shit either.

I have a stutter
Its not as bad as it used to be but a word of advice to anyone who knows someone with a stutter:
Dont guess what word they are trying to say. It makes it worse and is really fucking annoying

While Im on the subject, advice TO stutters. Get work with dealing with the public (shop etc). Actually having to talk to people really helps. Im almost rid of it now :)

Im a white male, possibly the most discriminated demographic there is. By default I am racist, evil, a potential rapist, can't dance, prejudiced, uneducated, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and patriotic.

My attitude is to let those who discriminate you believe whatever the hell they want. In my experience, any attempt to educate those who believe I am not one of those things has been met with increased hostility. I say if someone calls me a Racist, Evil, Rhythmless Rapist, I will pat them lightly on the head and congratulate them for being so smart.

No way white males are the most discriminated demographic. Even though the "white man" is constructed by many oppressed groups as being the perpetrator, in my experience, this doesn't evolve into discrimination of any significance in Western countries. When you are a heterosexual white male, you are an individual, not a representative of a race/gender/sexuality. For example, when muslim people we're attacked in the early hours after the tragedy in Norway when people thought it to be Al Queda realted, the muslims as a perceived etno-religious group (meaning you can look like a muslim but be Guatemalan like a poster earlier) were held accountable by some as being responsible for the attack. When it came out that the killer was ethnic Norwegian, white people didn't attack each-other or anything. Now, this was a case of a deranged individual, not a religious or ethnic group. White Norwegian people can't be blamed for him like muslims can't be blamed for 9/11. Being white, male and heterosexual we are privileged, and I think it's hard for us to understand what it means to be discriminated against for something we can't change (here meaning life-style like being metal etc.). I'm a white hetero male, and I have never ever seen or felt any real discrimination to speak of against me or my white friends. Have I tried feeling hostility on the street from colored people, calling me/thinking that I'm racist? Yes! But this is not real discrimination with any weight as much as it is bursts of anger stemming from an uneven distribution of power in society. They can call me whitey or potato, but that doesn't change the fact that I can get a job a million times easier than them. Or that the police won't stop me on the street and strip-search me because of my race. Minority groups blaming the white heterosexual man stems from frustrations of being oppressed by the dominant discourse in society. To say it shortly, they can't "discriminate" me, I'm in power.

Or am I wrong? Have you as a white person felt systematically discriminated to the point that it is disempowering you?

Yes, being an atheist in a class where everyone is a fundamentalist muslim meant never having any friends, told every day that i would go too hell and of cource to top off with, having to bypass the theory of evoloution in biology as they all cried out that it was a lie.
In Denmark off all places!

What school was this, in what part? "Folkeskole" or one of the religious "friskoler"?

Being a Catholic in Glasgow isn't the safest lifestyle. I attended a Catholic private school (which meant green blazers, the colour of the Catholic-associated football team in the city which just makes it worse). I've had all kinds of verbal abuse and physical threats- never any real violence thankfully, partly because I look like a pre-serum Steve Rogers and I guess they'd be afraid of killing me by accident. Buses with me on them have suffered the occasional rock through the window courtesy of the local non-denomenational school, although that may just have been generic vandalism and the attempted murder of complete strangers that goes hand in hand with growing up in Glasgow.

There was one time I had to go to my grandparents' house which is in a pretty nasty area and a bunch of local kids ran out and started flinging rocks and gobstoppers at me. I think that was more of a "private school = rich" thing (which certainly wasn't true- my parents scrimped and saved to afford the fees) than a Catholic thing. It's never too early to get your kids started on the path to sectarian violence, though!

If anybody's interested in the backstory of Glasgow's tensions, just put some combination of "Celtic", "Rangers" and "the Old Firm" into google. There's plenty of info out there. I don't want my experiences to put anyone off Glasgow as a city- I'm talking about a few (like, less than a dozen) isolated incidents over the course of about seven years. If you stay out of the dodgy areas it's a really cool place to spend time.


My chosen profession is musician.

Why do people feel the need to remind me how difficult it is, and how stupid that chocie is?
I fucking know! It's not a choice, the mere thought of doing anything else as a profession, as a career, makes me want to throw myself off of a large mountain into a valley of cacti.
That's how boring everything else is to me.

And they keep telling me I'm wasting my talent.
Yes, I could be whatever I want, my IQ is 160, I'm a white male, and I'm not ugly, not fit either, but not ugly. But I don't want to hear people say that the profession I chose, the profession of my father, is worthless.
Musician isn't just a job, it defines who you are as a person. By calling that worthless, they are calling ME worthless, and my father worthless.

For what? Being who we are.

Other than that I have never been discriminated against.
I've been bullied a few times, but nothing I didn't take care of. One bully threw pieces of wood at me in woodshop, I picked up a piece and put it next to me. Waited a few moments, then turned around and nailed him in the head with it and laughed.
Then when he got pissed I socked him in the jaw. He didn't want to get up again after that.

Then I went into a sort of megalomaniac speech where I derided him for being a low-brow subhuman and how I was so far above his filthy status that he couldn't even hope to match me in his wildest dreams, and how from now on anything I say, as far as he's concerned, is word of God.

The teacher was of course not there at the moment, or I would have been stopped after the wood block throw.
Luckily he was pretty hated by everyone, and there weren't that many people there since we had classes divided into groups for woodshop. So no one was going to rat me out, and no one would believe him if he told the truth.

Yes and the poll is stupid considering that there is nothing stopping multiple reasons on one or multiple occasions...

Yes and the pole is stupid considering that there is nothing stopping multiple reasons on one or multiple occasions...

Funny thing. Isn't it a "Poll"? A "pole" is a tearm for Polish people.

Yes. I'm half Romanian, half Hungarian. Idiots from Romania hate me because I'm a dirty Hungarian. Idiots from Hungary hate me because I'm a dirty Romanian.

I forgot how much weird nationalism you have in Eastern/Central Europe. I was half a year exchange-student in Lithuania, and watched a Slovak and Hungarian dude having an awkward moment when they found out where they were from. It went something like this:
Slovak: "Yeah, nice to meet you, where are you from"
Hungarian "I'm Hungarian, you?"
Slovak "I'm from Slovakia...."
[awkward silence]
Slovak "Well, I don't hate you or anything..."
Hungarian "Yeah don't worry, I'm not one of those either"
Me: ????

Turns out there was a border dispute going on, and something about a Hungarian minority in Slovakia, and some politician saying he would drive tanks to Budapest. There's a lot of ugly nationalism around those parts :(

As I white heterosexual male, no. Also, my best friend is Vietnamese, and he hasn't either. Good Ol Canadia.

Yup. Watching lots of anime and playing lots of video games is an easy way of becoming a social outcast in suburban New York.

And I guess you could say height, too. I get mocked for being shorter than most of my friends pretty often.

Replace NY with where I live and I have the exact same problems as you :L

Does people calling me heretic and swinging a bible because I'm atheist count as religious, because if so then yes!

i am a transgender woman,i get discrimination from all sides pretty much.

I got flat out asked in an interview 'Why do you have long hair?'.

It was a telesales job, i.e. I wouldn't even meet any customers.

i am discriminated against because i'm intelligent, tall and male
and therefore hitting everything that is stupid, female or smaller than me is apparently off limits
no matter how physical the aggression against me is

"stop hitting this guy...you are smarter than him"
"stop hitting this girl... you should not hit girls"
"why did you hit this kid? it's much smaller than you"

so the next time i'm getting attacked by a small stupid girl i should probably say thank you and turn the other cheek...

i do not hit people all the time
i am discriminated by principle

I have my fair share of racial discrimination (name calling and some people treat me differently just because I'm Chinese) in the past.
These day I haven't met any jerks but my lifestlye seen to be a problem to my family (I don't care if you think I'm alone, I'm just anti-social, deal with it).

When I was younger, I spent the night at a friend's house for a whole Birthday thingy. I later learned that his Grandmother said, "Don't let that Korean come back again." I am Filipino. Still, I have to admit I burst out laughing at the time.

I'm mexican, so... yes. Many, many times (Sometimes even by other mexicans XD). Also, I'm an atheist who lives in a community full of religious people.

But nothing really serious, so far. Just the usual ignorant things racist people say and think I'm affected by it.

Oh, where to start? I was first discriminated by teachers and classmates since kindergarten, because i was a few months younger than everyone else (being born in November let me in at 4 when everyone else was 5) therefore i MUST be the "stupid little kid" of the classes. Then i got crap because i was fat, not "obese" fat but a "you cant really hide it" fat. So i then started judo to loose weight and because i enjoyed it, but as it turns out, unless you play hockey or soccer, you aren't cool and therefore you must be a freak (yes, i was discriminated because i played a different sport, go figure). Then in high school i got crap from kids and even teachers because i was smart (more street-smart then school-smart but that still allowed me to provide several mind fucks a day) I may also add that i went to school in an Italian neighborhood, so everyone was slightly less intelligent than the people you see on jersey shore, even the teachers. Finally, i had recently came out as gay to several people, and a lot of them stopped talking to be for fear of, and this is word for word, "catching the fag disease".

So yeah, i don't know much about this discrimination thing :P

I think there should have been an "all of the above" option, i had difficulty telling which one i should put down :D

Yeah I've never acted "black" enough for the black people and dont fit in with SOME whites because of the color of my skin.

Also the atheletes of my high school were treated differently than the rest of the students. They were allowed to skip infront of everyone in lunch lines and having their grades bumped up so they could play and bring more money into the school.

And atleast 3 times since I've been in college I've been stopped on the road while walking to the library by people trying to buy drugs.

Yes. How dare you not serve me alcohol this is ageist! (I was 17 at the time :P)

Seriously not really.
I've had people yell at me for the long hair but for most of school I hung out with the goth/rocker looking people who listened to Trivium and Bullet while I kinda looked normal'ish and wasn't really into that music, so they got most of the crap from other people and not many people bothered me.


A Shadows Age:

As a BBC, I've been discriminated by Chinese people for being too English (I have the, what Oriental people call, 'Western eyes') and by the English for not being English enough (even though I speak it better than a lot of 'English' idiots I see about me...).

What does BBC stand for? British Broadcasting Channel is all I can come up with..."sigh" I suck at figuring out acronyms.

'British Born Chinese' (or more specifically, 'British Born Cantonese'). Unless, as a BBC, you speak fluent Chinese and have the stereotypical Chinese appearance (which I don't, since I don't have slit eyes, am capable of growing decent facial hair despite being in my mid-twenties and am on the tall end of the Oriental height scale), the denizens of Chinatown will treat you like an aberration the moment you open your mouth.

Now, I speak English like Stephen Fry and Cantonese like Michelle Yeoh (fluently, but with a weird accent) so I get weird looks from literally everyone (Caucasians and Chinese alike) once I mix the languages I speak in (which I invariably have to when hanging out with friends in a Chinese restaurant). Just as well it doesn't happen much.

Well that's some bullshit. But try to look at it this way, your experiences while uncomfortable are very interesting, at least to someone like me anyway. What I mean is you can have a perspective on things other people (like me) just can't, even if we tried. Besides your english accent might be different than your spelling, but the way you spell and your use of grammar is of a greater proficiency than most idiots who can only understand one language, much less two, (ammunition for arguing with the less intelligent denizens and limeys) so chin up your twice as competent as most of them. The trick is finding the more intelligent individuals with open minds to be around, then the fun really starts.

Of course I am a American so maybe I don't quite appreciate the difficulty your going through. What I mean is I am the descendant of Norwegians, Germans, Brits, possibly some Cherokee mixed together with who knows what else, I have cousins that are of Scandinavian, Spanish, Native south American descent all mixed together... In my country it's normal to look around and see all different types of cultures and people of different ethnicity. The point I am trying to make is to not let the assholes and bigots get you down, your just ahead of the curve...

Also thanks, never would of figured out what the hell that acronym meant.

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