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Did you like the first Deadpool? Perfect! Take whatever you thought of the first one and apply it to the second one. Good review guys, see you next time!


The Merc with the Mouth Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) returns. Deadpool has been busy murdering his way through bad guys between movies but an event early on puts him into a tailspin of depression. Colossus (voice of Stefan Kapicic) brings him on an X-Men mission to help a mutant child (Julian Dennison) and the story kicks off. It does not go well as Deadpool does Deadpool and gets them both in a mess of trouble. That's before a mutant from the future named Cable (Josh Brolin) shows up with murderous intent...

The original Deadpool certainly had a story but it was a pretty standard "revenge" film. Deadpool 2 really opens up with the story and explores themes that you probably wouldn't expect an action comedy to try to tackle but the story is much stronger because of it. It's kind of strange to see the kind of emotion you get from Deadpool and it does end up creating a few weird tone shifts when the movie goes from great sadness right back to the jokes but those few little jarring tone shifts are worth the much improved story.

It feels like a cop-out but honestly, that first sentence about your love of the first one determining how much you would love the second one is pretty on point. Thanks to a bigger budget, there is more action in this and a good bit more fighting but ultimately, they both have the same style when it comes to shooting the action and interweaving comedy into it.

Everyone in this movie brings their A game. Josh Brolin makes a pretty perfect Cable as a "No Nonsense" Terminator-type killer (though I have heard that some people have a hard time with him as Cable since he also plays Thanos in the just released Avengers Civil War). Julian Dennison as the driving force in the story as teenager mutant Firefist is great and is a character that could have really fallen flat in the hands of a weaker actor. However, one new comer really steals the show and steals it so well that they get their very own paragraph!

Deadpool fans will recognize Domino (Zazie Beetz) but I imagine most people will not recognize who that character is. The actress is great and looks like she is having a blast as a character whose powers are "I'm lucky" and the movie does a great job of having "luck" show up on film. My biggest concern going in was how they would film that kind of thing but every single scene she is in is dominated by her as the film does such a great job demonstrating "luck" as a power.

Lastly, while most people would expect End Credits from Marvel movies, you need to make sure to see those End Credits. The movie has a lot of strong jokes but that End Credit is easily the strongest jokes of the entire film. The End Credit sequence alone is worth the price of admission.

Ultimately, that first sentence should be everything you need to know about the movie. Did you like the first Deadpool? Good news, you'll like this one too! Did you hate the first Deadpool movie? Well you're a bad person! Also, that likely means you will hate the second Deadpool movie as well.

9/10; a wonderful movie that blends action and comedy very very well. If you are a Deadpool fan, you will be a fan of this movie.

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However, one new comer really steals the show and steals it so well that they get their very own paragraph!

Oh yeah, that character is a breath of fresh air to the whole superhero genre-


Deadpool fans will recognize Domino (Zazie Beetz)



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