Poll: Snap Response - Phoning it in

No getting around it, people use cellphones. A lot.


So how often are you swiping, typing, browsing or gaming on your mobile phone? Do you make calls with it? :P

Let's see how this poll turns out and do mention if you're responding ON a cell phone! :D

Since I stopped paying for my cellphone I've been playing more Pokemon, taking more pictures on my bus trips and generally see more of the city I'm in. I do miss the ability to call people without stopping in a starbucks to set up Google Talk over wifi though.

Losing the phone has restored my love affair with wrist watches though. :)

I only use it for important things.

The speed at which I send texts and my huge dedication to having them with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation does not go well for having conversations to be made on phones.

Well I use it to listen to music and audio books, and I walk or bike everywhere. So the answer is A lot.

My phone is old and I don't think it even has Internet functionality, so calls and messages it is, though I often get messages teling me to get WhatsAPP or something that my phone is not compatible with, in any case it's main purpose it's being a pocket watch anyway.

On the plus side, it's sturdy as hell and I can even throw it if I'm angry and it doesn't break and the battery life is ridiculously long, I charge it like once a week.

Depends on if I am out or not. I use my phone more at home than when I'm out.

If I'm driving it's a music player (as I don't have a working radio in my car).
If I'm in a store, unless my shopping list is on my phone (which is rare) it's a music player and time keeping device.
If I'm doing errands for someone I'm constantly on it double and triple checking either in text or in a call.
If I'm at a restaurant/bar/club and don't have a book, it's a reading device.
If I'm at home and not reading, I play games on it and sometimes read.
Most of the time though I am reading so it kind of sits forgotten like for hours in a different room.

And once a month I use it to call in prescriptions to my pharmacy for my family.

Honestly though I really don't like using my phone a lot. Especially for the reading. But sometimes I don't have a spare book with me and have finished my current or am running out of the house and have forgotten a book (which is a sin and rare). I am mostly on my computer anyway. Unless I'm watching hockey on tv then I'm on my phone on skype and twitter talking about the game with my friends.

I don't have a smartphone, so I only use it to text. Which I do quite a bit.

I pretty much only ever use it as a phone, however there are a few circumstances that are exceptions. If I am traveling somewhere, I mount it on my dash and use the navigation on it (I have a Note 4, so its easy to see/hear). If I am in public somewhere and having to wait around (I hate waiting) I will play a game on it, or listen to music.

Now I do use it frequently to take pictures, but only because my Nikon's lens cracked thanks to my godson.

I use it pretty much constantly. In fact I'm answering this on my phone right now.

But yeah, I use it to text, to listen to music, to read the news, to browse the Internet, to watch videos (on YouTube and even Netflix),and lately even to play SNES roms. And as a camera too. So pretty much all the time.

Only uses for my smartphone seems to be a pocket watch and a music player.

I have a 12 year old phone. It can only text and call people but it has a 1 week battery life and has been through the washing machine twice and laughed at me afterwards for not giving it a hard enough challenge.

I use mine as an alarm clock and text collection device, since apparently asking my friends to call a landline number is like asking them to perform keyhole surgery. It doesn't even leave my bedside cabinet, I dislike being able to be contacted when I'm out and about enjoying some R&R.

I don't browse the internet on it, make a couple of phone calls per week, send maybe one text per day, don't play on it. For me it's a tool, nothing more.

I intentionally leave my phone in the car turned off. :)

Only for calls and texts. I don't have a smart phone and I'm still using my flip phone that's considered worthless according to my service provider. Heck, they knock $25 off our monthly bill because the phone is so old and they want me to upgrade.

Since I only get a couple of calls or texts a week, my phone basically exists for Wordament.

My cellphone is also currently my work phone, and my current job involves making and receiving a ton of calls, so I'm on it pretty often. I pretty much just use it for calls, texts, and scheduling though.

Only when I get a call, or text which, as the poll said, isn't very often. It's awful lonely in the black.

Only when someone calls me, texts me or when I'm in the car and want to listen to music. Also when I have to call about jobs.

I'm not that active with my phone-

I mainly used it for text message but I don't text alot (only texting to a co worker when I'm in at work if I don't see the new work schedule on time).

Played a game or two that last a couple of minutes at the most like a simple quick puzzle.

I do make some phonecall but only when I'm not in the house since I would use the landline phone instead.

I do go online but only to update my games and system or to download a new game.

I don't use it much. I'm too busy grumping around on the internet about how much people use their phones.

I'm still using an old burner from back when flip phones were the hottest new craze (it's not one though), so only for calls. Still manage to dull my awareness of my surroundings with books and an old iPod though (music and binge watching shows). My periphery vision has practically been sharpened to a point.

Truth be told I use it mostly as an alarm clock.

I'd say my usage averages out to about once an hour. Although I mostly only use it when I'm not on my computer or in the middle of doing something on a game.

I use my phone to (rarely) make and receive calls, (rarely) send or receive texts, (often) check the time or as a mobile alarm clock, and occasionally as a pocket calculator or calendar. It's a two way flip phone, flips one way for calls, the other way for texting. I couldn't stand trying to use a phone for internet or such. I just barely tolerate my tablet with detachable keyboard, and the only thing I can stand to use the iPad my stepson was donated (through a school program because he's on the autism spectrum) for is playing Plants vs Zombies 2 and Wreck It Ralph. I absolutely hate tiny screens, on-screen keyboards and a lack of a touchpad/mouse for internet browsing, especially in conjunction.

I use one of those phones that are $9 and you buy a $20 card every three months to keep your service. I hardly use the thing. The one I currently have doesn't even have games on it. Its open-faced, so I've make more accidental 911 calls in a month than intentional ones. 95% of me using it is checking for the time or making a note for later in the form of a text message draft.

I hate smartphones and tablets tbh. I'd rather just lug around a laptop.

I have a giant smartphone but I pretty much only use it for texts and calls.
I use it to browse the Escapist when I'm at work, but that is about the most interesting thing I do with it.
No games, no notes, an alarm I never use, and music I don't actually listen to.

I'm a very boring person and am not good with technology :p

I'll be the odd one out here and say I use my phone quite a lot.

I love my phone and there's no getting around that. I prefer using a watch to check the time, but I use my phone for almost anything else. I often receive messages through Facebook and because the messenger app is actually quite good I have started using that as my primary communication form on my phone, I don't actually spend that much time on Facebook itself though, that's mainly boring updates from people I knew in high school.

My emails clock in with regular intervals and it saves me time to just look for the message indicator on the sleep screen on my phone rather than going into each and every website on my computer. This was particularly useful when I was working as a teaching assistant in a lab course and students sent me questions whenever they needed some help. It also keeps me up to date on what's going on with my lab projects.

I also tend to get ideas about things that may be relevant for my research when I am on the bus so I go to pubmed and look up articles to see if anyone has tried it out and if I can use that information. I generally only read the abstract and the conclusion since reading an entire article on my phone seems daunting and a great deal of them aren't open access so the abstract and summary is all I get anyway.

I also recently discovered how practical One Note is for making a grocery list so there's that too.

Perhaps most important though, I use it as a bus ticket, so I always take great care to keep it on me at all times.

TL;DR I use my phone quite a bit, probably more than 2 or 3 times an hour, but it depends on how busy a day is. There are days where I only turn off the alarm and then don't see it afterwards.

A lot, because I can do a lot with it. When I'm not near a PC I read news articles on it, check my email check my bank account, text a lot, Skype with it sometimes, use it to listen to music and audiobooks, use it to track running progress, at the rare times I take public transport I plan and pay through my phone, order takeaway food sometimes and when I'm really bored use YouTube, Netflix or a game.

Yeah, I love this thing. Can't live without a smartphone any more.

I like thinking of the phone as a super-portable, convient computer that can also handle standard phone stuff (e.g. calling and texting people). It's great for checking email (though I generally wait to get back to my computer if I need to respond), reading news, doing quick searches, casual browsing, sharing videos, listening to music, taking quick pictures, etc. Basically, I have access to that convenience. I might as well take full advantage of it.

I also enjoy messing around with the phone. I've tried out every popular launcher on the Play Store, have flashed a few custom ROMs (though my desire to stick with Android 5-based ROMs sort of limits me right now), flashed a couple non-Android OSs, and done a lot of customization within all of those different areas. Overall, I just like trying out new things, and I've absolutely fallen in love with my phone as I make it more and more of my own device. Sure, it worries the heck out of everyone I know, as they're concerned I'm going to break something, but I love messing with this kind of stuff, and the phone is a rather convenient place to do it all on, especially since I'm not risking losing something I absolutely need for school, especially since it is incredibly difficult to truly brick a phone (and no, a bootloop is not the same as bricking it).

So overall, I probably use my phone a lot more than most in this thread. That said, I'm not really compulsive about checking it either, but that's probably helped a lot by the fact that rarely even have Twitter on the phone, and I never have Facebook on it.

I probably send 2 - 3 texts per week, and maybe make 1 - 2 phone calls per month.

I have an android device, it was advertised as a phone, but I haven't activated it and just use it as a tiny computer. The cheapest plan it came with cost $35 a month, which is just too much for something I'll only use a little bit sporadically.

So instead I bought a pay-as-you go phone where I pay a few cents per text or minute. Save SO much money that way, though it means I have to carry 2 things around with me instead of 1.

The only thing i really do is watch videos and telephone with it, occasionally listen to music since i can not find the weirdly unique usb charging cable to my mp3 player

Last time i checked, mobile internet is still terrible in general

I do not even send SMS as much as i used to due to having a finicky touchscreen phone now; Nokia N9

Eh, I send texts from my phone... fairly often when I'm not at my computer. Normally because my computer crashes and burns in overly hot weather, and I'm telling people that's why I disappeared, not because they pissed me off.
As for calling people... nah. Rarely. Texting is cheaper, sometimes free.
Aside from that, I use it to listen to music in bed.

Cellphones! Wonderful technological innovation, kind of abused as a privilege. But putting aside what I think about people paying attention to them more than, say, the road...I don't have one. I have no significant reason to care one around, as I do not have a need to be reached at all times. Now, an ipod... That's a different story. Music is very important.

My phone is so basic, the most advance thing it can do is put any calls on speaker... Okay, maybe that's selling it sort since it only has this physical key layout and it's a 30-bone pay-as-you-go kind of cell phone, but all I do is call people out of necessity and not for luxury... Otherwise, it's mostly turned off unless my tight pocket turns it on for me and "butt dials" random numbers/symbols or it's dead and I haven't thought about charging it up yet...

Still prefer a watch over a cell phone if I'm trying to tell time, anyway... and fuck if I know if I know if it can do anything else...


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