So what webcomics do YOU like?

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Since Yahtzee has burned quite a few people in his reference to CAD this week, and some people are really annoyed by this, I'd like to ask the people of this site what webcomics, if any, you read so as to see what the general consensus is. Personally, I don't read CAD, but I don't see anything horribly wrong with it either. Here's what I do read:
*Penny Arcade, for a triweekly filling of people nerdier than me
*VGCats, because even though it has some bad execution, it has a good mindset and still manages to hit the bullseye once in a while
*8-Bit Theater, for sheer awesomeness
*Order of the Stick, also for sheer awesomeness
*Megatokyo, because I'm into that sort of thing

-Penny Arcade: Clever videogame humor and writing
-XKCD: Intelligent geek jokes
-Malfunction Junction: Story of every early-20s male

Hard to not like Penny-Arcade, they've been around for so long and watching the style evolve has been great fun.

VGCats I think used to be better, over time it seems to have gone a bit downhill. The irregularity of updates can also be a bit of a pain, especially when you compare it to the consistency of Penny-Arcade.

Gone with the Blast Wave I've also thought to be an interesting web comic. It's updates are extremely infrequent, you can read through the entire archive very fast, but it has great artwork for a web comic and can be rather funny.

PAKtS - Awesome webcomic! Nuf' Said!
Ctrl-Alt-Del - Except for when it gets into the plot. :p
Penny Arcade - What GrowlersAtSea said.
VG Cats - Pretty funny, but updates once every 9000 years...
[email protected]$ - Really funny! Always!
Cyanide & Happiness - YOU HAVE TO READ THIS. ITS THE LAW.

I read the following:

-Penny Arcade, good stuff.
-Ctrl+Alt+Del, that was my first webcomic ever.
-VGCats, I do so love my rat flail.
-Gone with the Blastwave, although I really only read this by technicality, the guy who writes it manages to do about 18 pages a year.
-Looking For Group, because Richard is awesome.
-Sinfest, because it's like Calvin and Hobbes gone seriously, seriously wrong.
-xkcd, because of that guy in the black hat.
-Roosterteeth Comics, which are good.
-Applegeeks, there's some good stuff there.
-Dr.Mcninja, because it's hard to get any cooler than a Irish ninja doctor.
-Holy Bibble, these guys deserve to be read because they're making a comic version of the Holy Bible, from the Creation onwards. They're still in Genesis.

I've also browsed through a few pages of Dinosaur Comics.

Vg Cats-because it occasionally makes me laugh
Roosterteeth comics - not always video game oriented, but still funny

I don't.

I'd rather staple my own face closed than read a webcomic.

Penny arcade is the only one I read with any regularity. I just don't have the time really.
Although I do enjoy joystiqs webcomic wrap-ups on the weekend.

I used to read half a dozen web comics, but many of them lost their funny over time. The survivors are Penny Arcade, and xkcd. I also occasionally check on VGcats, and Perry Bible Fellowship to see if anything new has been posted since they don't exactly update on a regular basis.

All hail to Cyanide and Happiness.
It is indeed, the law

XKCD, Perry Bible Fellowship, Cyanide & Happiness and of course CAD.

I sometimes wonder why I post simple things like this. It's not like it was really important or would be read by all.

Oh, boy, I haven't cleaned up my webcomics bookmarks in a while, so it's full of a little crap, but here goes:

8-bit Theatre (the defacto sprite comic)
Alien Loves Predator (the recently added, haven't read it yet comic)
Applegeeks (good stuff)
Bob the Angry Flower (another recently added one I haven't read yet)
Chopping Block (oh, Butch, why do you like the stabbing so)
Deep Fried (recently added, haven't read #3)
Dresden Codak (explain it to me sometime, please)
Drowtales (cause I've been reading it too long to just delete it)
Fallen (come back, Adio, we miss you!)
Gunnerkrigg Court (it's a good one, go read it now)
Kid Radd (if only all sprite comics could be so... good)
Looking For Group (the poor man's WTF)
Lackadasiy (brilliant, better than many printed comics, now get a decent release schedule)
Megatokyo (I'm gonna delete this soon, I promise, just after they finish this next chapter, I swear, I mean it this time)
No Need For Bushido (cause manga parodies can be funny when done right)
Platinum Grit (cause I can't really think of a good reason to like good writing/art)
Questionable Content (I like it, and I don't know why)
Rooster Teeth (Red vs Blue is awesome, comic, not so much)
Sinfest (the only webcomic I really, honestly need)
Sexy Losers (cause I wanna know things...)
Templar, Arizona (insert witty comment here)
The Dreamland Chronicles (ugh, deleting as I type this)
The Wotch: Cheer! (I honestly don't know how this got in there)
Wapsi Square (cause it's weird in a good way)
WTF (the comic LFG wishes it could be)

Those recently added ones are from Yathzee's list, which I disagree with on a lot of them, but there are still others on his little list that I haven't had a chance to read yet:

i was going to mention kid radd, that comic is really good, at least for me

For now i'm just reading Lookin For Group...

I read:
Looking For Group (as mentioned by Copter400, Richard being awesome)
The Noob (some of the gags are classic)
Penny Arcade (still funny alot of the time)
Ctrl+Alt+Delete (ALL their gags are funny)
Beaver and Steve (Some are good)

There's always The Flowfield Unity ( if you're after something a bit... well, odd I suppose.

i read
order of the stick

the noob

both good comics that have kept me interested

Ah, I read a couple~

Applegeeks: Ish awesomeness in robotic form.
8-Bit Theatre: Black mage. 'Nuff said
CAD: My first webcomic, this was. And still one of my favourites.
O.O.T.S: D&D parodies are damn funny~
Megatokyo: Is my kind of thing, I guess
Cyanide and Happiness: I have a dark, dark sense of humour.
XKCD: Stick-figures rock.
Dominic Deegan: I dunno. Sucker for fantasy, I am.

Dresden Codak is by far my favorite right now although I also read Sinfest, The order of the Stick and occasionally Penny Arcade.

XKCD, Penny Arcade, and PBF are the only ones with any regularity.

Almost every other webcomic sucks hard.

I think I've read most of the comics already mentioned at one point or another, there are a few that are new to me.
I feel compelled to add Goblins:Life Through Their Eyes and Commisioned. They are both D&D inspired comics, although Commissioned often branches out into more 'everyday' stories.

Edit - I nearly forgot another one, but I'm not sure if I can mention it as it contains mild nudity and adult themes. What are the local policies on such things?

This isn't really about what I read is it? It's about recs.

Goats - Is the best thing on the web. Also impossible to get into because you have to read about two years of backstory. That was a hint, by the way. Get reading!
Schlock Mercenary - Behind the mediocre art is a very good SF story. No, really, I mean actually good.
Penny Arcade - Like everyone else in the world.
XKCD - Which is the funniest if you've got the tech/maths background to get all the jokes. Otherwise only funny about half the time.
10K Commotion - A webcomic about a DDR tournament! It's finished now, but since it's a serialised graphic novel that's actually a good thing. Set aside an afternoon and go and read it.

Hoo boy... Let's see.

Able & Baker
Applegeeks - And Applegeeks Lite, of course.
Butternutsquash (Very irregular updates, very inconsistently funny, but it has value to me. Probably only to me.)
ThreePanelSoul - From the same guys that did MacHall, so I just followed them over to this one.
Transmission-X - Not really just one comic, as each day of the week, a new installment in one of the several ongoing arcs gets posted. Kukuburi (by the same guy as Butternutsquash) has been fun so far, and I've been dabbling in the others when I have time to spare.

A lot of the comics I read are almost out of habit at this point, even though some of them have ceased updating regularly, or being as funny as they once were. There was a point in college where I simply found a new comic every week, and spent countless hours reading their backlogs to get up-to-date. Great fun.

I haven't seen a webcomic that I was really impressed with for awhile now (The Perry Bible Fellowship is amazing, but it's practically moved beyond the realm of webcomic at this point).

I kind of like The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (found it via banner ad on VGcats), even though it does have some things seriously wrong with it. It's way too wierd/random sometimes, but other times it has flashes of real brilliance. Example: I recommend the earlier episodes; it's mostly gone downhill lately.

Penny Arcade
Looking For Group
Dark Legacy Comics

8-Bit Theater
Order of the Stick
Sluggy Freelance (one of the oldest and greatest webcomics in existence. The epic arcs, most notably "That Which Redeems" are made of win and awesome and possibly the single best storylines out there on the interblog)
Gunnerkrigg Court
The Last Days of FOXHOUND
Dark Legacy Comics
Dr. McNinja

And I also read Megatokyo and CAD just to laugh at how excruciatingly awful they are.

You all fail, the greatest webcomic is :D but C&H is also good.

Ozy and Millie - cause I didn't think a webcomic could be clean and sweet, but still funny as hell.

Rob and Elliot - You wanna see a dead body?

Perry Bible Fellowship - Strike Three curly

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - He only needs one panel

Wonderella - The diagnosis? PCP!!! psyguy is hilarious and i love his sonic bastardized video series a comic about a sport called boxer hockey were you play on a soccer field trying to get the ball(well actually it's a frog that is genetically enhanced so it can take a beating without dying) in the other team's goal. and you can use any sort of blunt object you want so you can beat the shit out of the other team.

I read several, tgiugh some of them I anin't done with.

Order of the stick
GU comic
Dueling Analogs
Penny Arcade
Looking for group
Questinaoble content
HL comic
Gone with the blastwave
The Noob
Cyanide and Happines
[email protected]$

That is all of them:D

Concerned: A downright hilarious comic, its a shame that its over.

VG Cats: Despite its irregular updates, I still find it funny.

Post Nuke Comic: Has a pretty interesting story, the only problem is that it updates slowly.

Platinum Grit and Penny Arcade. I'm sure there are other great comics but I don't have any interest in looking. Also the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats for the art.

I haven't seen a webcomic that I was really impressed with for awhile now (The Perry Bible Fellowship is amazing, but it's practically moved beyond the realm of webcomic at this point). Read it, now.

I shall list them in some vague order of appreciation I guess.
Order of the Stick
White Ninja
Cat and Girl
Beaver and Steve
Idiot Comics
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Penny Arcade
A Softer World
VG Cats
My Comic About Me (Nathan Stapley)

Yeah, I think that's it.

Achewood, Dinosaur Comics.

XKCD can be beautiful but walks a fine line twixt tenderness and BS.

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