Poll: Have you ever changed your username?

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A simple question for my fellow Escapists, inspired by a recent thread of a user who'd changed their username, how many of you have changed your username? If so, why did you change it and what was it previously? Have you regretted the change since? If you haven't changed yours, what are your reasons for keeping it the same?

As for myself, I'm one of the relatively few users who has changed their username twice, first time by the standard method very soon after I joined the Escapist and second time in February this year by a special request to Nasrin, who kindly granted my wish.

JoJo of the Pie -> JoJoDeathunter -> JoJo

The first time I changed my name to fit in with my other online accounts, the second time because I didn't want to have the word "death" in my name any longer and I felt my old name was overly long, complicated and difficult to spell. I'm very happy with the clean shortness of my current name :-D

I've never changed mine, since I left out the capitalisation on purpose.

I kind of want to, but if I ever do change my username, it'll be drastic. I need to find another one I'm completely happy with first, since you only get one change here. /drama

I liked your old one, JoJo D:


tried to but the name I want is still held by some guy whose last post was in 2009 :(

Usually go by Gobla.

Yes. I changed it as it was an old and outdated user name.

I didn't know there was an option to change my username; I Intend to keep my name anyway.

I haven't yet, but I'm eventually going to to fix the misspelling. I've been "Dinwar" for a decade now, all over the internet--forums, Minecraft servers, MMOs, etc. I've got my SCA name, my family name, the name people at work call me, and my online name. Changing my online name would be akin to changing my legal name at this point.

When I first created this account my username was Sunday Hare, which is an anagram of my name. I thought it was kind of dumb though so once I actually started posting more frequently I changed it to Iyon.

I used to be oconneki (Guess why >_>), but I thought it was stupid so I changed it to something slightly less stupid :(

The Origin of the Toad one

Never. I've gone through my origin story quite a few times and the username is like a second first name for me now. I'm not changing it.

Never, I really like my name and i use it for everything. Besides people recognize me in Steam and such by the name, what could i possibly change it to now? Its more my name than my actually name since only my family call me by my first name.

Also i reckon it'd be weird for whoever actually takes note of my existence on this forum if i changed it, they'd be all "Where is Pandalisk" and cry many tears.

Nope. This is a username I've been using since 2007. I use it for pretty much everything. It's a unique, original name, so I'm sticking with it.

On the Escapist? No. In general...well, yes. This handle came from changing another one. I moved through several, my second to last one was Lord_DooM until I misspelled it once and turned into Lord_Dopo, I liked it, got rid of the title (since it sounded retarded already), and capitalised the P, then ran with it. I've been using it since 2004 (OK, consistently since 2005).

I have. When I first joined the Escapist, my username was "RocketPocket."

To this day, I have no idea what was going through my head when I decided on that username. Naturally, when James Cameron's Avatar came out in theaters, I liked the movie so much I changed my username.

I find it rolls off the tongue rather nicely.

Well I was thinking of changing it recently, but the big...

You cannot change your username!

...in my profile kinda makes this point moot[1]. Though, I'm actually curious as to why, if these name changes are actually as common as this thread suggests.
[1] coupled with me being to lazy to pm a mod too, I have to admit

Yes I have changed my username. I changed it to the name I use on other forums.

No but I want to. I mean I am so accustomed with my current username that I afraid that when I do change it, some people will not recognise the new username as me.

Nope. I am wintercoat. My name is a part of my online identity. Changing it would be like changing my first name.

Username used to be completely in lowercase.

I decided to change the first letter to uppercase. Apart from that, it has remained the same.

Nope, I always have, and always will be xx_Prosnipez_xx.

Just kidding. Im just that coffee guy.

Yes. I originally joined the website under an alias, Akira Fumi. Once I became comfortable enough here, I changed my username to my real name. It feels much better this way, to me. :)

You can change your name?!

I wasted my free name change with a typo (I had KefkaCulist at first, so I had to add the t).

I've contemplated PMing nasrin about a name change, but I don't know what I'd rather go with.

I wasted my name change when I got drunk after a breakup, it taught me a valuable lesson.

Not only does alcohol not mix well with a jacuzzi and a flammable liquid, it also does not go down well with the internet.

No I have not and I have no plans on changing it anytime soon either. Fijiman is fairly short, simple, and easy to remember.

Never changed mine, I've been using it since long before I had even heard of the escapist. I have no intention of changing it now.

Besides it's already on the escapist signature wallpaper.


Why do you have my friend Nouw's avatar?

I think I have, but I don't have the foggiest of what my username used to be. Knowing my past self, it's probably something that I thought sounded cool at the time, like Ulimate Smash Brawler or Death Grinder or something equally ridiculous.

Or something from an anime, that's also a possiblity.

You can change your name?!

You can change your name?!

I guess it's time to... change into...

You know what. I'm fine.

I had my full name as my username, so I changed it to Evil Smurf after a week or so

I have not changed my user name but I have been considering because this one is so old. I have no idea what my new user name should be.

Nope, and I don't plan on changing my username either.

I'm quite fond of it and I like pretending I'm a toaster. :D

No, never changed the avatar either.


Why do you have my friend Nouw's avatar?

We were both players in the Great Swap of 2012, which is now over.

I think I used to be Unit-22, but that had zero personality.
Have to admit, recently I haven't been feeling very "devious" but I wouldn't know what else to change it to.
Besides I still like it well enough.

Not on this site but my first username was Darrena21 (don't ask why I had a 21 because I forgot too), then I changed it to Darrena716 and then I finally removed the A because it made people think my name was Darrena and I was a girl

I would like to change my username. Mainly I just want it to be The Mann, rather than TheMann. Many forums don't allow spaces in usernames so when I made mine I was operating under that pretense. The thing is, I don't know how to change my username. There's no option for that in the profile edit. Could someone maybe tell me how to go about doing this?

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