Could you be attracted to a bisexual?

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I have been, many times. As long as the lady I'm into likes guys it's not a huge deal if she also likes ladies.

Does it have boobs? Then, yes.

An obese, cleanly shaven man walks in, covered in oil.

Be this what you wished for? Are you ready for all this man-lovin'?

absolutely..being bi (or pan) myself, if you are in a committed monogamous relationship, it should matter who your partner USED to sleep with.

Bisexual chicks are awesome. They are more likely to enjoy a FFM threesome than straight chicks.


Does it have boobs? Then, yes.

An obese, cleanly shaven man walks in, covered in oil.

Be this what you wished for? Are you ready for all this man-lovin'?

It would take some time, but I'm sure I could. Put me in a room with ANYTHING for a week, and I'll fuck it.

(coming from a religious straight white male)
I wouldn't care at all
As long as you aren't going to cheat on me I don't care
if I like you I don't see why it would matter

Its like someone saying "I only date brunettes"
Im just like what difference does it make?

It's interesting that a lot of people add the condition "as long as they don't cheat".

Is there a common perception that people who are bi are more likely to cheat on their partner?

why should there be a problem? if she likes me then I see no reason not to. all it would really mean is we both like boobs instead of just me

Is there a common perception that people who are bi are more likely to cheat on their partner?

Apparently so, going by some of the replies in this thread...

Kevlar Eater:
I would not. Yanno, dat huge dating pool bisexuals have. Depending on the integrity of the person in question, cheating on their end would be as inevitable as death.


I suppose the question is pretty self-explanatory but I guess I can expand a bit.

Would you get in a relationship with someone you knew to be bisexual? Or if you were in a relationship with someone and they told you they were bisexual how would you react?

So, could you be romantically attracted to someone who's bisexual? Do you find it to be an attractive trait, or an unattractive one, or maybe neutral?

I'm curious because I'm a bisexual guy and I was wondering what other people might think of that so I thought I would see what everybody here thought.

Hi, you must be new here. Everybody here is aggressively liberal towards that stuff.

OT:my girlfriend is bisexual and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. In fact it's nice, being able to share our gawks...

Yea, the responses are going to be somewhat one-sided on this one.

Honestly it seems like something that's of passing interest for the filing cabinet of useless facts, but beyond that hardly applicable to monogamous relationships. Unless, of course, you get cracking on that threesome.

Oh I love these kinds of questions. Lemme pretend I'm not celibate and near-asexual...

I once believed that, in order to count as bisexual, you had to date one of each gender at the same time. At which point I would have said 'no'.

Since then, my opinion has changed to "meh, as long as you arent banging someone behind my back".

No problem for me at all, I would have a relationship with someone who was bisexual. I cant say it would attract me to the person anymore than usual, its just it is what it is.

My ex was bisexual, and it didn't phase me at all. Actually I thought of it as a positive trait, seeing as they can love either gender equally.

Hetero White Male here but I dated a bisexual girl in college. Sure it was fun but she wasn't someone who I would've considered for the long term...and I mean like marriage. I would just be afraid of her gradually evolving into a complete lesbian. End up like the dork from Friends.

Just so I can finish sounding like a complete pig I'd like to quote Andrew Dice Clay: "there's no such thing as bi-sexual, you either suck dick, or you do not suck dick."

It's just from a male perspective but I always thought it was a pretty profound statement; if you're bisexual, then you do enough gay things to be considered gay by heterosexual standards. I could never suck a dick and I'm sure my wife doesn't long to muff dive, and I think we're both okay with that.

It really wouldn't matter to me regardless. Wether or not I have a relationship with someone is based on a lot of things and the other person liking both genders or not doesn't even make the list of things I care about in that regard.

I'm a straight man, so I'm attracted to women. And it's an added bonus if they're attracted to me.

I dated a bi-sexual gal in high school way back when. She was a cool artsy chick and we just enjoyed each other's company.

When she told me she was bi-, my response was "See? One more thing we have in common."

She loved that and we went out for a while. But eventually, we decided we were better off being friends.

She's now married (to a man) and has a couple of kids.

I guess my answer is "I'm attracted to whoever attracts me."

Whether or not the relationship works depends on other things...

Heh, I dated a bisexual once. Wasn't much different really. The only thing is that I'm quite susceptible to false jealousy, and knowing that she was bisexual basically made EVERYONE that she knows a potential suspect in my stupid jealous brain.

I did. She was real cunt and cheated on me.

It's always refreshing when you realize minorities really are just people. They can be absolute terrible individuals too.

To be completely totally 100% honest, I would totally prefer it.

It's interesting that a lot of people add the condition "as long as they don't cheat".

Is there a common perception that people who are bi are more likely to cheat on their partner?

I think its the idea that considering there is more people for a bisexual person to be attracted to the more likely they are to run off on someone they aren't in a committed relationship with. I can understand the idea, more sexual temptation and what not, but I wouldn't say whether or not there is any truth to it unless I can see some facts. However, in a committed relationship I really don't see sexuality coming into whether or not your going to cheat because in a committed relationship I don't think it is about the temptation from having more people your attracted to around, its just whether or not your a good person. If you are you wont cheat, if you aren't you probably will.

I suppose there are those that say "well, you have twice the competition!" but really, that is bull. I wouldn't have a problem. Well, maybe I am biased, being bisexual and all, but even before, when I was straight, I wouldn't have had a problem with it.

Edit: Maybe I should explain why I think the "twice the competition" part is bull. It's because, quite honestly, no matter if you like guys or girls or both, you see enough of them every day. It's not like you really increase the temptation. It doesn't really matter if half the people you see every day are somehow "tempting" or every person, if they can resist against one, they can resist against both.

Another Edit: Okay, what I just wrote is hard to understand and I think my brain might have shorted out. What I wanted to say, in short is: If he/she's gonna cheat, then they will find someone to do it with, doesn't matter what gender they are attracted to.



I'm quite tired of being told to 'grow up and get a boyfriend', or 'why would you choose to be gay?'

Just thinking about a friend of mine, he has the most fantastic answer to 'Why would you choose to be gay?'. After years of trying to explain the usual 'It isn't a choice. Why are you so against people being happy?' he now simply answers 'It's like a hard mode for life. The enemies are more difficult, but you get loads more exp for it.'. He says it completely deadpan, the first time I heard it I sprayed an entire mouthful of lager out of my nose.

My friend's bi and whenever someone questions him about his sexuality in any way whatsoever he just says "Oh you people and your quaint little categories." Well he says it in finnish.

He tells me he's quoting Torchwood but I wouldn't know.

Straight male here. Not bothered, would hope for monogamous relationship though. I think it's pointless to worry about who they slept with. Though I would be intrigued and perhaps a little turned on depending on who they'd slept with.

Generally speaking, I don't see it as any of my business, which is the same reason I support the right of a woman to choose between bearing a child or having an abortion. If I was the father, I'd obviously advocate for keeping the child, were serious health reasons not at stake, but ultimately it'd be her decision.

I've never dated a bi girl, but I've been with a few. It's the exact same thing as a straight girl, they just got why I liked soft nice smelling girls so much.

No. My girlfriend is bi and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Yes, yes I could. And have.

As long as they don't use it as a crutch to go out and hook up with others without at the very least telling me, then I have no problem with it. Not really fond of those who use it as an excuse to be carelessly promiscuous.

In other words; a relationship built on trust, communication and compromise is key, no matter the persons sexual orientation.

No issues what-so-ever. :P

So what if your GF is also into chicks? I see nothing wrong with that. Why the hell WOULD someone have a problem with that?

I think males are more likely to respond positively on this because of the "two girls are hot" mentality. I don't believe girls think that way (i.e. "two guys would be hot") they are more of a monogamous bunch.

The only way I could imagine it making someone uncomfortable is if it makes you feel as if you alone cant fully satisfy your partner. Once again, that's not a problem for guys. Guys think thier girlfriend being with another girl is hot. A girl probably wouldn't think her boyfriend with another guy was hot, she would probably be angry at him for cheating on her.

I find the thought of my husband with another guy to be incredibly hot. Cheating is an entirely different thing. With cheating there would be lying and sneaking around which would be a break of trust. As long as I know about if before hand, why even stop with just one extra guy?

I don't care what sexuality my partner is. If they are with me, they obviously like girls well enough.

*Checks self* Seems fine to me, wouldn't matter.

Beautiful Tragedy:
absolutely..being bi (or pan) myself, if you are in a committed monogamous relationship, it should matter who your partner USED to sleep with.

You're pan?! No way!

....I couldn't resist.

Considering I'm a straight male then if anything it's more attractive. Unsure how it goes for straight women though.

I've had a couple of bisexual girlfriends and I never had a problem with it before I realised that I too was bisexual.

Maybe I'm bias, but I don't really know what the big problem would be, for men at least. A lot of women I know are repulsed by the idea of two men kissing because they believe it diminishes their manliness, so I suppose there may be some women who are uncomfortable with the idea for that reason.

While a lot of men I know think having a bisexual girlfriend is the holy grail because OMG THREESOMES!

So let me ask something here, I'm very attracted to girls, moderately attracted to men, VERY attracted to pre-op transpeople(because best of both worlds or something? Haven't really thought about the reason why those are my preferences.). That would be considered pan-sexual, right?
I've identified as a bisexual since 17 or something but more recently Iv'e found that I fantasize about being in a relationship with a transperson instead of how it was when I was younger wanting to be with a girl, oh and the only semi-close to serious relationship I ever was in was with a bisexual dude a year or so ago. I'm a 21 year old super socially anxious(which is why I fantasize instead of pursue relationships :P) dude for context, whatever I mean by that.

Um...sure. So long as she isn't cheating on me I don't see what the deal is.


I shouldn't have read that on the bus. I burst out laughing and everyone looked scared of me, pahahaha! Now I have lots of new fancy words for anal. *proud face*
I understand how some men can be put off by the thought of another mans willy in their bum. What bugged me is that he added he doesn't see the attraction to men in general, after proclaiming he was absolutely bisexual. Very hypocritical of him...


A friend of mine in school did that to an extent. They claimed to be bisexual as a way of getting us used to the idea that he liked guys, and then later came out as gay. He said a female bisexual friend of his advised him to do so, as it would make people more comfortable.

Not that it did, none of us cared in the slightest.

Stupid Escapist for not telling me I had a quote...

My mum knew a fella who lied about being straight for 15 years! He had a wife and two children... If I were a gay man I wouldn't imagine going near a vagina. I couldn't lie like that. This was in a different time though so I suppose he felt pressured to have a wife and kids.

I wouldn't hold it against her, but it's not an attractive trait, as such, for me. It's her sexuality, but I've never been attracted to a male myself, nor had any interest beyond friendship in them, so I can't say I would find it attractive, but I wouldn't be revolted either.

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