The most emberassing thing you've done?

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Well... I've walked into a glass door before.

Wonderful selling point for Windex.

I once ran into one so hard that it came of its track and broke.

Well, this didn't happen to me but I can't help sharing it now :P
Was watching an early viewing of a performance of Hamlet at the Melbourne exhibition centre. There were some problems, it being an early viewing adn all that wasn't surprising but it was on the whole very good. After the show after the actors had bowed and left, everyone kept clapping, as you do cos it was really good. The actors weren't expecting that and the guy playing Hamlet hurried back out onto the stage, and the glass door he came through onto the stage came with him =D He got even more applause for that.

I literally just put some Easy Mac in the microwave and forgot to ad water.
The whole house now smells of smoke.
Fun times.

Sean Hollyman:
During a safety assmbly on fireworks safety, I shouted out 'BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! out loud..

heh... In grade 4, primary school, we were sitting in class, all doing our different things in our different groups. I was working on a worksheet when I hear my teacher reading a part from the book about bomb dogs. I immediately turn around and go,


In front of everyone. Everyone laughed but the teacher gave me a death stare. I got off ok though. Teacher was staring so hard I swear she was trying to telepathicly say:

"You dead boy."

I proposed to my friends mum when I was really, really drunk...

My friend decided to use my playstation to browse the web while my friends were all over.
He thought he could get to youtube quicker if he went through my history........... uh
he and my closest friends saw.......... rather.......... experimental and private websites.
They bug me about it to this day

I once ran full tilt into a mirror maze. It was not my finest moment.

Post a video on youtube of me being stupid.

Good thing I took it down when it hit the 100 viewer mark, especially after my parents saw it (this was 5 years ago).

I made a post about embarrassing moments and misspelt embarrassing.

The worst thing that's ever happened to me was on my 18th birthday party.
Got blind rotten drunk, made a complete tool of myself and passed out in the middle of the lounge room. Proceeded to wake up next afternoon with everyone laughing quite hard as they all just watched me get a hard on. Still to this day, I have not lived that down.

Another time (this one is a bit of a doozy) in Spanish 1 for my freshman year I was asleep (as I was every day I was in that class) and, well, you know how sleeping in school is different than regular sleeping? Like your on the fringe of conciousness and you are aware of the sounds and lights around you but you're still dreaming.

Well I was in this state, and in my house growing up, my dad built the ultimate-gaming room for me and my brother. It was sound padded but the other way around. We couldn't hear anything outside of the room, but everyone from the outside could hear in the room. My dad would always resort to having to yell at the top of his voice from the first floor (the room was on the second floor) and I would, in turn, yell at the VERY TOP of my lungs to respond.

Well appearently in this dream my dad or someone else was calling me and I was appearently in this room and just as I began to go into the full state of dreaming...


It was so loud I woke myself up, I rubbed my eyes and looked around. EVERYONE in the room was turned facing me, wide-eyed and everything was completely silent, everyone was taking a test... and then everyone broke out in hysterical laughter.

My teacher screamed bloody murder "Are you alright?!?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why did I do something?"

More laughter and my friend in front of me turned from having his head to his desk in laughter and said "DUDE! Did you do that shit on purpose?"


"You just screamed like hell dude!"

I immediately broke out in laughter and explained what happened.

Long-story short I got moved to a different (but luckily better) classroom.

For the rest of my freshman year, anyone who knew from that class when they walked by would yell "YAAAA!" at the top of their voice.

Quantum Star:
No one was around to witness this, but I think it would count none the less. One time I was brushing my teeth, and I was just so incredibly tired, I turned away from the sink and spat out a big glob of spit and toothpaste. My consciousness came back to me the moment I did this, and in that moment, I reached out with my hand and caught the second-hand blob of toothpaste before it landed on the ground. I've never felt so stupid in my life.

Oh yeah??

Well here's a toothbrushing idiom you won't forget:

"Never brush your teeth and pee at the same time."

You get mixed results.

Adam Jensen:
My sister caught me having sex with my girlfriend. The thing is no one knew that I even had a girlfriend. It was awkward. You'll never seen a boner disappear that quickly. And my girlfriend was mortified. My sister blackmailed me for a full year. So one day I decided to find and read her diary. Balance restored.

You just won your "MANLY MAN AWARD"

Here is your complementary mustache:


Lost a bet once.... I had to run through a village where we were staying without my pants while singing My cock rages on from Spartacus series....


When I was 3 I got the toilet seat adapter stuck on my head and my mom took a picture.

That's all I can think of since clearly all my other embarassing moments have been suppressed by my brain

My moments require some back story. I've got this:

Until my mid teenage years it was just some mild hand shaking and wasn't really an issue. Then when I was 15 it spread to basically ever voluntary muscle I have, and it would go completely nuts whenever in a pressured/concentration-requiring situation. Now this year (17) the really bad spasms have started happening for no reason a few times a day. I don't really get embarrassed by anything, but this stuff's really out of my control so I've always been self-conscious about it.

So last year in Chemistry we're doing this experiment and my group makes me go get some ammonium of some description from the front. Naturally I asked if that was a really great idea but they said it would be fine. So I get through the extraction procedures and everything fine and start carrying the beaker back to the desk. Hand shakes slightly. I start my breathing exercises to try and calm it down and make for the nearest desk to put the beaker on. Well I don't get there in time and I shake almost all the ammonium out of the beaker onto my hand/the floor. Just stood there momentarily thinking "holy fuck, did that seriously just happen?" while everyone tried not to laugh.

The patch of floor looked spotless though.

Another one was a public speaking one from this year. Was my first assessment in university so I was obviously a little nervous. So I get about halfway through when my legs start shaking like hell. I just try to ignore it and keep going. Was probably going to lose marks for leaning on something to maintain my balance but I didn't really care. So about three quarters of the way through the shaking finally gets the better of me and down I go.

Thankfully the teacher was nice so I just explained the condition to her and she didn't deduct any points for it.

And another public speaking one from the same class. This time my hands just started going nuts. Was so bad that I couldn't read the palm cards at all, but luckily I'd memorised the speech enough to get through it. Everyone was clearly about to burst into laughter though.

And one more from Physics in year 11. I was the only person who got a question right in a test and the teacher preferred having us help each other learn this stuff. So he makes me go put the answer up on the white board. It was completely unreadable. Of course it was a small class where we all knew each other so they really didn't hold back with the mocking. Think I might have a picture of this one somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.

Do I win this thread?

I vomited on my friend's floor about a month ago because I drank too much. His parents were nearby too. Wasn't really embarrassing, but I can't think of anything worse at the moment.

I was once attacked by a potbelly pig.


Tell me honestly you wouldn't run wen it charges.

[quote="chinangel" post="18.381948.15057528"]Let's see how many people are willing to step up to the plate, shall we? Seems pretty straight forward, what are the most embarrassing things you've done? Seeing as we have the anonymity of the internet, i think it may help.

I shall go first ^^

I am on a bdsm blog as a slavegirl who answers questions and occasionally shoots naughty video, at the behest of my manster(s).

Needless to say, it'd be humiliating if my work or family discovered it :P[/quote

Probably misspell the Title of a thread. ;)

Seriously though; there's a long list, probably not already have a fully functioning home business yet? I am embarrassed about that. I've been working on it for so long now... hmm.

I don't think it's my most embarrassing moment, but it's my most memorable: I told a guy I loved him when I was piss-drunk, and I actually meant it. We're engaged now.

Another time I was being a dork with one of my female friends, and I said, "If I said you had a beautiful body, could I pee on in?"

I was joking, but I don't think she knew that...

I have fallen through ice about 3 times now. (I was alone 2 of those times so I guess those don't count)
I've also walked into doors a few times, including right into open ones when I wasn't paying attention.
Oh, and I tripped over my dog once which got me a few scars. (the dog is fine, she just gave me a confused look)

I'm not sure which is more embarrassing, to be honest.

I'm not mentally embarrassed by anything in my past any more. But any time anything goes wrong, no matter how small my body suddenly thinks it's in crisis and I'll blush and perhaps shake. It's really fucking annoying.

Like, the interview for the Games course I'm currently taking I started shaking, and they were like "it's okay, calm down" and I just looked at them and went "I am calm. It's just my body isn't!"

Lumber Barber:
I almost had sex with my cousin.
In my defense, we were only 9 years old kids, with a bit too much curiosity.

do tell!

Once I got drunk and made out with a furry. Fun times. we almost went yiffing!

I once spent the whole day with my fly undone....
Not too bad?
I'm a policeman.

Passed out after a night of drinking vodka. Not so embarrassing, but -

(a) Didn't end up getting anywhere near the girl I was having a good time with that night because (b) I had gone off to do take a piss in a nearby car park. (c) I passed out, but when I woke realized I was still too drunk to do much I caught a taxi back to a friend's house where (d) another girl was staying there who idolized me from a few brief appearances I had made on TV a year earlier. And, (e) the next morning when I woke I discovered I had also tried to do a shit in the car park and (f) I had not finished doing that shit and it was smeared up the back of my jeans. (g) I was beyond hung over and didn't notice what had happened until I tried to take a shower midway through the morning.

I had to shower in my clothes and I have never forgot sitting out in their garden in a towel realizing everyone had noticed but weren't saying anything to be polite. How far I had sunk.

oh my god you just made me cry laughing, something about people crapping themselves makes me laugh so hard, god dam it so funny.

yeah well since i have anxiety and social issues i find some really simple stuff embarassing to do, but the most embarassing thing ive done is when i was younger, my dog managed to get out of the hands of my mum while we were walking him on the beach, so, like a hero, i jumped for it and landed face first in sand with my mouth open, he then proceeds to drag me for a while, so much sand in my mouth :(

[...]I shall go first ^^

I am on a bdsm blog as a slavegirl who answers questions and occasionally shoots naughty video, at the behest of my manster(s).

Needless to say, it'd be humiliating if my work or family discovered it :P

This... Is pretty awesome. I'm kind of at that stage where I'm like "I could lurk more... Or I could dive in as a switchy/subby."

On the original topic... While I keep them to myself, I do enjoy writing certain fiction from time to time. My chat client steals focus when someone messages me and I for some odd reason had the volume muted and not paying attention. They didn't get anything good, but imagine if a family member did. Never be able to live that one down.

I don't really have any minus one from early High school, so it was at least 10 years ago.

It had been raining so the fields outside were quite damp. Me and my friends use to eat lunch by the picnic tables, which were on the top of a steep but small hill. You may be able to guess the next bit but as I was walking up I slipped and fell knees first into the hugest pile of mud.

To make it worse as I tried to get back up I only slipped again. I managed to play it off and head to the bathroom to try and clear as much of it off as I could but even if I acted like I didn't care I was really embarrassed.

Since then I am really fucking careful near any sort of hill or steep slope.

When I was 8 I vomited in front of my entire class while my teacher interrogated me over something I didn't do. After I puked I said something like "if I say it was me can I please go to the bathroom." My teacher let me go and never punished me for it. I think she felt bad. No one ever said anything about it to me after either. Good thing too because it was one of the worst moments ever for me.

Another time was less than a year ago. Was on a camping trip with my general close group of friends. One afternoon my girlfriend and I quietly slipped into our tent for a quick romantic encounter. Some people noticed we were gone and deduced our sexy intentions. One of the girls decided it would be funny to come in an sit on our love nest while we were nude under the covers. I wasn't extremely embarrassed. I was more proud that everyone knew what we doing as the majority could only wish they had someone to have fun with. Including tent invader friend. We waited there not doing anything until everyone got bored and left. We continued where we left off and rejoined everyone a while later.

I am on a bdsm blog as a slavegirl who answers questions and occasionally shoots naughty video, at the behest of my manster(s).

Now. OP, could you please be so wonderfully kind as to PM me the URL? You have me extremely intrigued.

Oh, too many to count. But the one that sticks out in my mind was when I failed to get the joke:

Back in school, in a biology class, I was part of a group project. We had to come up with a team name and pass it on to the teacher. One team member suggested to the others, we should try the name "Nolfolk in Chance". People sniggered about it, but I, having not read the title out to myself, somehow managed to not spot the joke. So I walk up to the teacher, and bold as brass, I announce "We're calling ourselves 'NORFOLK IN CHANCE'." You should have seen the teacher's eyes glaze over in fury. "WHAT?!" That's when I finally got the joke.

In for a penny in for a pound. I went along with it and repeated myself, earning myself a fat juicy detention and a permanent drop in everyone's estimations of my mental capacities. Fucking incredible. I astonish myself at how big a retard I managed to be.

Could have been worse though. I knew a guy who was tripped over by a duck.

I can't say I've ever really been embarrassed... I said something that I thought was right to a group of people who weren't really my friends then one of them denied it. But I wasn't really friends with them in the first place so it didn't bother me for more than 10 seconds.

Well I'm still young. And judging from these forum posts I have yet a long way to go!

Walking in on my brother and his girlfriend having sex. Took me a split second to turn around and close the door but the image is burned into my memory. Thankfully we joke more often in my household than fight, so it wasn't a big deal. Only for me. I'm so ashamed.

This one wasn't me but I feel its worth going in this thread.

A friend of mine (lets call him "A") was stupidly drunk, the point where hes just all over the place and barely coherent. I knew that if he went back to his mum's house (he was 25 but living under her roof after he lost his job) his mum would give him a right bollocking so I called another friend (we'll call him "B") up who lived near by and asked if he could crash there for the night.

Everything was agreed and I said I would pick up my friend the next day at lunchtime once I'd had a good night's sleep and sobered up myself properly. Anywho, I turned up the next day at B's house to find that A wasn't there. B however was looking exceptionally pissed off.
Turns out that in the middle of the night, A had got up from his spot on the couch needing a wee, looked around and saw what looked like a toilet... he'd lifted the lid, emptied his bladder then fallen back asleep. Upon waking in the morning he'd realised what he'd done and left early and made his own way back to his mums.

The "toilet"? B's brand new printer, one of those ones with the scanner part.

I misspelled a thread title once. That was embarrassing...
hur hur hur

I've always been a talented writer. Way back in the 6th grade, it was no surprise that my essay was chosen as the winner in class. The prize was the chance to compete at the state level by reading it in front of the whole school and a panel of judges. Being terribly shy, I didn't want to have any part in that, but my teacher said I had to. I tried to get out of that, but my teacher held firm so I felt like I was being punished for doing so well.

I rehearsed my speech over and over, but I wouldn't be writing this if the performance had gone well. Standing on stage in front of the entire school and a panel of judges, I not only forgot my speech a minute into it, but I became so terrified that I started crying. I hurried off the stage wanting to hide in the bathrooms, but not only the teacher wouldn't let me leave the auditorium she made me try the speech again only to have the same disastrous results. It was only Monday so I had a long week ahead of me.

While mine is not EXACTLY like yours, I was in kindergarten at the time and we had to do Mother Ghoose rhymes and stuff and in pairs. That really does not seem that bad however it was in front of the whole school and after holding off until the very last two to go up, my partner and I went up but I was so scared that all I did was fold my hands and cry.

Let's see how many people are willing to step up to the plate, shall we? Seems pretty straight forward, what are the most embarrassing things you've done? Seeing as we have the anonymity of the internet, i think it may help.

I shall go first ^^

I am on a bdsm blog as a slavegirl who answers questions and occasionally shoots naughty video, at the behest of my manster(s).

Needless to say, it'd be humiliating if my work or family discovered it :P

I'd be embarrassed if I had opened a Thread about embarrassments and misspelled "embarrassing" in the Title. :P


Well, one time I was making fun of my cousin because he couldn't stand on a Skateboard properly. Ironically, as I was doing this while on a Skateboard, it slipped from beneath my feet and I fell on my ass.

When I was 8 I vomited in front of my entire class while my teacher interrogated me over something I didn't do. After I puked I said something like "if I say it was me can I please go to the bathroom." My teacher let me go and never punished me for it. I think she felt bad. No one ever said anything about it to me after either. Good thing too because it was one of the worst moments ever for me.

I have something like that, but not embarrassing. A ball went onto the school roof, so I climbed up to get it. I come round the corner, being unable to find it, just as the head mistress comes round the corner. She goes apeshit and tells me I'm in so much trouble. I just go "look, do you mind if I focus on getting down from here first?"

She falls silent, and just walks off when I'm down.

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