Describe your day with a haiku

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Woke up way too late
After marathon dancing
Going back for more.

Sat on my ass
Listening to Jethro Tull
A Passion Play, nice.

I got back from work
Ate a disappointing lunch
Later will be beer

Played an MMO
Went to see The Avengers
Composed a haiku

Exams now all done,
sitting about doing naught;
holidays kick ass.

But just one haiku?
That's an irritant to me;
one is never enough.

Sort of like pringles;
once you pop, you cannot stop.
but one small issue;

As I said before,
I have done fuck all today.
Out of things to say.

could mention gaming;
keep playing League of Legends.
Garen: tank-like man.

Roses are red. Wait...
what was I talking about
again? ... Ah fuck it.

(I just love haikus;
it's one thing where big vocab
is fucking useful.)

I must stop this shit right now...

Neatly trimmed front yard
Clean, well organized garage
My day, productive

I didn't feel like
dancing, dancing, so I say;
no dancing today...

I suck at this don't I? Considering I just badly re-purposed part of the chorus to I don't feel like dancing I'd warrant a yes...

Friend's machinima
Recorded battle speech lines
Throat hurts from yelling

i went paint balling
now my body hurts like fuck
and i've caught a cold

worth it though

I made Steak for my father
Because it's fathers day
I'm not very good at Haiku's

Play Diablo 3
Stuck on Inferno again
Repair bill is huge

Today's Father's Day
Team Fortress 2 and browsing
Still a lot of time

Scarly near mine
are you some kind of psychic?
I hope to god not.

On an unrelated note, i came up with a haiku to do with a mythical Pokemon trainer,

On silver mountain
he waits for your challenge
his words are silence

I will actually hug you if you know who it is.

Rayman Origins
and chocolate chip cookies
both make me happy.

Woke up this morning
Did not do much all the day
Feeling unfulfilled

Am I doing it right?

Wind Waker First Thing
Wonder Woman 3 and 4
Linkara in back

Working on stand up
Got done with Father's Day brunch
Surfing the web, too

Have done nothing.
But captcha is 'I love you.'
It's appropriate.

I played some Skyrim
Then I played some more Skyrim
I'm so goddamn fun

... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
That is about it .

Woke up early
Watched the soccer match
Seeing Holland lose

Is this sort of correct?

Woke up this morning
Haven't gotten off my ass
Played with playart toys


Went to the dentist
"My jaw hurts what should I do?"
Gargle Saltwater

I am quite confused
you're gargling salt water?
How does it help you?

Wisdom teeth removed
months ago, not done healing
Should help, but who knows. ¯\(°_o)/¯

Dentist is lazy
She wouldn't take x-rays
Now I need advil

Dawn Anxiety
Ill gained but needed hate fuck
Dusk satay chicken

I miss Ferelden
I want to slay darkspawn now
I have no money :(

Lounged around all day
Fiddling with my Let's Play
Then played Pandemic

Played Disgaea 4,
Browsed site on the internet,
Refused to study.

Writing a novel
But increasingly slowly
Watch TED talks instead

English exam soon
A mere three days of wait now
And so I scream: fuck.

A sour day comes home
Flowering friendship dies
The time after the storm

A birthday today.
Sadly school interfered though.
Did a lot of work.

A sour day comes home
Flowering friendship dies
The time after the storm

Missing a syllable in that second sentence there bro.

Done jack shit all day,
Not much else to say really,
I had lots of fun.

nerves are burning
need to complete coursework soon
or be blackballed out

Went to work today
Passed time making some burgers
I don't get paid enough

Played Minecraft with mates
Experimented with weed
Will I get banned now

Ooh, how fun.

Snake staring contest
Then dinner with my father
I have a raid soon.

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