Poll: What are you doing for halloween?!

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Mainly eating Butter Fingers and Halloween stuff online. That's not an option though, so I didn't vote.

I'm not really ignoring that it's a thing, I'm just not swept up in the excitement for it.

On my way home from work I pass by two, how can I put this ... party/occasion shops ...? They sell stuff for parties and themed stuff, so at the moment they are selling Halloween stuff, most of the year it is things like birthday, christening etc

Anyway, for the past week they had ques outside the shop that are at least 50 people long. How is Halloween so celebrated? I was under the distinct impression it was a little kids day.

Over in my neck of the woods yesterday was "mischief" night, were people act like twats (even more so) 'cos you know ... it's mischief night. Went into work today and was told that they cancelled the buses running out of the town centre 'cos 4 different buses had one sides worth of windows smashed, the bus my colleague got on passed a bus that had one side covered in egg and soon after that a firework was shot under his bus thoroughly rattling the windows, his bus was then canceled and was forced to walk ... he was then chanced by a gang firing fire works at him.

Boy, was I wrong about this time of year ...

Going out with my god-daughter's and their half sister trick or treating. I'm not dressing up, but I will be their dutiful little attendant. I'll probably end up carrying one or more of them for part of the night, possibly cocooned in my big heavy coat to keep them warm.

Doing a mix of taking the kids trick or treating, then coming home to give out candy to others and watch some Halloween appropriate movies.

I was hoping to be going out trick or treating with someone but that's not happening so I'll probably just cruise around to check out the house decorations then settle in to watch horror movies. If i can get my hands on a good pumpkin I'll so some pumpkin carving too.

Thought I was going to be working, but I managed to get out of it, so I'm going to a Halloween party with my brother, roommate and friends. It's really pro, there's DJs and everything.

Only problem is, since I figured out I could go last minute, I'm shit out of luck for costumes. So I will either be Drew Brees after he retires and lets himself go, complete with face scar, or I will dump glitter on myself and go as a Twilight vampire. I'll feel really dirty if I go with option 2, but I'll only be spending $2 for the latter.

Okay, some quick background: I hate horror. I hate it with a passion.

The crappy horror is... well, garbage in the extreme. Physical/body horror doesn't interest me, and poorly done psychological horror is just a snorefest.

The good stuff, say, Midnight, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, that sorta thing? I don't like being that thoroughly creeped out. It's just not for me.

Tonight, though, I plan to watch John Carpenter's the Thing. It's been a few years since I've watched horror, and it's the first time I can remember knowing that it's a horror movie going in. I also know the general plot (and the ending, too) so there's no huge surprise. I'll give horror another chance to impress me. Probably even write a blog post on it.

I'm sitting in the dark with candles waiting for a friend from a city away come over after work. We plan to get drunk and watch movies, which was a really nice last minute surprise for me. :D Better than being on my own.

I'm also making silly pictures on tumblr out of boredom while I wait for trick-or-treaters to start coming around.

Yes I'm wearing a cape/cloak.

Built a mostly functional (but safe) guillotine for the front yard. My good friend's kid is coming over in a headless horseman costume. There's remote triggered lights and an air-powered water spray during the "chop". Then there's the kid hopping up off the bench and chasing kids. It should prove entertaining.

For the record, those things could really hurt somebody. Also, if you own a guillotine, to do keep the blade clean and shiny, or do you just leave blood all over it for the intimidation factor?

Probably just watch a horror movie, but then I sorta do that every friday night anyway (that or an action movie). But maybe this particular night will lend some more spirit to the proceedings.

Nothing special.

I'll probably watch a horror film or two and then play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for the rest of the evening. Maybe a horror game later, I dunno yet.

I am "Ignoring halloween being a thing", essentially. Well, I'm ordering pizza but that's due to different reasons - 1. it's Friday 2. I'm too lazy to cook 3. Most of the stuff to cook is frozen, anyway, and defrosting anything would probably until midnight minimum. I'm also going to be playing games (got Transistor today, so I can probably give it a go, failing that I'll just continue my Alpha Protocol platythrough) and mucking around with some (really) small programming projects.

Built a mostly functional (but safe) guillotine

...so, you created a paradox. Great. Just great. When the universe collapses onto itself, I'll know who to blame.

Also, if you own a guillotine, to do keep the blade clean and shiny, or do you just leave blood all over it for the intimidation factor?

Mine I just don't clean because I'm lazy - it's only going to get dirty again the next day, so why bother.

Walking around the neighborhood as the scariest costume I can come up with: Myself.

Last year walking out of the house caused babies to cry, ferns to spontaneously combust, and the skies to start raining blood. If only I can achieve such greatness for this year.

Nothing, I have like two essays to write. Maybe I'll hook up some Black Metal if I can find some speakers.

My friends and I are getting wasted then roaming the city in Kigurumis.
For most of them it's Halloween. For me, it's just Friday.

I was going to DJ the party tonight but we don't have any room lmao. Oh well.

Rocking a costume as Philip J McFly at work

Well, today, I....

* ...improved and cleaned up my numerics, realizing there was a factor of pi amiss.
* ...calculated new stuff which will be used as a comparison to check if everything is alright
* ...am currently occupied correcting student exercises at half past nine in the evening...
* ...may start writing an essay about conflict minerals for my volunteer work
* ...may try to get my ToR Sith Warrior up a few levels
* ...may write up some new threads I want to post

...so, yeah, I'm basically ignoring Halloween being a thing. Which actually shouldn't be problematic being German and all so it shouldn't actually be a thing anyway. But seemingly the whole idea wandered over during the last ten years, to my usual annoyance given I usually don't give two fucks about public pseudo-holidays. Anyway: Americans, you are destroying our culture of not caring! >:(

Currently posting on the escapist and eating the candy that is meant to be for the trick or treaters. I might play Silent Hill or something later. I celebrate Halloween in style.

I'll be doing something between nothing, trying to work on a project, playing Diablo 3, and getting drunk. Just like most other nights.

No horror games options? Pffff! Cowards...

...maybe some nice fireworks. Went to a party last weekend, had a mediocre time, so likely not going out again.

How about staying at home WHILE watching a (scary) movie?

Every time my wife and I have tried doing something on Halloween, it always gets spoiled by either children being children or adults being drunk, there being far too many of the rest who behave themselves. So we plan events on the weekends and days ahead of time.

Still, I'm surprised so many people would opt to ignore the holiday altogether.

Being British, I shouldn't like Halloween, it's only in the last few years that it's really taken off. I've always felt an affinity for the day though, from as early as I can remember. Couple with my interest in the occult, horror films and so on, and this is pretty much MY favourite holiday of the year.

Ideally, I'd be out in town getting rather worse for wear, but the few friends I have are unavailable. Combine my lack of social life with my birthday being last week and I'm having something of an upbeat pity party, drinking some proper Czech Dark Budweiser and watching Freddy vs Jason (Judge all you like it's fucking awesome, plus Katherine Isabelle, yay), then follow it up with Ginger Snaps possibly, or something I haven't seen like The Purge.

In the unlikely event I ever have children I'm going to make Halloween really awesome for them.

I took my 4 year old boy out trick or treating. Now at work till 2:30AM tomorrow morning.

Yeah the poll results are pretty much exactly what I expected for the Escapist's userbase. I'll be bar hopping with some people while in costume. Should be a good time.

I was gonna go out, but I've got some stomach bug thing, so instead I'm watching Hercules on Netflix and puking my guts up every half hour.

Planned on going out with family, eating candy (ours and from trick or treating), even spent $50 on fun stuff to take with - costume, glow sticks, extra candy, etc. It was going to be great, until it wasn't. So, took everything back, got my return money, bought Alien: Isolation and now the game will be forever jaded by how I got the money to buy it. That's what I get for depending upon others. Lesson learned.

I worked.

[rant] Friday is busy, Halloween is busy, and it was inventory night. Fourteen straight hours of triple-distilled no-win scenario. Because people do not goddamn listen, mistakes thicken rapidly as soon as things are a little busy. When we're a lot busy, well.....I spent a whole hour just resolving bad tickets in the system (on top of those I fixed throughout the day, if I hadn't seen it myself I'd think people couldn't possibly fuck up that hard or that often) BEFORE I could even pick up the count where I had left off eleven hours prior. I already know my boss is going to ask me tomorrow how things went. When I tell him, he's going to say "Good!" because he thinks that's reeeeeeeeeeeally funny. I'm so fucking pissed off I may not sleep at all tonight. [/rant]

Only saw one costume all day, the Joker. At least it was decent, he even had some putty or something on his face to make the scars.

Australian here, and I've always loved Halloween. Not sure why it hasn't properly hit off here, it's a lot of fun- I always buy a tonne of candy for the ghouls, though I do sneakily look at the person through the window first- My front lights are always off, so if it's anyone who creeps me out too much, I can just pretend I'm not home.
Safety first on a night where it's not overly suspicious to wear a mask!

Well I had to work. If I didn't work, who was going to sit there and clean up the mall after everyone gives out candy?

I ended up passing out candy. Also got a bit drunk on vodka and skittles.

I went to work, I know super fun!

I went grocery shopping for chili ingredients, then dined in alone at a Wendy's, then got home and realized I forgot to buy beans and wept silently for the rest of the night until going to bed at 9:30.

As I do on all Fridays!

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