Coolest names you've ever heard?

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I think Twain, Rasputin and Voltaire are cool names. Only if it's on my certificate.

My first name is Gonçalo (pronouced gon-saah-loo). It's not very common

Edward Thomas Prescott. A fantastically British name and one that I am very proud of. I shall also reclaim my name from that fucking sparkling pansy of a vampire if it is the last thing I do!

According to Cracked, there was a member of the USMC called Staff Sergeant Max Killmaster. Just try to be more badass than that name. You will fail.

I know a girl called Ebony Pheonix. Her last name is really mundayne and boring so I'm not going to tell you that, it kind of ruins it.

Once meet a guy in the army, no joke his secound name was steel and his rank sergant, so cool! SERGENT STEEL! kicking ass and taking names *guitar solo*.


Rider Strong (full name Rider King Strong). His father? King Strong; a firefighter.

Giovanni. I mean the reason why the name is so cool sounding is because it's got a nice pattern to the syllables- it has a stressed syllable, then an unstressed, stressed again, then ends with an unstressed. It's fun as shit to say. I personally love that "io" or "eo" sound in words, for instance that's why Romeo is so fun for me to say. I also like the hard "v" sound.

Even though pokemon characters where really hollow and not really developed at all, Giovanni -the leader of team rocket- was the fucking coolest because he was the main bad guy and his name was so neat it sorta told you everything about him in a way without him having to actually doing anything. Like if you're poke-battling a guy named "Giovanni" you better have packed a shit ton of Super Potions, you fucking bitch.

Ordinaire Pierre, Useful Thompson, Tequila and Margarita Brown, and Charitable Charity. I question naming your children Useful and Charitable because those are adjectives.

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