Best music for a Poker Night?

I'm hosting a Poker Night with friends soon, and I want to set the whole place up as a moody noir setting, but I've only got a short playlist of music to go on. Any suggestions?

Feel free to suggest any kind of music that you feel fits Poker, but the best kind is one with little to no lyrics, but the best kind of music to offer is any kind of jazz.

Two prominent examples that are going to be at my Poker Night (that I would like to see more of) are:

alternatively, more upbeat catchy stuff like:

For discussion value, what kind of music do you like to listen to when playing Poker or other games of chance?

Why do you need a specific genre? Why can't you just listen to whatever you and your friends like? >.<

Why do you need a specific genre? Why can't you just listen to whatever you and your friends like? >.<

Because we wanted something jazzy for the Poker Night... this is an incredibly bizarre thing to take issue with.

This is the only thing I can think of though it's not quite the right genre:

jazz for poker? no way man you need the blues.

Howling wolf's London session or some Lead belly or my favorite Sonny Boy Williamson. Otis redding is great as well but he's soul.

if you must have jazz Mile Davis Kind of blue is probably the finest jazz record ever made.

I mean after all you are pressing your luck..right?

Sift through the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. It was tailor made to give jazz/blues fans raging erections.

Personally, I'd go for James Bond themes. Always a great soundtrack for anything gambling related. And suitably cheesy.

... but more on your original request, I've just been listening to some Kid Ory for the first time in years (thanks, Spotify!) and it might just be the perfect thing - a bit of old-school New Orleans ragtime/jazz that brings to mind saloons, whorehouses and The Sting.

Here's the first one I could find on YouTube, but it's a bit later than the 20's stuff I was listening to.

For poker night, what I would recommend
Is classic jazz. The best stuff's by Ray Charles.
His stuff is decades old but still holds up.
It might not be as ground-breaking
Today as it was when 'twas first released
But it still sounds much better than
The vast majority of modern stuff.


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