Poll: What do other countries think of Japan?

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This thread is not making fun of the other one about USA, but is in fact inspired by it.

So I went to the Bahamas something like 10 years ago, and was exposed to quite a few different nationalities while there. A young German guy made fun of a Japanese family by talking in Japanese "gibberish". It was at this time I realized that other countries had similar stereotypes of the Japanese as Americans did. Also that Germans were more open about their racism(this is a joke, relax).

So that is what I always wondered, how do other countries view other countries. In this thread specifically how do you view Japan?

Don't forget to mention what country you are from.

Fellow Americans feel free to share your views too.

And Yes, I will probably make another thread about other countries too, I am thinking Mexico next.

I think they have an interesting history and have produced some really great video games, movies, shows and visual novels over the years that have kept me greatly entertained.

I haven't been there so I don't have much to say about culture or anything like that.


Mostly stereotypes, but they seem to be hard working, pretty smart, and good with technology, but have a xenophobic streak. And as a Chinese-American, I'd like their government to apologize for the Nanjing massacre.

I disapprove of their stance on gay and women's rights, but other than that I don't care enough to form an opinion.

I really like their culture and food it feels really nice and it is really tasty.
Oh and we can't forget about anime, manga and visual novlels, some of my favorite things about Japan.

And also I can't forget about video games, they invented Mario and I think Persona?

I wouldn't mind going there someday from Australia. ^_^

I don't really believe in Japan.

I love their history and culture though they still seem a little too odd.

I don't care enough about them to form an opinion anymore. Sounds too crowded anyways.

I'm looking forward with my wife on our belated honeymoon one of these years.

The low crime rate sounds nice, I'm not sure about the overcrowding though.

Being somewhat Goth, the stuff I see coming out of that particular subculture in Japan freakin amazes me.

Also, may I play an order for a dozen catgirls, plzkaythx.

It's over crowded, from what the statistics tell me.

The people are over protective of their traditions, you come across the occasional stories about Japanese being hostile towards foreigners who desire living there. But then, it's not an isolated case, so no worries I suppose.

Their anime industry has kept me entertained throughout, even though the anime boom is now finally waning and while the industry is painting itself in a corner by depending on well known anime to sell their products, I sincerely hope new anime continue being made.

Their subculture is borderline insane. The stuff that comes out of there is disturbing to interesting.

The low crime rate is nice but the news reports I read daily are getting ridiculous[1].

It's a weird place really. Their overall stance on several issues are something I disapprove.

On the plus side, Japan is getting Pakistani Mangoes during the summers, that'll get some desiness in their systems. >.>

[1] Man asks school girl for directions, girl panics and reports to police. Police starts searching for man city wide.

I think it's a pretty cool place, I guess. Never been there, and I don't really plan on going there. Anime's nice, but from what I've heard y kind of anime is actually more popular in America or in less appreciated circles, so I suppose that I may as well stay here as far as that is concerned. I like how tiny they are, because I like being taller than everyone I know. Apparently they have some rather crazy social views, which is a bit worrying, and they apparently have a pretty big conformity issue. Low crime rate must be nice. I suppose the thing I like most about the country itself rather than its media is the trains. I don't have a solid public transportation system where I live, though I've been curious about them since my childhood. I always thought it would be cool to ride the train to work.

They exist to transmit various Japanese shows, games, and products to us.

But more seriously, they're just another country to me. I don't usually try to judge other countries. I guess I know they have population issues. I think I've heard the work ethic there can be brutal. And well I really don't know much.

Edit: Also heard they're kind of xenophobic, but I don't want to judge them based off of just what I hear. But I guess it's worth throwing out there that I've heard that enough to remember it.

I don't really have a stance. I like and dislike certain aspects of the culture, but not enough to really side one way or the other.

I disapprove of their stance on gay and women's rights, but other than that I don't care enough to form an opinion.

I knew the issue with gender roles was worse than America, but are they really that homophobic? That's pretty disheartening to hear, but then again its a pretty tradition bound background they come from, so its not too weird to imagine.

I think the country is alright. They made good video games but not really any lately. They make the occasional 1 out of 1000000 good animes/mangas. I'm not a fan of the conformity either. And when it comes to weird, they outclass most countries without even trying. I'm neutral about it to be honest, when I was younger (im 19 but im being relative here) I thought it was the shit because their media makes them look amazing, but in the end their just another weird country like the states, still having problem with their backwards traditions and upbringings.

I don't have much of an opinion on Japan since I know very little of it.

I don't really believe in Japan.

Japan isn't like the lockness monster you know. We have photographic evidence and everything.

I like Japan, it's one of those countries, like Germany, which decided to build it's economy on making things rather than juggling money like we do in the UK.

Of course though i'm aware Japan's got piles of debt, but there's some great Japanese companies which have made very impressive products like the Sony Walkman, Subaru rally car or the Nintento Gameboy. The countries also something of an entertainment powerhouse, which is great because too much of the worlds media is dominated by America. So watching animes is something of a breath of fresh air to me.

I like their sense of comedy/humor, but the general group over individual mentality just seems to make them appear uptight.
Also I think they're slightly crazy considering some of the stuff that comes out of there (the whole 'only in Japan' thing).
Also...wait give me a second to put this on...ok flame shield equipped, sushi is horribly overpriced and overrate for what it is. Don't get me wrong it tastes just fine and I enjoy it from time to time, but the price that people charge for it and pay for it is absolute nonsense and the fact that some people treat it as the pinnacle of cuisine just blows my mind...I blame weeaboos.

Samurais, Ramen and Hentai! (joke)

Interesting History, food culture completely different from my own. Overall I have the stereotypey thought that Japanese and Finns (I am from Finland) are pretty similar... No idea why. One country I would like to visit really.

I think aspects of their culture are really really cool

like katanas yakuza, martial arts, asthetics and such

It's over crowded, from what the statistics tell me.

I watch the Anime movie "Perfect blue" while set in the late 90's their apartments were insanly tiny and crampes

Japan has provided some of my favorite things of all time entertainment wise but sadly enough I don't know much about the country outside of that. Their food is alright although I never saw what the big deal is about sushi or why it costs so much for so little of it. As for the weird stuff while I wouldn't do any of it in a million years they don't seem to be hurting anyone so I don't see why I should care much less bug them about it. On that note I think a lot of people would be a lot happier if they didn't worry about strange things happening a literal ocean away from them, especially if it's perfectly legal by their own laws.

Definitely a place I would to visit at least once in my lifetime though.

I disapprove of their stance on gay and women's rights, but other than that I don't care enough to form an opinion.

What is their stance? I always though they'd be pretty cool about both things, especially being a 1st world country.

All I know of Japan is they do cool shit like video games, Anime, cos-play, amazing technology. Apart from all that, I can't really say much about Japan.


Japan is... Interesting.
Far different Culture. Completely different language. Completely different all round.
I don't like a lot of the stereotypical things from Japan - JRPGs, Manga, ect.
I do, however, envy they're technological integration into society - even if a lot of it does seem to be fad. I also admire the lifestyle some choose to lead - Eating healthy food, and doing morning exercises and walks and such often. I also love the landscape.

Other than that - don't love don't hate. No reason to love or hate them really.

I assume that most Japanese countryside is idyllic like the typical postcard shot of Mt. Fuji and various castles. I assume it is littered with rice fields and cherry blossoms.

I assume the cities are all glittering metropolises with neon everywhere and salarymen bustling from place to place. I assume trendy places like Harajuku are filled with angsty teens in home made fashion, in a constant bid to outdo each other.

I assume people are generally more into tech and gadgets. I don't think anime and manga are as pervasive as most people tend to assume, but I imagine that there's a lot of anime-style artwork in advertising etc.

I am from Australia.

The culture - the culture I hear about, mind - is a bit weird, and they seem a bit too eager to take pictures of everything (seriously, taking pictures of an Albert Heijn (=supermarket chain) is just weird).
The people are rather nice (based on those I've met), but their driving skills are... less than admirable.


Japan isn't like the lockness monster you know. We have photographic evidence and everything.

Lockness monster? Is that new, or did you mean "Loch Ness monster"?

I love their culture and sense ofidentity but at the same time I dislike how they brush up some of their mistakes. I.E sepukko and their honour codes that have caused so much trouble.

Much the same as I think of the British Empire but with a little more eyebrow raising towards the government due to temporal proximity.

Other than they make good stuff (animation, products and food etc) from what I've seen from videos and read from magazines they seen to be a polite bunch of people. Granted they're not perfect as I had read a couple of bizzare stuff from over there.

Samurais, Ramen and Hentai! (joke)

You should never joke about hentai. That shit's serious yo!

all i know of japan

Anime and Yakuza.

i like Anime


Japan isn't like the lockness monster you know. We have photographic evidence and everything.

Lockness monster? Is that new, or did you mean "Loch Ness monster"?

I didn't know Loch Ness was 2 words

beautiful country, rich history , the post ww2 ass reaming of the culture by the CIA and the economic forces the USA levered on them has ruined a lot of the big cities avoid those and its golden


I don't really believe in Japan.

Japan isn't like the lockness monster you know. We have photographic evidence and everything.

Sure, but there's plenty of pictures of both Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster too. I still think it can be faked.

OT: I don't really know Japan enough to have a specific opinion. There's some good, there's some bad.

The vision of japan have changed from positive to a more mild opinion in general in Switzerland. EVEN amongst anime fans in conventions here, which I found interesting. Most of the people here know about the social situations and their views of us westerners (in not a very good way). Though the country still fascinates because it's so vastly different with a history that contrasts sharply with ours.

Also, we love the food. Keep it' coming

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