Poll: Why do you (not) eat meat?

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If I couldn't eat meat, then how could I eat people?
Think about that before you post.

I do not eat meat because I believe it is harmful for the environment.

What produces the most methane on the planet and contributes heavily to global warming?


What takes carbon dioxide out of the air and combats global warming?


Eating beef is better for the environment than being vegetarian or vegan. BAM


I eat meat because it tastes good plus I'm biologically designed to eat it and enjoy it.
Besides, if it's so harmful to eat meat then those extremist vegetarians need to go to all the carnivores and explain why it's wrong to eat meat.

I eat meat because I can and want to.

Not to mention I dont think I have the energy for the sort of self delusion that it takes to think that NOT eating meat is some how morally superior to eating it.

I don't eat red meat. Not for any ethical reason; I just don't like the taste. The only meat I enjoy is chicken or pork. And some fish. Are fish considered meat? Or are they just fish?

I think it should be noted, though, that due to herd animals being moderately to severely useless in the wild, their species only continue mainly because of humanity's need of them for food. As far as I know.

I eat meat because it tastes pretty darn good most of the time. I really like fast-food meat stuff... =P

Plus, it would be inconvenient not to...

Without humans, what would happen to the modern cow? It would go extinct, because it is no longer suited to the wilds. So every hamburger I eat is supporting the survival of cows as a species.

On my own, i tend not to eat meat, for a variety of reasons.

Though, because i currently live in a house with someone who is unfortunately allergic to almost all food (can't eat much dairy, no grain except rice and some corn, most fruits are a problem, a few vegetables are a problem) I kinda have no choice, unless I were cook my own food.

Meat tastes good. Really good. Venison is amazing.

Yup, I'm a meat eater till the day I die.

Tossing a couple of venison steaks in a marinade of ginger, pepper, onion, red wine and apple vinegar for 2 days is really, really good.

Greetings humans. Today I would simply like to know, why do you eat meat? And if you do not eat meat, you can tell why not.

I do not eat meat because I believe it is harmful for the environment. And I hate the greasy taste it leaves in my mouth. Also: "Look at me! I'm so hipster for not eating meat!"

Ok, before I say why I eat meat (which I do), I have to point out that most of the world doesn't usually eat meat, so technically eating meat is the hipster option.

OT: I eat meat because I enjoy the taste and texture. Now granted, vegetables are technically more healthy, but I'd rather live to be 60 and enjoy the taste of meat than live to be 90 and never know the succulent flavour of bacon. Besides, Omnivores and Carnivores exist for a reason. If all of the complex organisms ate plant life, we'd swiftly consume all flora on the planet, and with it all of Earth's oxygen. And we'd all DIE. I'm just maintaining the balance.

"Meat eater" seems like such a vague term. Also, a little homoerotic. I like what I like. I like a bit of bacon, I like pepperoni Pizza, chicken and pork but there's meat I don't eat. I don't eat meat off the bone, I don't eat rare animals, like Tiger or Dodo. Just... eat what tastes good.

Because it is tasty that's why. And because meat is a good thing to put into your body, with many good things and bits inside.

It's the natural order of how life goes. The carnivores/omnivores eat meat (other animals) to survive. It's how it has been, and I have seen no compelling reason to change that.

To quote a very awesome t-shirt I once saw:

"I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian."

Also, because bacon.

Oooooh I have another point to make:

It's the Circle of Life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle
The Circle of Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cause I was raised on a balance diet and the importance of it. besides, I havent had anything vegiterian that equals the taste of beef and if I was told I couldnt enjoy a nice thick burger, chicken, steak, lamb chop, whatever Id lose it quickly.

What produces the most methane on the planet and contributes heavily to global warming?


What takes carbon dioxide out of the air and combats global warming?


Eating beef is better for the environment than being vegetarian or vegan. BAM



Anyway, I eat because it's natural for human beings to eat meat: we have canines, our eyes are at the front of our skulls. Why fight millions of years of evolution?

Meat tastes god damn delicious. I eat things that are delicious. That's about it

Fuck dammit double


Quad :(

Not sure what the word for five is but damn I fucked up

I would like to bring up the honey badger... he doesn't give a shit and neither do I. That's why I eat meat. Also because it's tasty, healthy, and engrained in my dna

I'm vegetarian, because I've yet to hear a good argument for eating meat. The meat processing industry creeps me the hell out. The "animals eat animals, and I'm an animal. It's natural" attitude never made sense to me. Eating other animals is just as natural as dying from horrific, easily curable diseases, but not many prefer to stay natural when faced with the latter...if humans are not like other animals, what kind of argument is saying we should behave like them? =/ if we can do better, we should.

The health issues associated with vegetarianism I've never encountered. When I first changed my diet, I lost a big chunk of my excess body fat (about 15 lbs) and according to my blood work I'm healthier than ever. I don't take supplements. I don't even work out that much. I just have to think more about what I eat to make sure I get what I need. And fast-food is shit when it doesn't have all that delicious greasy meat in it so there's that gone =P

Overpopulation of animals wouldn't be a big issue if there weren't so many bred. That being said. I don't think there's anything wrong with killing and eating game like deer and rabbits that overpopulate naturally, as long as it stops there.

For the most part eating meat seems like unnecessary killing. Some of it's pretty tasty and if I truly had to eat meat to survive and be healthy, I would. But all the arguments against vegetarianism I've heard so far have been absolute bull. The idea that people need meat to live is wrong. I haven't eaten meat in 5 years, and I'm absolutely certain I'm not dead.

Not sure what the word for five is but damn I fucked up

The word that you are looking for is Quint
OT: I eat meat but for the moment I have stopped for lent just to see how long i'll last. I think i'll last till next wednesday.

I don't eat most red meat because I don't like the flavour, but I know it is good for you, and protein alternatives suck arse, so I will force feed them to myself, or put various sauces on them to compensate!

Fish I cannot stand... unless it is battered cod, as that doesn't really have a flavour!

And poultry is pretty much a staple in my diet! I'll always choose chicken/turkey over anything else!

I eat meat because I am a body builder/strength builder and protein supplements are metabolically rejected by my system. Besides it tastes good, we are biologically adapted to eat meat, and because I have sensory defensiveness, there are few vegetables that I can even chew. Do I oppose the currently cruel meat industry and their practices? Fuck yes! That is why I am learning to become a hunter so that not only do I know where my meat is coming from, I did not make the animal suffer unnecessarily from birth. Also, consider that wolves start eating deer long before they are dead or even unconscious for that matter. Nature, you scary bitch!

Meat is later on, but watch it all anyway.

Not sure what the word for five is but damn I fucked up

quintuple! :D

lol five posts by accident? That's pretty funny.

Because I take a rather dark pleasure in knowing that for me to exist, other must die, even if they are animals. I have even looked my (now dead) cat in the face several times and told him that if it came down to it, I'd eat him to live. Miss that lil guy.

The more sane reason is because I can. I evolved to be able to digest meat, and it carries some benefiets to it. Yes, too much red meat is bad for you, stop harping on it. Hell, anything overdone is bad for you. Even drinking too much water can kill you. Everything in moderation folks, and that includes tasty, tasty meat!

I eat meat, but I try to do so in moderation and from sustainable sources. We are evolved to eat meat, and while I respect vegetarians and have no problem with their personal choices, it's just not for me.

Cows are delicious, pigs are delicious, chickens are delicious. Animals are delicious. I like delicious animals. I will eat delicious animals because they are delicious and I like them.

Are fish considered meat? Or are they just fish?

Fish is meat. Tasty tasty flesh.

On another note: I'll stop eating meat when an animal of the type I eat asks me not to.

I eat meat because it's tasty and I guess I'm easy to please.

I eat food because food tastes good. This includes meat.

There is meat that does not taste good. I don't eat it. There are some vegetables and fruit that do not taste good. I don't eat those either.

That's about all the justification I feel I need for my dietary choices.

I can't eat pork for religious reasons

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