What do you think of the worst swear word of all?

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It's funny because after a long time of watching british shows (i.e. standup comedians), the word "cunt" is about as offensive as saying hello.
Which would mean it's not offensive.

Swearing is like humor, some people laugh at other things. Like how some people find Cunt to be no more offensive than poopiehead.

The use of one word is dull you gotta be creative and colourful whith your curses

According to cheesy America land logic, fuck is considered the popular "top swear taboo word" tier. "Oh my God, he said ass" is 7 year old tier. Then, you sometimes graduate to "shit" if you're lucky. But the top tier, as created by some of the most backwards corporate Christian "totally badicul exploitation of minors and new pop culture. I'm hippy hop don't do drugs". Fuck somehow has become the top tier as reported by the media. If you were a kid and you used this word, you could have self esteem in yourself! Nobody could call you an undesirable nerd if you said fuck... right, right..? Am I cool and love yet?! MTV said I was cool and I said fuck. LOVE ME! LOVE ME DAMN IT I'M A TEENAGER. IF I'M NOT COOL NOW, NOBODY WILL EVER LOVE ME AND I FAIL THE TEST PERMANENTLY.

Though there was one, hidden, unspeakable ultimate weapon that lie hidden and rarely surface as it's power too sacred to be wasted by most mere mortals. Cunt. Oh, I shiver at the word. Capable of summoning unfathomable powers at will. Only the greatest sages of the English language have ever used it.

That is, when you're an underage minor. You don't recognize Hollywood for being the sack of cheesy idiocy that it is. Hoping on one African American trend after another and often failing miserably and embarrassingly to do so. That the message it is sending down your throat that "the most important thing is to be a cool high schooler". And are desperate to do drugs, have parties, get laid, curse as much as possible, imitate what you think black people are currently doing, get as drunk as possible as often as possible, and just generally be very, very sad and pathetic.

As an adult, I personally at least, think the status quo of what words are considered offensive, stupid. And I hold my own opinions of what words are the most offensive. And they're often words that aren't considering offensive. "Fuck" isn't such a bad word until learning the history. Fuck sometimes acts as if penetrating is an act of violating and degrading another human. This is pretty darn sexist when you think about it. It's another one of those things that can used to imply that sex is a man's conquest over a woman. However, most of the time fuck isn't used this way anymore.

And lesser offensive, or "curse words" somehow, like slut, which for god knows why gets a lower rating on the "curse word cursiness tier list hollywood Jesus xD" than shit. Because the word slut is almost always used for one thing, and one thing only, slut shaming. And slut shaming is a sexist pile of shit.

Worst as in... Most harsh? I'd go with Cunt. Some friends find it offensive regardless if it was aimed at them or not.

Worst as in... Most ineffective? I'd pick Fag. I use Faggot,[1] to everyone I know constantly regardless of sexuality simply because it's lost it's meaning now.

[1] Pronouced "Fag-git" for lulz.


Obviously I didn't want to get a warning from our amazing administrators so I didn't actually include the word in the thread's title (and I'm a little hesitant to use the word here in case some poor kids scan this), but just wondering what the latest ideas are on the swear word that indicates a woman's genitals, commonly accepted as the most offensive swear world in the western world. I don't know whether to be proud of offended by that fact...

Mates of mine on XBL say it all the time whilst playing, every so often I tell them off but mostly I just let it slip by. Guess I'm not that offended by it, but I still kinda cringe inside whenever it is said so I can't be completely desensitised to it. It's definitely not a light swear word, however, and if somebody does say it I tend to make presumptions on who they are based on that language.

And hey, I can't bring myself to use it here! More because I'm frightened of administrator backlash, though.... which would indicate the word is still heavily regarded as taboo.

Depends on the target, IMO.

Backwards for conveinence
Asian: CIPS
Hispanic: KCABTEW

Honestly, whites (like me) got it easy.

People have probably pointed this out, but "Spic" is slur for hispanics, and "Chink" is slur for asians.

People who are scared of the "naughty words" are not people I want around me. Sure it sounds a bit odd if someone says fuck, cunt, nigger or faggot every other sentence, but then again it would sound odd if someone said "leaves are swell" everytime there is any form of punctuation.

Why you choose cunt as the most offensive word just puzzles me, I love saying cunt. It's a nice word.

The worst ones are always the ones made up on the spot. Rather than just calling someone a dick, I might refer to a part of a dick then attach a rodent or insect to the end. Simple, poignant, and gets the point across every time.

I love that, that next time I get annoyed as someone I think I shall inform them that they are a foreskin beetle.

@NameisRobertPaulson I don't really like how you have "gay" as an ethnicity there - but even then it's hardly more offensive to call a gay a gay. It's like walking up to a guy and calling him bro like it's an insult. Definitely more offensive for a heterosexual I would imagine, especially those homophobic or bi-curious-closet types that bully other people to hide insecurity

Captcha: panic button? Don't panic, Marvin.

Personally, the only word that can really shock me any more is "nigger". I think I must have become desensitised to all the rest, but I still don't use them in public.

Here in Australia words like cunt and fuck are slang words for my generation (Gen Y).

However, it all depends on HOW it is said...

When people throw it around in normal conversation it's not offensive.

example, Alf Stewart at the logies

Here the word is used so colloquially that it's just funny, not offensive.

But when used as a direct insult and with an angry tone it becomes far more offensive and is downright harsh.

example, Bank Job

Most the time they are just word, I live in australia and most the time people don't care that much. Personally I try to swear as least as possible but I don't care if people go on swearing fit's, and most people around here don't. Like I said they're just words, people need to learn not to take offence so easily, the only offensive words in my opinion are the racist or sexist ones and even then most people round here just go "whatever" and continue with there day. I would rather if people didn't swear but they are only word after all, and people we say them regardless. they can only hurt you if you take offence.

I wouldn't call any swear word a particularly sharp or potent insult, but c*nt is probably the worst of what they are.

Cunt is about as offensive as "nipple". It's a word that relates to a female sexual organ. Thats like dick for men. But I know I'm a dick and I'm proud

Technically yeah, but it does have all kinds of historical baggage.
I can't remember exactly, but I think it used to be used as a really misogynistic slur or something, so it's seen as worse that 'fanny' or whatever.

Same way that 'shit' is worse than 'crap' is worse than 'poop'

Anyway, OT: I'm gonna say C*** is the worst if you aren't counting racial epithets.

The worst ones are always the ones made up on the spot. Rather than just calling someone a dick, I might refer to a part of a dick then attach a rodent or insect to the end. Simple, poignant, and gets the point across every time.

Like, cockroach? XD

OT: Yeah, I got to agree with OP on this one, though I have seen alot of girls using that word recently...

Let's see...I like comedians...and happen to know a deceased professor of the English language...

Back on topic: Agreeing with George, "fuck" is the all-time champ of dirty words.

Probably the worst word is the one that begins with N and rhymes with Tigger. And the word "chink" is horrifically rude if you're not talking about a small hole or crack.

I think it depends on the company you're in, really. I say things like "You're a bunting dock-faced shore" all the time.

Or something like that anyway...

it,s the person using it for example I find it worse if a little twat calls me a fucker then a sensible adult.
also the company it,s said in for example I have no trouble cursing in company with my friends but i would never curse in front of my parents.

Swear words don't offend me, at all, i always thought it was strange when people asked me not to swear in chats etc, but there is one word that i find offensive. The N-word, i'm not entirely sure why, i don't even know any black people, it just bothers me.

in America and the common wealth the severity of the F word and the C word is basically revered.

in England the C word is used pretty routinely like the F word is in America. IIRC.

Curses are very local and declaring something the "most offensive in the word" is silly.

Here in the Netherlands diseases are most commonely used as swear words. As in "catch the plague." also used with more modern afflictions. I know we are pretty horrible, no idea how that became the norm.

A lot of people think the world cunt is the worst swear word ever. I have no problem with cunt. You have a problem with cunt?

I still have no idea when cunt became the "most offensive word in the states". I grew up using it on a regular basis as slang for vagina here. Right up 'til about 2002. Then I shipped off for europe and the middle east, come back home to stay in 2010, and suddenly the word is completely fuckin' taboo (might also be that I live in a corner of the states where casual swearing is just normal, only taboo in the workplace).
Man, I feel old.

Well I live in Australia. The place where you call your mates "cunt" and cunts "mate". So that should tell you how I, and the people around me in general, feel about the word. Of course there are the people who are offended by it, especially in the older generations. Me, I have no issue with swear words. I think words alone shouldn't cause offense. They certainly don't offend me. It's context that's important. Take bastard for instance. It's used as an insult all the time, but my mate is by definition a bastard.

Sexist slurs probably bother me the most. Like calling someone a slut or a whore, not because it implies that they're promiscuous but that there is something disgusting about it.

Cunt is probably my second most frequently uttered swear, next to fuck.

We're all a pack of cunts when you think about it.


I live in Australia. C*nt (I'll be a good boy and censor myself... -.-) is a very lenient, almost slang-like word here.

It's the same in the UK, which leads to some of my favourites such as cuntybollocks.

Except on UK TV oddly where they will censor that but not fuck or shit.

There was a line i heard from John Bishop when he was talking about his first televised set at Live at the Apollo and backstage an assistant was telling him he was on next and said that he was going on before 10 o'clock and therefore could not use a lot of swear words. He asked what that meant and the assistant said he could have "Ten shits, six fucks and a cunt".

Now that I use fuck as a noun, verb, adjective and form of punctuation, and cunt as an expression of mild annoyance, I can only really make meaningful swears by combining their powers into an awesome megaswear e.g cunting shitfuck squirrel-fucker.

A cunt is a cunt is a cunt. People who get up in arms about it are just... well, I can't think of a word, but they're just those sorts of people, if you know what I mean.

The type who watch TV shows that they know they'll hate, just so that they can complain to Ofcom.

It is a pretty harsh sounding word, though.

From my experience in the UK, nobody seems to care about the word 'cunt'. It seems about level, to me, as 'fuck'.

OneCatch :

Cunt is about as offensive as "nipple". It's a word that relates to a female sexual organ. Thats like dick for men. But I know I'm a dick and I'm proud

Technically yeah, but it does have all kinds of historical baggage.
I can't remember exactly, but I think it used to be used as a really misogynistic slur or something, so it's seen as worse that 'fanny' or whatever.

Same way that 'shit' is worse than 'crap' is worse than 'poop'

Anyway, OT: I'm gonna say C*** is the worst if you aren't counting racial epithets.

Depends on context, but yea basically that. Applied in general it's simple vulgar, however applied to a women, you're saying that particular orifice is the only meaningful reason for her existence. Not difficult to see why around half the species might take offence. >_>

Dick on the other hand, comes from the diminutive for Richard, which originally picked up the meaning of an every-man, and then onto other, more colourful uses. Just slightly different.

None really. if my intention is to insult someone I dont really care what kind of things i call him.

i think some people get worked up about certain word for no reason.
why did we decide that some words are bad and some are good?
and who did it? the word police?

swear words are great - because they represent pure emotion. they are the most human of words.

thing is, old swear words, or curses if you will, were often (at least in my country) simply names of diseases, you were wishing someone a disease. that was bad. but nowadays... things that refer to body parts, body output, or body activity.... i see nothing wrong with them.

so no, i have no problem at all with the word you are refering to.

(im so proud of myself that this whole post contains no swear words at all...)

Words are only offensive in context. I find cunt particularly interesting though because of the reaction it can generate from just saying it, even if you're just discussing the English language in an educational context. You can feel the tension in the room.
I'm pretty desensitised to it, probably from hearing Charlie Brooker say it all the time (vaguely relevant clip):

Nobody should care about swearing.

Jesus Fucking Christ??
God Fucking Damnit?

It's practically used as punctuation round these parts. It's often even used as a positive expression - to be know as a "sound cunt" or "good cunt" is an expression of admiration or fondness often to be heard in use in favoured pubs, bus stops, swing parks and anywhere else people gather to imbibe alcohol around here.

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