Donald J. Trump Review

Donald J. Trump Review

By Internet User Epyc Wynn


Donald J. Trump really has grown quite a widespread populous of hate throughout the country matched in energy only by his niche cult following. A business man born into wealth with large ups and downs in his hotels, business-wise, he has done okay. Some people seem to forget this, but there is a reason he is so memorable regardless of your political affiliation. Throughout his business days he built himself upon the "Trump" brand as a means of building a capitalist-god kind of association when you hear the name TRUMP. It worked surprisingly well and through this strategy he created The Apprentice and fulfilled the Simpsons prophecy that he would become president. On top of this, websites such as 8chan and 4chan, specifically the /pol/ board on both these websites, had their alt-right communities promote Trump as a president. And yes, these alt-right communities were and still are quite racist and pro-Nazis so that does give some fair ammo against Trump's niche followers since many are specifically associated with 8chan's and 4chan's /pol/ boards. People seem to argue against this notion that a couple websites had significant influence, but I believe they did have a significant propaganda effect by inseminating across the Internet their Trump memes, similar to how Reddit advocated and heavily propelled the notability of Bernie Sanders across the Internet.


So with roots in a capitalist-god brand name, a prophecy by The Simpsons, and memes propagated by alt-right boards on the Internet, it is fairly obvious at face value why it is hard to not take note of Donald Trump's highly memetic and controversial nature. His words are iconic in their simplicity, and at times their over-simplicity. His natural look of blonde hair on semi-orange skin has only helped to drive home this impossible to ignore iconic nature.


Across the board whether right wing, left wing, alt-left, or alt-right, everyone has at least some understanding that when comparing old statements and actions to new statements and actions, there is quickly revealed a flip-flop nature in Donald J. Trump the likes of which not even Mitt Romney held a candle to. If you wish to view a refresher of just a few fairly obvious examples of the clear-cut flip-flops that I would reasonably call hypocrisy, click the following spoiler comparing old Tweeted statements to present statements and actions:


However, consistency while perhaps a greater issue with Donald J. Trump than most U.S. politicians, is not Donald J. Trump's biggest issue in the eyes of most U.S. citizens. In the minds of typical Americans, the connections between Donald J. Trump and Russia are what appear to be the greatest issue. Numerous members of his administration have been directly implicated in meetings with high-ranking Russian officials, while his campaign as a whole appears to be directly entangled with Russia. I believe Michael Crowley from Politico has done us a good service by providing us graphical charts to connect all of Trump's presently known ties to Russia:

Final Thoughts

So what should the typical person take away from this review of Donald J. Trump? Donald J. Trump, business tycoon, entertainer and President, is memetic, hypocritical, and corrupt. Views which I have come to observe personally from Donald J. Trump and among the general public of the United States that I have chosen not to dive into beyond the following mentions, include perceived egotism, hateful rhetoric, systemic lying, denial of verified news, belief in conspiracies, conflicting business ties, nationalism, impeding the Russia investigation, constant stream of firing and resigning of his officials, draining of secret service funds, and stances against climate-change and LGBT rights. Due to already displayed inconsistencies, widespread hatred of Donald J. Trump across the nation, and blatant connections to Russia to a degree that would warrant accusations of betrayal of the country, I believe Donald J. Trump's best option would be to honestly and thoroughly present evidence of his innocence. At the present moment he lacks evidence of his innocence but does have significant evidence against him that does presently warrant impeachment. The wealth surrounding Trump and his status as owner of several hotels combined with his aggressive negotiation tactics leads me to believe that he should consider saving all his wealth, sell off all his hotels, and redo his approach to life so that his wealth and status are not blinding him to humility. From there, he needs to form real social bonds with others rooted in social interaction for the sake of forming healthy enjoyable relationships rather than forming them solely as a means to an end for gaining, manipulating, or reveling in power.


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