what pops in your head

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Technology: Blue stream of circuits and little white zappy things that go "ZAP!"

Biology: Green blobs in a genetics code pulsating and DNA swarming abound. Also, frogs.

My thoughts? Honestly...

~Technology: Sex.
~Biology: Sex.


Technology: iPhone

Biology: Anatomical maps of various animals

Technology: Weapons

Biology: Medicine

Technology = Future
Biology = Evolution

Technology - Destruction of Religion.

Biology - Tits. (Ive no idea why)

Technology: Fast

Biology: Robust

Reasoning is simple: technology has dramatically decreased the time it takes for many things to happen. Biology, however, has millenia of experiments under its belt. That's a lot of trial and error.

Technology: Computer

Biology: Cactus

I think I only thought of cactus because your avatar always reminds me of one though.

Technology: A blue panel with black lines etched across it, a computer chip of some sort?

Biology: Flesh and chemistry.

Technology Computer.

Biology Penis.

My brain always goes for the simplest thing first.

Technology: My laptop

Biology: lies.

Technology: Augmentations

Biology: Neuropozyne

Why yes, reading the whole OP got Deus Ex: HR on my mind.

Technology: classic Apple computer looking thing. Y'know, thick monitor and clunker keyboard.


The Code:

More specifically, I think of science as it could be if not for petty, draconic philosophies and moral BS holding the scientific community back. We could have flying cars and a cure for the common cold by now, at the very least!

Well, flying car is here, and, as a scientist, I've already cured the common cold. On first sign of symptoms, pour an 8 oz bottle of blueberry syrup in your hair. Repeat three times daily. In 4-7 days, you will be entirely cured of the common cold.


Technology: Machinery, specifically some cogs turning.

Biology: Human anatomy, specifically "Lady parts".

I'm not entirely sure if you should really use anything I think of in a public presentation though, considering the amount of time my mind spends in the gutter... (All the time)

Technology: Robots

Biology: Fornication

Technology: Electronics
Why? I study it at university.

Biology: Kids coloring outside the lines with crayons.
Why? My high school physics teacher once told everyone in class that physicists decide what to draw, Chemists sketch the outline of the drawing, and biologists ruin the picture by coloring it in with crayons.

Captcha's answer to biology: pig's ear

Technology: iPhone.
Biology: How humans made the iPhone.

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