A question for the guys . Baths : Yay or Nay?

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So random question for the guys of the escapists . Do you guys take Baths? Not Showers , but Baths . Maybe with bubbles , maybe without .I ask this because i personally know many women who love to take baths . But not a single guy who does . So i bring the question to you guys of the escapists.

As for me i HATE taking a bath . But i dislike water in the first place . I take showers purely for hygienic purposes , but dread ever moment of it . So a bath is a big no no for me .

Your turn

Well Kidd, speaking as a guy who may not be a guy's guy, but did do construction for a while, I have been known to take baths (especially with epsom salts). When you do manual labor all day, a nice bath in epsom salts will help relieve muscle fatigue quite a bit, so they have their uses. I have noticed that I take significantly fewer baths now that I don't do manual labor any longer though. I will have a bath here and there if my back is sore or if I go out and play some form of physical sport (mostly martial arts), but its rare.

I suppose it is up to personal preference, but next time you are sore, try one with epsom salts, it will change your mind about baths.

Yay. I can't stand showers. They're loud, awkward, simultaneously too hot and too cold, and water always gets in your eye.

I had a guy friend who like to drink beer or coffee in is bath.
I always thought that was a bad idea...

If I had one of those big bath tubs with the water jets then I probably would but only if I was living on my own. I wouldn't be able to get a moment alone in my current home. Actually fuck it, I'd rather just get a hot tub for relaxing

I see baths as more of a relaxation exercise than a cleaning exercise, the only problem is that the side of a bath is just about the most uncomfortable thing I've ever tried to lay against so I find it damn near impossible to actually relax. Those bath cushion things never stay in place either. Bathtub makers: please make softer, fluffier, more back-friendly bathtubs.

Jesus Christ, is society bringing it's macho bullshit into how one chooses to bathe now?

I've never lived in a place with a bath, so I've always taken showers. But on the occasion where I'm on holiday and there's a bath, hell yeah I'm gonna take a bath. Kinda makes me miss my time in Japan, where having a nice, relaxing soak (after cleaning yourself in the shower first) in a tub is standard operating procedure.

Sometimes, when I really need to unwind. I generally prefer showers though, as they're less wasteful.

Yeah I take a bath on occasion, not for the purpose of washing but to relax. Really helps with muscle tension.

I take a shower because sitting in my bath isn't comfortable.

I love baths. I used to have shower-baths (put the plug in when showering) when I was younger (when I fit the bath comfortably).

I just don't want to rest my head on the edge of the bath.

There's something nice about floating naked in your own filth.

I would love to take baths more often, but my bathtub is made for tiny people. I probably wouldn't really have the time to do it often anyway.

I tend to only take baths when I have sickness-imposed body aches. But I always shower beforehand to wipe off the filth. Because baths of sickness-imposed nature are usually just to soak in hot water and nothing else.

I don't really ever take baths. The only time I do is if it's really, really hot in my apartment and I take a cold bath to cool down. I like showers just fine.

I take a quick shower first then a bath. There is a spa bath in the master bedroom that I use when no one else is home, it even has water jets!

Growing up in a house with a weird bath-shower hybrid which would result in flooding the bottom floor because of bad architecture if you didn't lie down, I never really *took* showers until I was old enough to start travelling around. It's probably because of that that I still dislike showers. I'll take them when time is an issue, but if I've got a half-hour I'll put on some relaxing music and take a long bath. Really helps get the stress out. Tends to be one of the best bits of the week.

Only take baths if I have some time alone and really want to relax. Helps if you have a nice tub. Otherwise showers are more efficient and practical.

I am not a guy, but my fiancé does like a bath. However, unlike me, he does not like bubbles. What is the point of a bath without bubbles?

Anyway, I suppose he is just lazy and likes to be sitting/lying down while he gets clean.

Yeah, I have baths nearly all the time due to not having a functioning shower cubicle in my house for years. Don't know why everyone is so concerned about the "filth" - unless you get really dirty/sweaty every day your body isn't going to be that unclean. I mean, do you have a phobia about going in a swimming pool as well, where the water is probably mixed in with loads of sweat, dirt and children's wee? Or washing dishes in a sink? When you put the plug in and fill it up with hot water and washing liquid, do you think the dishes are unclean from all being washed in the same water?

Also, I don't get why so many are saying that tubs are too small. The point about bathtubs is that in most cases you can't lie back fully with your legs streched out and water at chest-height, or you'd use way too much water to fill it. When I have one I always have to bend my knees a little to lie back, and the tub tends to be just over half full, about mid-chest height. You really shouldn't have to fill it right up to the brim unless you're really sore or else, yeah, you will use a whole lot of water and it'll take a long time.

And add bubbles. Always bubbles. So much more relaxing. Also, run it hot so if you're in there for a while it won't get too cool.

I like showers better, mainly because I have to bathe before work and showers are faster.

You don't really take a bath to "bathe", as you're sitting in a tub of your own filth. You take a bath mainly to "relax"...

OT: My bath tub isn't big enough for me to take a bath, but i'm not against it. I'd probably take a shower right after to actually get clean...

I used to, we have a bathtub now but the first time i used it i got sick despite cleaning it, so i never tried again
I like bathing, i should go swim in the river, i have never done that here
I loved laying for far too long in my grandparents bubblebathtub

I don't have a shower so baths every time, I find them relaxing at the end of a long day and I get to catch up on my reading or on my 3DS games. I'll soak and relax for half an hour then drain the bath before scrubbing myself and rinsing with a water jug.

I love hot baths. I usually take one every day, probably lay in it reading a book for like an hour orso. In fact, I'll jump in right now!

I haven't taken a bath since I was 11 I think.

Once I was introduced to the shower, I never took a bath since.

I LOVE baths... and whirlpools and such...

too bad i am poor and have had the last eight years only apartments with just a shower.
But also: a shower a day is ok... a bath take too long. Maybe once/twice a week is good.

I LOVE baths.

But, I don't have one..just a shower unit, sad face.

Even if I had a bath, I would shower most days as its faster, uses less water and is probably more hygienic, but I enjoy baths in the winter time when its cold outside and for relaxing!

Haven't had a bath since I was a kid. Showers ftw.

Baths are great for sorting out an achey back/muscle pain. Plus you get to just chill for a bit, read some Game of Thrones...

I prefer to just urinate into a fan. It's quicker than either a bath or shower and saves water.

I much prefer bath to shower. I just never liked showers...

Screw the guys only I'm answering anyways.

I love baths, but it's for relaxing not cleaning. I take a shower first so I'm not sitting in my own filth and enjoy the warm water usually with my DS or PSP in a sandwich bag.

Baths are good for you; they relax your muscles and help your blood flow. They're kind of crap at getting you clean unless you have a spray nozzle to rinse off with afterward, though...which I don't, so I just use a drinking glass to pour water over myself with. Gets the job done.

So in answer to the original question, yeah, I'll take a bath when I'm stressed out or my circulation is bad, or when I need to get clean but also refuse to put down the book I'm reading.

i guess I'm one of the few here who enjoy a nice relaxing hot bath along with candles and all that other stuff.

Still don't get people and the "bathing in your own filth" since we sweat during sleep in our beds,shit a lot of the time and all sorts of far more uncleaner things.

I grew up in a house without a shower until I was about 16. I usually only take showers when I'm exceptionally dirty or sweaty. I'm just used to take a bath. I even bought an inflatable tub because my bathroom's too small for a stone or metal one xD

I have mild aquaphobia. I don't own a bath. I think it's a waste of water. Still, the times I've taken a bath has been pleasant. I don't hate taking a bath, even if I dislike being in any larger body of water, but a bathtub feels safe.

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