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Here's a small update at request of another user.

Also a new little disclaimer;
As the Escapist Magazine is undergoing restructuring and development, some functions of this add-on may not work as described.
Further major development of the add-on will be paused until the Escapist Magazine's new website and forums are in a stable state.

I have noticed other small functions breaking down ( for example, hiding avatars ), but unless there is demand for them to be fixed, I'll put them on hold until V2 of the forums is online.

Version: 1.5.8

Release Date: 13-10-2018


Fixed the Post Assistant
Apparently the Post Assistant stopped working a little while ago, so I rolled out a fix that should bring it back again.

Temporary fix for Embedded YouTube Videos
Decided to also throw in a fix that will properly show embedded YouTube videos again in forum threads, until the Tech Team fixes it properly.

Note that videos might pop in a little later after the page finishes loading.

If you're on Chrome, then the Chrome Webstore should push an updated version of the add-on automatically to your browser.
If that doesn't happen, you can also visit the Chrome Webstore page for the plugin and install it from there.

If you're on Firefox, if you have automatic updates for add-ons turned on, then Firefox should automatically check for updates and notify when it finds a new version.
You can also check for new versions manually by typing in "about:addons" in the address bar, clicking on "More" next to the EscapistPlus add-on and then selecting to manually check for updates.

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