"My boss is an asshole" stories

After four years of whining about my crummy job to anyone who would listen, I finally took control of my life and decided to quit. I put in my two weeks notice, though my HR person put down three weeks for some reason. I didn't have another job lined up, so I didn't care that I had to work a little longer. For the first two weeks, the lead of my department begged me to stay. He's a good guy and I felt sort of bad leaving him out to dry, but I had my reasons and he fully understood.

Yesterday, he said "So, do you going to be on the schedule next week?"
I said "Yeah, I thought I was going to be..."
"Well, just so you know, people out there are gunning for you."
"You know who."

Apparently the store manager (who by the way, is in charge of the entire store and is paid upwards of 60 or 70 grand) has problems with me (who unloads semi trailers three days a week and makes minimum wage). You see, we used to walk under a small chain to get into the store in the morning from the auto center, which is usually open earlier. The store manager and security changed this for no reason, so now we have to wait for a manager to unlock the automatic doors. And when you're the only one scheduled to come in at 9 (which I often was), this was a problem. So I'd give them about five minutes waiting out in the heat/cold, before I decided I didn't want to be late, and I'd walk into automotive and open/close the heavy aluminum garage door that was never locked.

I did this a couple of times and based off of the store manager's reactions, I'm fairly certain he was attempting to force me to be late. Every time someone else was manning the door, it wasn't a problem because they were right there waiting for me. But when it was the store manager, I always had to give up and enter the store the "old way." According to my lead, the manager "holds a grudge" over the door thing and they were going to find some way to fire me... even though I had already quit. This was my first job and I didn't want that to count against me, so my lead just didn't put me on the schedule next week (like I said, the lead is a good guy). By the 15th, my employment will officially be voluntarily ended. I'll have to keep an eye on the schedule online in case they try to pull some funny business, and I imagine the store manager will attempt to screw up any opportunities I get if a new employer checks my work history there.

You have any good jerk boss stories?

I worked 14 straight days over Christmas holiday one year. I got paid $40 in overtime. At my wage, that was only 8 hours worth.

One shift of overtime in two straight weeks of work.

And I had to chase down the owner of the place to get even that much.

At a job I used to have, the boss would often pull me away from the work I was supposed to do, and instead get me to do apparently "more important" work for her, which always turned out to be a waste of time.
And then I would get in trouble for not doing the tasks I was originally meant to be doing.

I have a similar one. I would get pulled away form my job and told to do something like "fix this entire section on your own with no help".

Usually I'd get about 80-90% done within the (usually) 3 hours allotted or I just couldn't finish for some reason out of my control then I'd have to do something else next week and no one ever finished the job so the shop had a few partially finished "projects" all over the place.

I started working in 1996 at the age of 14. I've had about 30 or so different jobs in my life. It was easy back then. I've worked in grocery stores, a number of restaurants, convenience stores, offices, construction, etc.

The worst experience I've ever had was at this expensive Italian joint in the suburbs. The head chef was a real asshole. He was this big barrel chested ex-navy fuck, with a balding shaved head. Basically he would order me around like his slave and had I known he was the actual boss I'd never have taken the job.

He'd constantly call me and have me come in early or tell me I needed to stay late after sending everybody else home. I just wanted a set schedule and a little extra cash. One night a pile of dishes came back at the end of my shift that were stacked to the ceiling. It was like he was finding everything in the restaurant and throwing it in the dish area. He told me I had to finish everything before I could go home. Well 3 hours after my shift I was still there and the pile was still 4 feet high. It was a mess. I finally told him I would like to go home and I would come in early tomorrow to finish it up. That's when the shit started.

Basically he didn't care if it took all night, I was going to finish everything. I decided to end this by telling him I was leaving, I would return in the morning, and he could fire me if he wanted to. He followed me out into the parking lot, stood at the door of my car as I was getting in, and finally attacked me as I was trying to turn the engine over. He grabbed the keys and threw them, and then pulled me out of the car and choked me out.

This was a man that the only place you could hit him would be in the throat or the genitals, everything else was fat and muscle. I decided not to fight back because it would get ugly fast. I told him he was crazy, and that he could choke all he wanted, I wasn't finishing the dishes. He squeezed a little harder for a moment, but ultimately he gave up and I went home. I showed up a week later to pick up my last check with the police.

He followed me out into the parking lot, stood at the door of my car as I was getting in, and finally attacked me as I was trying to turn the engine over. He grabbed the keys and threw them, and then pulled me out of the car and choked me out.

Wow, I would've had him arrested within hours. That's fucking insane, he's probably one of the nasty ass chefs who doesn't wash at all and sneezes into the soup.

A long while ago when I was still in college, we had a new GM come aboard at the store I was working at, and started to schedule my shifts during my class hours, and adjusting our schedules so everyone in my position was to start at 5am every Saturday and Sunday. Suffice it to say, I raised a stink about this, and was basically told, "Tough shit, man."

I quit one week later.

My supervisor likes to do all of my company's online training that's designed to be general training, not site-specific. After this training, he'll approach our client with all these big ideas on more things we should be doing, and since the client doesn't really care, he'll okay it. So, my supervisor gives us these things to do, and when we try to question the tasks themselves or the methods, he just says, "Well, that's how the client wants it."

Upon learning this, the client's not too happy.

My old manager was a lousy person.

He never put enough staff on. He invented 2 employees to scam the system for additional funding. He spammed the customer-survey system with favourable reviews for his own work(despite never doing any) so that he could win an ipad. He frequently took the frustration of arguments with his girlfriend out on the staff. He got off on being with-holding and making people miss things...etc. He decided early on that he didn't like me, and abused his powers to show it.

He's still employed by the same company despite scamming them and running the business into the ground, thankfully working at another location. Makes you wonder what he has to do to get fired.

My boss is an absolute fethwipe.

Not only is he on my back every single day but he sleeps with my wife, he eats my food, he drinks my beer and the fucker is staring back at me every time I look in the mirror.

He's a handsome bastard though.

Damn but I love working for myself.

I worked like a dog for this one guy and he started to cut back my hours slowly each week. When I confronted him on it he just shrugged and said "You're doing it with enough extra time to clean up the backroom and we have people for that. Just do it a bit faster in 5 hours."

Fuck you, you get a new worker.

More recently there was a boss who just liked looking at my ass... It was creepy.



My boss calls me Stewie, Other than that decent bloke... I hate being called Stewie.

My manager isn't an asshole. He's really nice and all. But what really gets to me is his lack of backbone.

Our return policy used to be pretty slack, but lately they've restricted it considerably since we're going into final-sale liquidation mode pretty soon. Out slack was crazy to the point that we accepted returns without a receipt; seriously, what other store does that?

So yeah, I frequently get people without receipts asking for returns. When I say no, well, let's just say watching full grown adults throw temper-tantrums isn't the greatest thing in the world (I'm sure most who've worked in retail know exactly what I'm talking about).

I'll explain fully why we no longer do no-receipt returns but that won't be enough, they'll ask to speak to a manager. And he'll come along and just tell me to override it... Sigh...

It's ridiculous. I mean, I can spend 5 minutes explaining to the customer as to why we don't do no-receipt returns, and they could be in the worst mood ever, insulting me, and my manager even, and he'll just stand there and take it and then give them exactly what they want.

It's just... Sigh... It's like these people are getting rewarded for acting like assholes. That's a good thing for customers to pick up; if you whine and complain enough, the store will cave and give you extra special treatment. Lovely.

I used to work as a part time animal care attendant at a vet clinic years ago (before I became a veterinary technician). I was only there about 6 months, but I was fired for telling off my boss. Why?

Someone on our street (we knew them very well) was there with a 10 year old black Labrador. The family wasn't high on funds, but they spent a lot of money the last few weeks on tests to see why their dog was sick. In the end, the conclusion was he had cancer. The way it progressed, it wasn't hard to see. The abdomen was distended and painful if you put enough pressure. The owners wanted to put him down to end his suffering. What did the vet, whom they've trusted for years, want to do? DO SURGERY!!! The owners were already spending a lot (the surgery could've cost at least $2,000 more), and they didn't want him to suffer anymore. Even I could tell you at that time the dog had enough, and even with surgery you would only get a few more months (if he survived surgery). But NOPE, Boss wanted to do surgery and refused to euthanize the dog. Why? Greedy, slimy weasel. Money is a sensitive topic when you're talking about vets (as in mark-ups and such, though it's expensive to run and maintain a vet clinic), but this is a clear case of unprofessionalism. Any other vet would've agreed that putting him down would be the best option, but not him. If this was a treatable condition I would've been on his side, but this is removing a giant mass from an aging animal's gut. He wouldn't have had a chance. He kept on pressuring them for surgery, making the already distressed owners cry and feel guilty for wanting to put him down. I barged in (well, the door was open on this end), calling bullshit on him, and then got fired. I told the owners to take him to another vet, and thankfully he was put out of his misery.

I work at another vet now as a technician, and while I don't agree with him all the time (sometimes he tells clients behind my back in another language that I'm wrong about something I know is clearly right), it's not at this level where you would cause an animal to be in un-necessary pain. A vet has a right to refuse euthanasia, but refusing is different than pressuring and guilting.

EDIT: Oh, and that same man sent me into a kennel ALONE (armed wih only a slip leash) to fetch a dog who wanted to kill me through the bars. This was an Akita too, so not a small dog I can scoop with a towel. This dog could, no joke, kill me. I told him I wouldn't do it alone, and he yelled at me for not doing my job. This is illegal btw, especially since I had no formal animal handling training (though the situation wouldn't change now after my education. I have the right to refuse a situation where I feel I'm in danger).

My boss, when I was working in retail, let the entire store go to shit over the course of a few months. The entire stock team (my team) basically quit because we were barely even allowed to do our bloody jobs. I've never wanted to punch someone in authority more than when I worked for this woman...

Boss is late between 30 min and an hour daily, but 1 min late from anyone else equals a 10 min lecture and dog-work for the day. Has no idea who is suppose to be working and when (even though he writes the same basic scheduled every week). Spends 3-4 hours ordering product when 1 hour is all needed. Each order has only about 80% of what we need for the day. Doesn't clock for lunch, but will spend 10 min. tell employes why we have to. Will literally hide from the store manager. Expects everyone to give 100%, but can't be troubled to do physical part of his job. Constantly checking out girls as young as 14.

The place I work at has seven managers two are great the rest have some problems.

The best example was the time I was forced to stick my arms out of a window when it was -40C without windchill or any protective gear on when I let them know about how upset I was they basically said "Be glad we let the rest of you stay inside.".

That little incident has motivated me to start finding a better job.

At an old job I had my manager change my days off an hour and a half before the end of my Friday (I would have had the next two days off). Not the worst thing that a boss could do, but still pretty shitty.

I worked in a grocery store in town. A Zehrs (Canada). Doing nightshift stocking. Everybody was pretty lax but my supervisor started making me do 2 man jobs. I never called BS on them, we were all ready a man below what we should of had and I quit on them just before christmas. Felt fucking great leaving him out bare ass to the wind in the middle of winter.

I worked at a Laser Tag place a couple of years back. The boss was an ass in every way ass-ness can be measured.

Firstly, the equipment we had was utter garbage. The lasers and packs were breaking daily, and it was up to me (one of the 3 staff members who knew how to use a soldering iron) to fix them. Which wouldn't be too bad, if the boss had bothered to show me how to fix the damn things.

Secondly, he was an unabashed liar. He claimed to watch us work on the security cameras, and would call people out for not doing jobs... Which we had done.

Thirdly, the pay. In the beginning it was great, it was the highest-paying job I'd ever had. Then came the news that they'd been over-paying me, apparently they couldn't read the part of my resume that said I was 19 so they'd been paying me about a dollar over my 'proper' wage. Pay went down a dollar, no biggie. Then, without any explanation, my pay dropped again, to well below the legal wage. I tried to call the boss and ask him about it, he didn't pick up. From that day, I was no longer rostered on any days. One day I got called in by another staff member, and from what I heard she got into a lot of trouble for calling me.

My supervisor today had a big bowl of bitchflakes this morning I think. Just on mine and the other lads case all day.
Having a go at us for not cleaning, even though were were too busy to do so, having a go at me for making food like I should have been (otherwise we would have ran out and she would have had another go at me) and when I got on till like she told me to, she'd complain that I was slacking and not making enough food.

Not as bad as one of my old managers when I lived in Hull though.
Dunno what I did to upset her, but she absolutely hated my fucking guts. Would more often than not abuse her powers, talk to me like I was a piece of stupid, sub-human scum if I dared to accidentally make a mistake.
Her favourite game was to tell me how to do something but tell me wrong and shout at me when I did it wrong myself, then report me to the Area Manager. The amount of times she called me slow, stupid, dirty and even said I smelled horrible.
Other people reported her to the Area Manager and instead of thinking "You're right, I should stop being such a horrible bitch and work on being a better and fairer manager" she'd just get pissed off that anyone would even think such things about her and take it out on the whole team.
Honestly, I think a good percentage of managers/bosses/people with power just let it go to their heads or just have a personality disorder.

Huh. I'm surprised this thread hasn't garnered stories faster.

Happy to report my boss is a decent guy, all things considered. He can get a bit narky under pressure, but then he is the head chef at this fairly popular hotel, so yeah.


In the UK I'm sure there would be a few employment laws which back you up. If he fired you for being late when he wouldn't let you in, I'm pretty sure you'd have a case for unfair dismissal. I'd be surprised if there weren't similar statutes in the US

All my bosses have been superb though. I still get invited to staff nights out at Christmas :)

reading these stories makes me feel lucky. My boss is a good guy, just panics sometimes and needs to be calmed down.

My bosses are generally alright, they do try to mouth off at you but if you talk back they literally cant stand up for themselves.

My real issue with my job is the actual work itself, any job where some idiot who cant pack broccoli etc. out properly gets you in trouble for not doing your job right because of said idiot is a pile of shit for a job. Also being scored out of 100% for every shift in terms of products found is also pretty crap when various factors can decimate your score below the required level

My managers are generally alright, though our Store General Manager has just recently been suspended for a week due to getting too many complaints from staff. Thing is though, the guy's a great manager, yeah he can get narky, but he only get's annoyed if you're not doing your job properly. I've been working at the store I work at for 5 years, never had any problems with the guy and he's easily the manager I get along with best. Moral of the story is: Don't want him to shout, do your fucking job.

Although, I do have a great story of incompetence from a manager, one of the lower down managers, he's a bit of a twat and that's putting it nicely, how he still has his job is beyond me. But yeah, to the story.

Last year one of the generators for one of the freezers had a malfunction, the engineers called to fix the generator recommended that it was shut off until they arrived the next day to fix it incase it caught fire. A good recommendation and one that should certainly have been followed, and it was, for about half the day. When this particular manager came in for his shift and was told about the problem with the freezer, instead of following the recommendation to keep it off passed on from the engineers, he decided he wanted it put back to working conditions.

By this point you can probably see where I'm going, yeah, the generator caught fire, which spread to the freezer door and also set that on fire. This guy, through his stupidity, managed to cause a fire that set a fire safety door on a freezer on fire. Luckily this happened at like 6:30am, before the store was open, so we didn't have the hassle of evacuating customers.

The action log was fuckin' brilliant though. My mate works in the admin office so he let me see the report for a laugh and it went something like this:

- Engineers called in to fix freezer generator, recommended turning it off until they arrive incase of a fire . This has been actioned.

- Duty Manager Alan Garai insists that the freezer be restored to working order.

- Call about damage caused by fire.

Roughly something like that, but I could not stop laughing for ages.

I have a boss who isn't necessarily mean...I just don't like how he runs the shifts. I'm working at McDonalds for the summer, and one of the shift managers is a bit of a...control freak. When things get tough, he starts giving such specific instructions people don't have room to make their own choices. For example, a few days ago the drive-thru was very busy bot the front counter was pretty slow. We had a couple of bursts, but it was manageable. There were 3 of us on front counter, me and another guy on drawers and one girl who was assembling our orders. During the slow times when nobody needed to order, the two of us on drawers would do other things like stock up on stuff we needed, clean stuff, and even help with things like fries to make drive-thru's job easier. But the manager wouldn't let us do that. Even if there wasn't anybody who needed their order taken, he'd tell us to stay right at the register. So we'd stand there, doing nothing, scared to replenish our desperately needed stock or help our runner get the orders out. We were running low on tons of things, but we couldn't get them because every time we tried he'd tell us to go back to the register. The only time we could go get stuff is when we were totally out and had no choice but to go to the back and find it.

And it didn't help that everybody was behind on breaks. The girl and I didn't get our breaks until 6 hours into our shift, and the boy didn't get his until 7 hours in--and only because I approached the head manager about it during a slow time. There were plenty of slow periods for us to get our breaks in, but he just wouldn't do it. And I know it was because drive-thru was slammed and he was too stressed to give anybody breaks out of fear the front would get that way, too. He's a nice guy, but he is just not very good at running shifts.


In the UK I'm sure there would be a few employment laws which back you up. If he fired you for being late when he wouldn't let you in, I'm pretty sure you'd have a case for unfair dismissal. I'd be surprised if there weren't similar statutes in the US

I live in the US. Yeah, we don't have those. *laughs heartily trailing off into a sigh* They can fire you for any reason whatsoever, except for being gay, black, or a woman. And in those cases, racists/sexists can still fire you, just for some other arbitrary reason like "insubordination" or any other nonsense. Also, this particular employer (like many, many other US businesses) instituted an "arbitration policy" which means that it is impossible to sue in court.

Logic 0:

The best example was the time I was forced to stick my arms out of a window when it was -40C without windchill or any protective gear on when I let them know about how upset I was they basically said "Be glad we let the rest of you stay inside.".

Oh yeah, been there done that. It was my job to load appliances and exercise equipment into customers' cars under a time limit. And they often didn't bother to pull their vehicles around to the curb, so I would often have to wait outside while they went out into the parking lot to get their car, even though the little computer they used told them three times to do so, plus there were signs... (So glad I'm never doing that again.) Thursday, I was waiting with a customer in 110 F degree heat while his buddy got the truck, and he had the idiocy to say "At least you don't have to work outside."

1. I was working with a co-worker on a project for the team. Our supervisor had us come to his desk to demonstrate the work. The guy demonstrated his part and then I demonstrated mine. Immediately after, the boss thanked him. I got no recognition what-so-ever.

2. One morning, I came up the elevators and was heading to my desk when I saw him walking towards him. I said "good morning" to him and he stared at me blankly for a moment before greeting the co-worker behind me. I know he saw me say it because he was looking straight at me when I did, and when he greeted the other co-worker, he had to look up to make eye contact with him. So, he basically just ignored me.

3. For most of the time I was working there, I was in charge of consolidating people's time sheets into a master sheet for the week and to put it into pie chart form for weekly and monthly meetings with the team leader (his boss). As one might expect, no one wants to do these documents. So, overtime, the other members of the team began to stop turning them in to be consolidated. I sent emails and even went to their desks to try and get them to do it, but that only worked for a short while. People began to create excuses for not doing it. So I reported it to him. He did nothing. I CCed him on all emails to show that I was actually trying. He claimed that he would talk to them about it. I gave it a few days, then asked a few co-workers and he hadn't talked to any of them. Come meeting day, his boss is wondering why the time charts look so "off" and essentially scolds him for it. Later on, my supervisor comes at me like it's my fault and scolds me for it before actually talking to the other co-workers.

4. When I first started, there was some training that I needed. My boss told me to go search for it on the internet. I had never done this before and barely knew what I was looking for. With some advice from a co-worker, I managed to find the training that I needed, but the date for it was drawing near, so I passed it on to my supervisor so that he can give the OK and do whatever he has to do. He told me to keep looking to see if there was anything cheaper. I spent some time for that and couldn't find anything. So I told him about it and he did nothing. I hammered him with emails each day trying to remind him and he continued to do nothing. The deadline passed by and I was forced to try to find another. The next training for the same class was months away and I told him that. He gave me one of those "you're so stupid" sighs before telling me to find something else. So I found something that looked similar and he FINALLY did his job in setting that up for me. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn't know that the training I gave him was of a different version of the program I was to be in charge of. Some concepts are the same, but much of the functionality was very different. My supervisor shouldn't known better, but he just blindly signed me up for it.

These stories are all about the same guy and there are more, but these are the ones I remember the best. I worked for him for 2 years before calling it quits. The job paid very well for an entry level employee, but It wasn't worth the stress and headaches. The lesson I learned from working there is that, if they preach to you about "diversity" during an interview and the office employees don't seem to be very diverse, don't take the job unless you absolutely have to. Especially if your race, gender, or age is different than what you see there. There's a very good chance that they're just hiring you as a token to meet the status quo and you probably won't be respected in the office. I complained to my mother about the job and she thought I was overreacting until she went to a school reunion and talked to people who have worked for the same company or know someone that has. I wasn't the only one having problems, apparently.


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