How did you choose your username?

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Not much to say about mine. It's a math thing.

If you are really interested you can check out a definition at:

I was playing a game of scrabble one day and the letters in my till were arranged to spell "GTMIPPEY".....
And I've loved it ever since.

A long time ago, in the distant year of 2007, I was playing Halo 3 with some dudes at a church retreat.

While taking turns playing multiplayer, we somehow started saying the word "exponentially" to describe basically anything you could do in an FPS.

"I'm gonna snipe you, exponentially."

"I'm gonna run you over, exponentially."

"I'm gonna love you, exponentially." <- That's not a joke, one of us said that.

I eventually heard the inevitable "I'm gonna pwn you, exponentially," and I thought that was a pretty cool idea for a gamertag.


But Expwnential doesn't look right, so I eventually corrupted it into Xpwn3ntial.

About two years later, I used my single free name change on this site to change my name from 4thegreatergood (I was highly sleep deprived when I made my account so I couldn't remember Xpwn3ntial or think of anything better than what my desktop background at the time told me) to this, and I haven't looked back since.

Even if I had another free name change, I wouldn't use it.

Back when i joined i had a habit of stressing over a user name.
I spent about an hour or 2 think of it on or off, more likely ten minutes, walked away came back surfed red some lfg and decided.
Cleric's been my preferred class in dnd for a bit.
And of the order it matched my writings at the time (order of the blazing sky specifically).
So i took it.
the _ were me just being an idiot

Mine is a little complicated. When I was about 12, I was attending a summer camp, and I befriended a girl over our mutual love for Naruto. She loved it so much that she decided to create her own OC, original character. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the OC, but I remember that it was wolf focused. She encouraged me to make one of my own. So, more or less, I did. I based a good portion of it off of hers, as I lacked vision back then, but I didn't have a name. But, fortunately for me, I was playing a little DS game called Spectrobes at the time, and one day while I was playing it, I realized that the main character's name was Rallen, which was similar to mine. So, I decided to adopt it as my own, and add a "y" to it to further make it my own unique little name. And, over time, I just used it in more and more things, as it was, surprisingly, a name that had rarely, if ever, been used before, and I decided to keep it. I'm not kidding. Look up Ryallen, and the first result is probably going to be me on another website. It's nuts!

Zen Bard:

On topic...I'm a practicing Zen Buddhist (one day, I'll get it right!).

Why zen.
If I'm not mistaken they have some of the most brutal practices(surviving), (perhaps it's another sub school but I do remember zen stories about masters killing students for incompetence).
which is odd from what I've been told Mahāyāna traditions tend to be lighter then Theravāda.

Chose mine because it was a temporary gamer handle I'd used during a match of CS:S around the time I singed up for the site. The name was born out of an older handle and my opponents inability to kill me through the entirety of the match. (they'd get close, but never finish the job) That, and most or all of the other names I'd wanted were taken, and the alternate versions of my current name were also taken.

What kind of irks me, though, is that some of those alternatives are currently used by accounts that haven't been active for years. Some inactive for well over five years.

In all likelihood, the creators of those accounts have abandoned them, but because they haven't been cleared from the site's "registry", I'll never be able to make the changes I want to make.

Oh well.

Actually, no. What really bugs me is that I'll try some of my preferred alternatives and I'll get a "name in use" error in return. Yet, when I search through the user profiles, I get zero returns for the same names.

Mine is about as boring as you can get, I'm afraid. Just a combination of two bands I really enjoy, Bathory and Graveland respectively. That's all there is to it. In hindsight I probably should have chosen something video game related instead, but BathorysGraveland is what I use for various different sites, so it was just convenient.

I thought it might have something to do with Elizabet Bathory, The Countess of Blood.Mine comes from My interest/love of mages. 2 reasons: 1. I usually (almost always) pick the Mage or Mage-equivalent in RPG. Why? Because Mages, and by definition, people with Magic or special abilities are cool. Also, because I find the debate of what someone like me, or anyone else in general, would do if they got special abilities. The whole "Would you use your new powers to do good or bad, and would you be a hero or villain?" debate. 2. Because I'm a gamer. (So, I put the two together. I also find the mental image of A Mage that's able to conjure abilities or things from games, be they weapons or what have you, to be really cool.)

I thought it might have something to do with Elizabet Bathory, The Countess of Blood.

Well, as you might imagine, the Countess is where the band got the name from in the first place so you're still more or less correct.

When I first created a email address account, I wanted it simple and easy to remember. My full name is John Arthur Zimmerman, and I was born on January 17. When other websites I registered to demanded a username, I, as much as possible, kept it going. At this point, it feels like a second name.I didn't care enough about Halo, then, to know about the similarity, which still holds true. Only reason I do know now is because at one point that info happened to be all over the internet.

It's a bit of a long, convoluted story, but since you asked so nicely... :)

Several years ago, a few months before the release of Final Fantasy XIII, GameTrailers released a multipart retropspective of the entire FF series - it's really good too, check it out if you haven't seen it and you can find it in the incomprehensible mess that is GT's search system. The final episode of that retrospective was a review of the major recurring themes Final Fantasy stories have, and as the video put it, "how one could build a Final Fantasy from scratch". I thought it was a nice though experiment, and I had to fill a sketchbook with ideas and art for one of my college classes, so I wrote a small 60-something page design document for a Final Fantasy fan project, detailing the world concepts, lore, characters, plot, combat system, etc. I poured dozens of hours in that project and even though nothing will likely ever come out of it, it's very dear to me (and I got a prefect grade for it in school, too). Since then, whenever I can name a video game character, I name them after one of the playable characters of my FF project.

Fast forward to 2013, when Final Fantasy XIV comes out on PS3. Even though you can play all classes with a single character, I didn't know how long I'd be stuck with my starting class, and since the game allowed it for the first month, I created one character for each available class, naming each after the character who had the most similar class in my project, and used the character creation tool to recreate the face I drew for them in concept art. I had Damian Callis the Conjurer, Ophelia Aquino the Thaumaturge, Dirge Novak the Gladiator, Weylin Drako the Lancer, Maïte Madec the Arcanist, Karima Naifeh the Pugilist, Tanig Hinault the Archer and Leandro Roxas the Marauder. (Only eight classes meant I had to leave off the two remaining characters, Cassandra Sideris and Nadine Naifeh. Sadface.) I played each to level five and then picked my main character, which ended up being Dirge. Switching to the entry level subscription on month two meant I had to delete the other characters. I wish I had thought to take screenshots...

Then, at the beginning of last year, LoadingReadyRun started doing a lot of Twitch streaming and I had to create an account to interact with the chat. I was getting pretty tired of my old username (Kakulukia, a reference to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), since I've hated Ubisoft for years and my username tied me to them, so I took the opportunity to change my online identity, and I thought Dirge was perfect. It doesn't really sound like a person's name even though it is, and it has deep personal meaning to me. So I changed my username on every site that allowed me, made new accounts for those that didn't - except for Steam and PSN, because Valve and Sony apparently hate us all - and I've been happier for it.

(And NO, it's not a reference to Dirge of Cerberus, I've never even played that game)

I used to play Lacrosse, now I don't and I'm fat.

Living the dream.

I'm called C.J. IRL, or Siege (sea-jay minus the 'ay'), the Terran Fed was my fist clan on Starcraft, and I was notorious for my Siege Tank rushes. I don't recall my true first handle, but Siege_TF stuck and has been my handle since well before the turn of the millennium.

When I came up with it, I was just looking for the most evil sounding username that sounds like an actual name.
I used it everywhere for a while, but these days I've been using a different one. (No, it's not "Frieza".)

I've been using the same username or some variation of it ever since I first came up with it for my first email address.

Being a kid I wanted to have a name that I thought sounded "cool". My name is Daniel so in a fit of genius and originality I decided to call myself Dark Dan. Somehow this incredibly unique and surely un-heard of name was taken, I was heart broken at this cruel twist of fate but shortly after was hit another fit of genius and originality. I used that name backwards and so ended up with Dandark.

I've just been using that name ever since for any kind of username although sometimes with a number after it. I didn't notice it for the first few years but many people also see it as a reference to mandark from Dexters Laboratory.

EscapeGoat was a name thrown around for a band idea me and some friends had in Sixth Form but since nothing ever came of it and I liked the name I thought I'd use it for on here and generally any other sites I register on.


You had me at tacos, you lost me at CoD.

u wot m8

Zombies is pretty damn good


True dat, now if only kids would stop singing that and Beauty of Annihilation while I'm trying to buy perks and headshot Zombies like a bawwss.

Funny story, I remember there was a kid singing Moves Like Jagger badly of course online during a game of CoD 4

I messaged him saying "You know you're not Adam Levine, right?"

He actually apologized

I'll never forget you, apologizing Maroon 5 fan

I was flirting with a girl online & she said she needed a "handyman" to come check her "plumbing" so I said call me Mr. Fixit...

Horrible & corny as hell, but it worked.

I actually did end up fixing the sink shortly after that.

I found out in a thread that you could change your username on this site only once. So being the incredibly clever person I am, I chose a character from a visual novel series I like that I can't spell. Which means if I ever turn off the auto login option I'm gone from this forum forever.
So yeah, I like this character and I didn't think.

If I could I would probably change it back to MageFeanor. This name I got back in TBC WoW days when I wanted be named Fëanor, but it was already taken so I just put mage in front and I've used it ever since.

It's just a quote from a game that lingers in the back of my mind. Certain one-liners are being repeated in this game so much that after playing it for a long time they just continue being repeated in your head.

It's my nickname, one out of 4 i have and 1 out of 3 I use on the net. Plain and simple.

Also it's one of the largest meat processing companies in Serbia

Elvor has been my D&D character name for about 13 years now and when I came to pick my username for the very first time, elvor was rather fustratingly taken, so I became elvor0.

I don't really know. My first username for things was "Jobeyku", then I started to play Runescape and I wanted something a little cooler, so I changed it to "Lordjobeyku" (imaginative, I know), before I eventually wanted to change that, and somehow I landed on "Laggyteabag". Unfortunately, Xbox Live wouldn't let me have "Laggyteabag" as a username, so I just stuck with "Lordjobeyku" for that and "Laggyteabag" for everything else. It doesn't really suit me anymore, but that being said, I have pretty much signed up for everything under the name "Laggyteabag", and it is a little too late to change things. I don't really mind though; I like to think that every now and again, someone looks at my name and has a slight chuckle to themselves, and that makes me kinda happy.

It's my last name put through a code generator thing. I've always wondered if it's a bad idea to tell people that, considering how easy it would be to find me, and I use that handle fukken EVERYWHERE.

I had to kill a man for it. he was the best of men, a giant, i weep for him every night.

No idea actually. I like to think it had something to do with a dartboard with some words on it, or that I was gifted it by the mighty Xenu, but in reality I guess it was something I thought sounded good at some point, and it stuck.

I've been known by worse in my past, so I can go with it.

well...Originally it was Gears_grl99 because I loved Gears of War and such, but I changed it to Sarah Kerrigan because Sarah is my name and I adore the starcraft storyline. I've read the novels, the comics, the mangas and I beat every game...I adore it, heh.

Well, I once needed a name for my Undead Warlock in WoW. Recently watched the operah "Der Freischuetz" I decided to go with Kaspar. This was shortened to "Kasp" over the year and when I had to choose a nickname somewhere both Kasp and Kaspar were gone so... TheKasp it was.

I logged in the first time cause I am lazy. So my name is just my name.

Back in the day, around Middle School or so, my friend and I wanted nothing more but to play WoW. Seeing as we were like 14 and 13, we didn't have the money to afford the monthly payment. Hell, we didn't even have the internet speed. One day, his Grandpa moved to house in the suburbs. He had high-speed internet, a laptop, and he let me and my friend over. We went over every weekend and each time we had to pick another username and password for the WoW trial. One week it was my turn and I thought of Elfgore. Just kinda stuck ever since. No one else ever picks it and it sounds cool, so everything works out.

I got this name from my friends; translated from Swedish with some heavy poetic license. MLP was also the first well... anything where I actually felt the need to ship anyone, so I thought it would be a nice tribute.

It is also very fitting, as I spit on all you non-rarishy shipping, heretical scum.

Nothing personal, I just object to your entire existence and find your views on a piece of fiction to be physically revolting and severe enough of a crime to hate you with no other information other than that one part of your personality.


If you find that someone else has 'parked' a username you want, and has abandoned it years ago, you may be able to change your username to the one you want if you ask reeeally nicely via the contact form.

I know of at least two cases where they've granted a name-change to an already taken username, when it was clear the other account was only created to 'park' the username and has only one or no posts..

Hmm. I was unaware of this. Thank you.

To better my chances should I include promises of cupcakes, hugs, and puppies? Or would liquor and blow be more their bag?

I'm daydark because I'm dark as the day.

Here's the somewhat silly story of my username:

So, sometimes when I'm at the bar I play those touchscreen games when I'm really bored. One time I was playing a trivia game, which is sometimes fairly difficult as some questions can be really obscure. Anyway, one time I absolutely owned the game and got a ridiculously high score for only one person playing. My friend saw that and told me I was "the man" at that game. So, that's what I decided to punch into the high score screen, but I accidentally hit an extra "N" at the end. I figured I just leave it and that's what I use all the time for that now. Sometimes I also use it as a username.

The reason there's no space in it is because many forums don't allow spaces in usernames. I didn't know that when I created my account. I know I could get it changed, but I've just been lazy so far.

The story of my avatar is far more interesting...

"Spider" - the name of one of my favourite movies and one of my favourite living things on the planet

"Red" - Named after Red Dragon... the novel, not the mythical beast

"Night" - Nightcrawler :D

Simple, I know but it's already leagues better than my previous one which made me sound like a Twilight-obsessed weeaboo/wolfaboo

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