Man dumped 20lbs of dog dirt in a job centre

UNEMPLOYED Simon Bonnell dumped 20lbs of dog dirt in a job centre - after a row over his dole money.
The 21-year-old staged the 'dirty protest' in anger at the way staff at Hanley's Job Centre Plus treated him after he was 10 minutes late for an appointment to sign on.

They were lucky he didn't feed it to them.To place the story in a wider context.

A whistleblower said staff at his jobcentre were given targets of three people a week to refer for sanctions, where benefits are removed for up to six months. He said it was part of a "culture change" since last summer that had led to competition between advisers, teams and regional offices.

"Suddenly you're not helping somebody into sustainable employment, which is what you're employed to do," he said. "You're looking for ways to trick your customers into 'not looking for work'. You come up with many ways. I've seen dyslexic customers given written job searches, and when they don't produce them - what a surprise - they're sanctioned. The only target that anyone seems to care about is stopping people's money.

The work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, appeared on Sky News on Sunday claiming it was "claptrap" that anyone would "hand out edicts to staff to sanction three people", and said the story was a "conspiracy".

Since then, further email evidence has been uncovered showing individual or group targets are being imposed to stop people's benefits at offices across the country. In some cases staff have claimed they have been threatened with sanctions themselves if they do not reach the targets.

The sick are also the target of being denied their disability allowance.

So a chav (Look at that picture) dumped dog shit on people.


I couldn't be arsed to read more sorry, I just came to read about dumping dog shit on job centre employees >.>

There is a lot of frustration out there with how the job centre handles dole claimants- I think part of the problem in political pressure to make it as hard as possible to obtain benefits by the Tory government. The whistleblower extract makes interesting reading as it seems to lend weight to my suspicions that the government are imposing new organisational culture which aims to minimise benefits applicants.

Highlight of the day.

Chavs dumping shit in a job center is just amusing.

Simon Bonnell dumped 20lbs of dog dirt in a job centre - after a row over his dole money.

All I have to add is wow, that's an incredibly British sentence. The divergent evolution of American and British English is fascinating.

A Tory government (Like the Liberal Democrats are doing anything) is trying to stop peoples benefits? Yeah like that's a surprise. Wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the cuts are just disguised as such to make cuts the Tories have been wanting to do for years. Or are we forgetting that the UK didn't pay off its debt to the States from World War II until the 2000's? And that immediately after the war we set up the NHS and the welfare state? Along with a number of other costly adventures between then? Yet we managed perfectly fine even with all that debt.

This news doesn't exactly surpise me. Yeah I did had to go to the Jobcentre since I was on the jobseeker things and there has been few people being pissed off with them either cos of the agreement/ demand they didn't meet or other kinds of row. However that extra information of the jobcentre actually conning you in a way does suprised me.

Guess he really couldn't wait to go to the toilets!

Yeah, that's a pretty rotten way that they're treating him there. I guess that, despite what the co-alition say, bringing in cuts to these services causes reduced services. Surprise, surprise.

It's the cleaners I feel really sorry for though....


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