Why Keep Your Wallet In Your Back Pocket?

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Well from my point of veiw at my school, i always keep my money in my back pocket.

1: My back pockets are very thin, so it isnt easy to take the money out without noticing.

2: the front pockets are very large, i often find that it falls out of the front pocket when i sit down, plus, it isnt easy to feel someone taking your money when sitting down.

But i guess front pockets are better when standing up.

I used to keep my wallet in my front pocket until I realized it wasn't easily accessible sitting down. And I keep lots of things in my front pockets already so if I put it in the front it would make everything else harder to get to and look ridiculously bulgy.

Yeah, I never understood why people do this. I did it at first, then wondered why I would always be hurting whenever I drove or sat down. I started putting it in my front pockets, then everything got so much better.

Phone and wallet (large non-jingly items) go in my right cargo pocket.

Keys, comb, pen, and lip balm go in my right-front pocket.

Knife clips to the inside of right-front pocket.

Left-front pocket reserved for quarters (never having to sort through change is brilliant).

Left Cargo pocket remains mostly unused. It's where I put miscellaneous non-standard equipment and quest items.

I usually have a ton of stuff in my front pockets, so I keep my keys and wallet in my back pockets. Besides, I've never had any trouble with being pick-pocketed, the only time I've ever had something of notable value stolen was when I left my phone in my backpack at the school's locker-room.

I guess I wasn't smart enough to, you know, actually lock my locker.

Otherwise, I tend to be pretty secure with my stuff.

I walk around with my hands in my front pockets like a total tool, just so I know my wallet is safe in my hands.

I don't know. I keep mine in my front pocket, mostly because I heard from a chiropractor that keeping it in your back pocket is bad for your back.

i never put anything in my back pocket. it just feels so unnatural. i have my phone wallet car keys mp3 player in my front pockets.

even with minimum stuff in my wallet i would have to remove it every time i sit down if it was in my back pocket

i dunno why. it's the way my dad's done it, and the way his dad's done it. either that or it's b/c both your wallet and your back pocket are shaped like rectangles as opposed to your front pocket which is circular.

Its just something i've always done, its not uncomfortable for my ass at all, and i can kind of feel when people are sticking their fingers down my pants. It actually feels strange to not be sitting on my wallet when i sit down now.

I occasionally carry my wallet in my back pocket but it tends to move around a lot. I carry a full size handgun in my waistband and occasionally a compact so I move it to suit the need at the time. There arent any pickpockets here to speak of so it is generally moved due to space requirements.

Because putting it in my front pocket makes me look fat.
Yes. I am not shitting you.

Personally, I carry my wallet up front, but it does occasionally make me feel awkward because of the bulge in my pants, so maybe that's why guys tend to traditionally carry it in the back pocket? It might also be a throwback to the good old days, having it the back pocket may have been more polite because you weren't "showing off" by putting the money in front of you? Those are my guesses.

Just makes sense to me. I always keep things like change and keys in my front pockets. My wallet and cell are stuck in the backseats. I've kept my pockets this way since I started high school and years later I'm still stuck in the same pocket.. organization.. thing..?

I actually don't understand how you could keep a wallet in your front pocket.. doesn't it bother you when you sit that it's all cramped up in the front of your pants where all the folding happens when you sit down?

back pocket FTW. Glad i live in a country where no one pick pockets.

And if you have so much shit in your wallet that it makes you sit weird if it's in your back pocket, get a handbag because clearly you are a girl carrying tampons in your wallet.

Front pocket, same reason as mentioned. The back pocket feels weird, I guess I just never got used to it.

Man I thought I was alone OP.

I have a thick wallet that I keep in my left pocket along with my keys. My phone and ipod go in my right pocket. Never used my back pocket.

I've never done it, but then again, I almost always wear sweatpants sooooooooooo yeah.

I never do it, and I dont think I know of anyone else who does it, actually...

maybe the people where you live have really sensitive behinds, so they can feel better when people are stealing their wallet?

Yes, or maybe all his friends look like this? http://southparkstudios.mtvnimages.com/shared/downloads/images/season-5/510/image-11.gif?width=320

I keep mine in the back, it's not massive, but I can feel it the whole time.

I've usually got keys and a pen in front right, phone in front left, mp3 in the right side pocket (carpenter jeans) wallet in back left, and knife in back right (it's got a clip and I move it to the far right of the pocket)

I find it uncomfortable to have my wallet in my front pocket. My wallet is on a chain and locks and I'll feel it if you touch my wallet.

I don't like getting my shit stolen, I don't like feeling like I have a growth on my ass, and I don't like killing my wallet by sitting on it all day. It go's in front, where it belongs. I'll never put anything in my back pocket unless I'm sneaking shit into a movie theater.

I keep mine in my handbag.
I don't understand how men live without them.
How else can you efficiently carry around all of your useless crap?

I'm not to sure about other guys, but all I carry is my knife, my phone and my wallet. So at max, it's 3 pockets, but usually I just keep the knife and phone in one pocket.

I wear cargo pants, so I keep my wallet in my knee-pockets, as it's WAY harder to pickpocket them, and I have arms that're long enough that all I have to do is barely bend over to reach it.

For years I didn't even carry a wallet. I just had a money clip with an ID, debit card, and some cash. Then I got a front pocket wallet and never looked back. It has a clip plus pockets for IDs and stuff. I never use the clip, though. Wallet, phone, cash in my left pocket and then keys, smokes, lighter in my right. But yeah, keeping cash in your back pocket is silly in any kind of crowded area. My dad taught me that when I was really young, but he was something of a criminal in his youth...

I don't have a back pocket in most my pants, and I just keep my wallet in my right hand pocket and my phone in my left

The Human Torch:
Nothing crazy about it, just a personal preference. When I was a wee teenager with very little in his wallet besides a bit of cash, a bank card and an ID, I had a small wallet and it was my back pocket all the time, it has always been this way and was no discomfort to me.

Enter adulthood, with many, many new plastic cards for all kinds of shenanigans and a constant need to keep more cash at hand, because as an adult, you only spend more. So my wallet increased in size and thus the need was born to put it in the inside pocket of my jacket. This is what I perceive of as the main proof of transition from a boy to a man. Forget a lower voice, chest hair and a lower ballsack, the position of the wallet is where it's at.

I usually carry several hundred in cash, and probably 6 different cards between my id, bank cards, gift cards and stuff. I only take my wallet out of my back pocket when I'm sitting on a hard surface and it's uncomfortable, which is rarely. Almost everyone I know keeps their wallet in their back pocket. X.x

For me it really depends on the season because if it's warm outside then I'm not wearing a coat and my wallet is in a side cargo pocket of my pants. If it's cold outside then I'm wearing a coat and my wallet is in the inside pocket of the coat.

I keep it in the back because

1. Pickpockets are not a problem here
2. my wallet is too big to fit in my side pockets without making huge bump, making me look weird.

but each is there own so yea =P

I wear slim-fit or skinny jeans. There is no way in hell my wallet can fit in the front pockets.

I keep it in my front pocket as well. Never understood why you would put anything in a place you sit on. I tried it once, and immediately regretted that decision.

I use the front pocket for ease of my own use and to keep a better eye of things. Otherwise I keep it in the inside of my jacket, zipped up. If a pickpocket can get inside my jacket, undo the button and get the wallet, damn, he deserves it.

I have a system: phone and Ipod left, keys right, wallet righ back. if it's too full I just keep the change with the keys.

I follow the "utility latitude" rule, where everything at hand has to be between the middle of my hips and my belly button. Phone, keys, wallet, iPod, game, etc.
If I'm in an area I feel will cause loss of property, things shift and I get handsy with my property, checking and rechecking its positions.

It makes me guilty of doing that thing where you check for an object while you're physically using said object.

When I'm walking I sometimes put it in my back pocket because I like to keep my hands in my front pockets. Though when I sit down I do switch it to my front pocket because as you said it is uncomfortable to sit on.

Wallet goes front right, ipod and phone front left, and keys in my front right if I don't have my bag with me.

It's physically impossible for me to jam my wallet into my back pocket. Mostly because I'm not wearing pants, but if I was, my wallet is about 15-20 cms big and about an inch thick. AND YES, IT'S COMPLETELY OKAY BECAUSE IT HOLDS ALL MY CARDS.

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