At what price: A paid beating?

Simple question.

How much would someone have to pay you for one free (no retaliation), full force swing at your jaw?

My price? 500 smackers. At least half a grand a punch.

Bonus Question: If you declined to participate, but a close friend/family memeber agreed to it, would you try to stop them from going through with it? Or would you watch, wish them luck and enjoy?

Double post. Derp.

In the jaw? Ouch.

It, of course, depends on who's the guy punching me. If it's Mike Tyson and he's going to dislocate/obliterate my jaw, it's gonna be pricey. Then again, if it's one of my classmates, swing away.

From an average finnish male adult, I'd try to milk as much as I can. Though I think I could go with 75/100 euros.

Prefer not to get hit myself but i have a list of people i want to punch in the face for £10,000 chris evans ranks quite highly as does jeremy clarkson

If it's a good looking female, no price.

If it's anyone else, I dunno. $100 - $200 or so. I'd have to be reasonable.

Twice as much as whatever the potential medical costs are.

Reminds me of Dirty Harry (can't remember which one) when the bad guy asks... someone to beat the crap out of him for a hundred bucks... clever... if masochistic... sort of...

It all depends on the person, their size, strength, weight and punching experience.

If they were a small skinny girl who'd never thrown a punch in her life, then the risk would be minimal so my fee would be relatively small, but still as substantial as the significant risk.

If they were a larger, stronger professional fighter with well versed techniques and world renown 1 punch KO power, then probably more money than they could afford, even if they were earning elite professional boxing kind of money (i.e. $50 million+ per fight).

Letting someone punch you in the jaw full force with preparation (as opposed to being sucker punched in a fight) is so risky that it would take an insane amount of money (and a emergency team and medical facilities standing by) for me to consent.

In the Jaw? So I could permanently lose teeth, have my mouth wired shut for months, potentially have permanent and ongoing pain?

Um... I think you are a sucker at $500. We'd have to be in "pay my mortage off" territory, millions if I had reason to believe they were the professional fighter time.


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