The most bizarre dreams you have ever had

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So, we all know that when you dream, the part of your brain that controls logic is one of the first parts to turn off for the night. For that reason, many dreams end up looking like Alice in Wonderland and leave you thinking "WTF just happened?" when you wake up in the morning. So, whats the most bazarre dream you have ever had Escapist, and maybe as a side note what the dream means...or at least, what you THINK it means.

[1] Me after waking up: "Attack Moles?!" O_o'

I'm terrible at remembering dreams. One I had recently though, went something like this:

I find myself in a hallway. Behind me there's just a wall, far in front of me, door. Naturally I try to go twoards the door, but the closer I get, the hotter the hallway gets.I eventually melt before I get to the door, and I flow back to where I began. I try several times more, and every time I melt before I reach the door. Eventually Rainbow Dash appears somehow, grabs my hand and we blast through the roof of the hallway. Random dream shenanigans I can't really remember follow.

I can't remember any weird dreams I've a recently because I've slept since then. Which is really annoying as I had a really good one that stuck with me for a day or two.

I had a dream that Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother owed me £200.

My favourite type of dream is where I'm swimming around in water, or being swept along in fast moving water. I don't know why but when I dream I'm in water, even fast moving water I feel really relaxed and happy.

I hate dreams where I dream that I've gotten drunk or taken drugs and cannot stand up to save my life. It gets to the point that people get really annoyed with me. I really hate to fight people too, for some reason sometimes I fight people in my dreams, usually bullies from High School and can't throw a punch to save my life.

Around music festival time, I get dreams that I am at a festival and going to go see bands, bands that I really want to see and for some reason I usually end up getting distracted or pulled away by friends and usually end up as far away from the stage I want to be at as possible. Then I will try to get back to see another band and the same thing will happen again. Its very frustrating for me.

I had a dream about meeting my first girlfriend in my college canteen, the next day I accidently met up with her in McDonalds in town and set a date for the end of the week. I'm not saying that dreams can predict the future, but there is definately something about that, maybe its because I had been thinking about her or maybe my mind had picked up on signals I missed, but it just seems like a hell of a coincidence. I mean the UFO I dreamed about the same night hasn't turned up.

The one were I was a superhero...
and my power was to swim so fast I didn't get wet...
That was one weird as power!

The weirdest dream I ever had?

I dreamed I was in the TV room, as the TV showed what looked like one of those [Adult Swim] bumpters, then the screen filled up with words (or were they eyes?), then the screen showed what looked like a Smurf but the face was all wrong... and then I woke up.

Yeah, I don;t know what it was about either...

When I was in high school I dreamed that the science teacher had gone nuts and was turning everyone into zombies. For the first half of the dream I was fighting alongside the students and teachers against the zombies, then half way through the science teacher caught me and turned me into a zombie. After that I was just trying to eat people. Odd.

I once dreamed there was an addictive MMO that brainwashed you with subliminal advertising on tv so that you wanted to play. After you started playing you would go into seizures if you didn't play a certain amount each day. They introduced subliminal advertising that made you go out and buy products you didn't really want. Eventually everyone in the world was addicted and no-one was actually doing any work anymore and society pretty much fell to pieces. Also odd.

Recently had one I only remember in fragments. I went to visit my sister and her house was flooded with water to about knee high. There were dead cats floating everywhere. Soggy dead cats. I went home and there were now soggy dead cats in my house now too. Why subconscious, seriously, WTF?

I had a dream two nights ago that I was stuck in the mansion that amnesia: the dark descent takes place in, monsters at all. I havent even played the game and its giving me nightmares (all i've seen of it are from youtube clips).

My dreams troll me. They're realistic enough that I believe them until I wake up, and they're consistently an improvement over my real life, which ends up leaving me feeling depressed when I wake up and realise it was just a dream.

The most bizarre dream I've ever had would have to be the one where I dreamt that I woke up and made myself a peanut butter sandwich, eat it, then went back to bed.

By the way, the sandwich tasted amazing. Dam dream sandwiches making normal sandwiches seem bland and unsatisfying.

Except for my crazy Kingdom Hearts dream, I mostly am riding a bike really fast and then I fall (which in the dream would kill me) and I wake up in a full body spaz...this happens all the f**king time...

Every single dream that I have ever had is bizarre.

In my most recent dream, a spider bites me in the arm. As time goes by, my body starts to get lumps all over it. Eventually the lumps start to rip open and spiders start crawling out of my skin and eat me.

My puppy was a human boy and we were on a date-ish.
Bizarre, but great dream. Wish I could see sequels.

I once had a dream where the sun turned into the moon, then back and forth for a while, before exploding. Then, my primary school principal grabbed me by the neck, shaking me, yelling "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?".

I'd say my most bizarre dream must've been whatever caused me to wake up with a feeling of being on the verge of both tears and laughter.

If only I could remember what it was.

There was one where I wandered along this narrow lane between some overgrown bushes, passed through a run-down park with a broken swing and a roundabout all rusted up and got through the trees on the other side and emerged into a field that was full of fairground rides with not a single other person in sight. The strange thing about it was I know that somewhere I've seen that exact same thing but I can't think of where it might've been.

In another I dreamt I went out of my front door and found it led into a hedge maze that was covered by a thin layer of snow. I went around it a bit and came across a pack of wolves that started chasing me so I ran back the way I came which now led underneath the house through a large tunnel, like the kind that goes underneath road bridges, and when I got to the other side there was a snow leopard that chased the wolves away.

Once apon a time, there was me and two other people. One was a guy I can't remember, and another was some goth chick. We apparently lived in this shack by the river and some weird pitch-black fish-dog-thing came in and chased us to the elementary school in Sebastian, Florida (I don't know) we ran down some sidewalks and a motherfucking Antlion Guardian came out of nowhere, began spazzing out, and turned into Uboa (this terrified me), and then the dog-thing turned into the monster from Hide (some random free indie game, it's not bad)and
then the face of God rolled down and wrecked everything before rebuilding it out of cheese.
I cut down on my everything after said dream

I had there really weird one a while ago....really weird...
was one were I had just gotten off of an airship and was going down into this place that looked like a bunker. The further down I when the less and less reliable the lights were. At the very bottom it was just sterile concert walls, dirty water stained ground, and lights that always flickered. By the time I got to the bottom there was an announcement going over the speaker system talking about "doing your part for population control" soon as I heard that a toddler that came from the hallway was trying to crawl up behind my legs but then a woman in a dark trench-coat and a medical mask (all covered in blood by the way) caught up to it. Then she proceeded to just stab it it the head...not the fancy motion of doing it either....almost with the same kind of torpor of doing a same repeated task.....She then took the body and threw it back into the room that was in the hallway, and then walked away. Then I woke up!

I have no idea where it come from either! XD

Just woke up with from this one.

So it's night, clear sky with the area bathed by moonlight. I'm home alone with some people, and they're protecting me. It's not much, there were more but they're out and about for the night. Well, eventually Voldamort shows up, and attacks. He brushes my defenders away and then attacks me. I fight back and manage to hold me own. Eventually he transforms into his vampire form. It looks like the vampire form in Dawnguard, the Skyrim DLC. He starts getting the upper hand, then he bites me. I then transform into my vampire form, also the same as Skyrim's, and fight him back. This happens for a while and then instantly everything changes. I'm now magneto who can control water, Voldamort is a big body-builder who can fly and do magic, there's a big highway where lots of people are stranded, and under us is a big sea of water.

I start things off by bringing the sea up to batter him, then bringing up water around me, turn it into a disk, freeze it, and fly on it. I circle around him bunching him in the face, throwing my disk at him, and having me and the disk hit him in the face. Eventually I give him a black eye and he gets angry and starts to sink the highway. I land on the highway, bring water around it, freeze it, and lift it into the sky. As I set it down somewhere safe, I turn to face Voldamort and that's when I wake up.

And that was my dream.

This very morning I dreamt of killing robots with a perfect ressemblance to old people, with a lightsaber. I know they were robots because they had robots insides, but they still kept screaming and threatening while I was cutting them up to little bits and pieces. Rather weird. I don't think that's the weirdest I've ever had though.

I had a dream that i was selling red kangaroo mice while working in a petshop owned by jesus who was, at the time of the dream, away on a buisness trip.

The first words i said when i got up were WTF?

I just had a strange dream that involved Titan like monsters, parkour, portals and Dishonour's 'Blink' was amazing.

I remember taking my cat to an award ceremony in London, where she was presented a medal from the Queen for services to Britain.

I then drove back home with my grandma, by driving a car down some train tracks.

I was a digidestined. I was then killed by my own digimon on accident while on a quest that was ordered by one of my teachers. I was also riding a tank.

Curse you Flamedramon! You are my favorite!

Every single dream that I have ever had is bizarre.

In my most recent dream, a spider bites me in the arm. As time goes by, my body starts to get lumps all over it. Eventually the lumps start to rip open and spiders start crawling out of my skin and eat me.

So you were the guy in "The Mist"?

Thats fucking greusome.

I had a very odd dream the other day...

I was the assistant of a chief investigator in the police, and some weird killer, looking a bit like the Dishonoured character, wearing a featureless mask, had taken to a rooftop to strike people on the streets with weird fireballs, leaving their charred skeletons behind.

So, I was on the case to track him down. I saw the ambulance personell drag the skeletons into an ambulance, while policemen fanned out to find out where the Maskman went. The chief investigator turned to me and said "We'll need all hands on deck for this. We need to get this guy. You with me?", and I replied, ridiculously melodramatic, "To the end and beyond, boss".

He nodded, and looked back inside the operations headquarters we had set up. There was a cat in it. Suddenly, I knew the cat was the key to all this, that the cat knew something and could help us track the man on the rooftops down before he killed more. But something was off about the cat.

"Boo?", said the chief investigator to the cat, who just looked at him before cleaning its ears.
"Some pets are just hopeless", he said and walked away. I remained for a while. And then I knew it. The cat was the ghost all along.

And then I was a ghost.

Then I woke up. It was a very, very weird experience, with all those sudden twists and leaps. It was a bit like a combo between The Sixth Sense, the Swedish crime drama Mannen på Taket and Dishonoured, plus cats. Although the ending was a bit lifted from that weird Doom fanfic.

Just had a pretty weird one last night. There was some kind of sporting event...I think it was a football game, but I'm not sure. A bomb went off during it (I think my parents were there, but they survived) and the police arrested their main suspect, which was...a horse. And then they put it on trial and Phoenix Wright was the defense attorney.

I feel like there was more to this, but I feel lucky to remember this much.

in comparisons to everyone else, i only have two of similar calibre:
A while back I dreamed that i was president Kennedy, chilling in what i suppose was a mix of the white house and the playboy mansion. It was late, and then the lights went out. I see a dude dressed like a criminal (black mask, striped shirt, beret), who then attempts to fire a missile at me, which fails miserably. Deciding its now time to got to sleep, i walk upstairs, where upon he stabs me and i bled to death. It didn't hurt, and all i could think of was "that was so mean!"

More recently, I imagined that I was defending modern day new york from a collector invasion with my two friends and another friend's little sister. We arrive via helicopter, where upon we grad our guns and go. a pretorian shows up, and i'm about to start shooting when my guns disappear. my friends tell me to gtfo, and i try to escape via a conveniently placed emergency exit. Then the whole school shows up, and i have to evacuate them through this one tiny door. i succeed, but by the time i'm done, the collectors have been beaten. a dude from my grade shows up, says there's a party, gives me a gallon of sugar, and leaves. I'm about to follow him when a zombie shows up.

the strangest bit was that i ate ice cream the night before both of those dreams...

I once had a dream where I fell into a cabin. Mordercai (from Regular Show, not Borderlands) and Scootaloo were making out on the floor, Sonic the Hedgehog was sitting on the porch laughing like a hilbilly, and a mother duck and a duckling walked into the room. The mother duck ate its duckling and threw it back up, the now-lifeless duckling just a little gray mass of gloop.

Yeah, it was weird.

I had an amazing/weird dream.

I was this generic black, female news reporter with a generic white news reporter and neither of us had a camera. We were driving in the weird countryside for a while and end up at a fancy restaurant where we accept a mission GTA style. Now as myself, my mission is to test the waiters but they throw a fit and throw me into their incredibly large and comfortable attic. In this attic is a tall, skinny black kid without a shirt, a generic chubby kid, apparently another tall, skinny kid but he's white, and some brunette girl who was either in love with me or the "possessive" crazy girlfriend type. So, like any reasonable human being, I smash a window open with a trash can while the girl is latched onto my arm, screaming. The black kid books it out of the window. Same goes for the other tall, skinny kid. All this time, a radio was blasting Taylor Swift down an air vent because the generic kid taped it to the wall. At one point after watching the two kids jump out the window to their certain doom, I try opening the door.

Now with a crowd of kids who appeared out of thin air, we exit the restaurant into a train station and board a school bus train.

I had a dream about going to school. It was either that or I was a dazed stupor and didn't even care to notice waking up, brushing my teeth, or eating breakfast.

This is my recurring dream:

I have a recurring nightmare where the monster that kills everyone I know turns out to be a doppleganger of me, but he always wears a redcoat. As in American revoulution redcoats.

I really don't remember my dreams, though fragments of one do stick out in my mind.

I vaguely recall being the in Chernobyl Zone (from the STALKER series), and moving from settlement to settlement looking for someone (no idea who). Eventually, I entered an abandoned train station and fell down a hole, where I ended up in a very Minecraft-y block world.

Then... I think I boarded some sort of Half-Life-style tram system and ended up in a steam-punk London. That was pretty badass.

The night after playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the first time, I had a dream which was a bizarre amalgamation of XCOM and The Sims 3. I remember my life as I lived it being semi turn-based, like XCOM, but without any aliens or combat, except for my house burning down for some reason.

I need to start getting more sleep...

Those ones where you're pinned to your bed and can't move. They're the only ones I remember clearly, it happens like once a fucking week and it pisses me off every damn time.

Other than dreams are pretty realistic usually.

I had one last night that I had a pet Cockroach as well as a pet bird of some kind.

I woke up and was sad, I loved that pet cockroach. It even came to me when I called its name!.....somehow.....

I think I had more pets, but I have forgotten them =(.

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