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So this review is based on the CBS show God Friended Me here in the United States. I'd give details about myself as a reviewer, but that may be pointless given that this is my first review.

To begin, this show finds it's premise in an atheist podcaster who is friended by an account Facebook going by the moniker of 'God'. this account itself never seems to post anything, rather it sends suggestions to the main character of people to friend. In finding these people, the main character seems to find themselves drawn in to dramas and inexplicably helps these people. Side plots include the main character trying to get his podcast off the ground to a bigger audience, his friend at a call center trying to find romance, his first friend via 'God account' trying to keep her life together after a bit of writer's slump at work and reconnecting with a mother who once abandoned her, and the main character's rocky relationship with his reverend father.

So God Friended Me is a show that has a lot of basis in faith, spirituality and maybe logic. I say "maybe logic", because logic seems to be something the show tries to actively avoid, despite it's protagonist being an atheist.

The character in question is actually a somewhat interesting character; a former christian/catholic, turned atheist, whose father is a revered at a local church, and is a podcaster trying to get his message out to those willing to listen that "There is no God and that's OK."

As a christian/catholic (albeit, not in good standing), I'm not offended by anything in the show, if nothing, I'm more disappointed at the lack of spiritual discussion that I feel the show should encourage given it's premise from both sides of the spiritual spectrum. If the show does anything right, it's in pointing out the idea of a 'grand design' in the use of some rather overt symbolism through the episodes but that being said, if I wasn't catholic/christian, I can see myself as finding this to be a bit preachy.

The show could've done a lot to maybe actually show a shadow of a user who uses the God account, or maybe even show some more activity from the reverend father (not going to lie, I find him to be a bit more interesting, but that may be because it's Henry Deacon from Eureka). But being that it doesn't it falls a bit flat. It's a show that could stand to improve if it had some more logic connecting everyone as opposed to a grand design by a Facebook account.

To be honest, I'm still trying to find my writing as a reviewer but my final verdict on this is that this a show to watch if you want to see a spiritual/atheist debate as argued by middle-schoolers. Kinda funny if you're more versed in one side, but overall kind of embarrassing. 2 out of 5, watch it if there's nothing else and you've already binged everything in Hulu and Netflix.

So again this is kinda crap writing and I can see that, but if anyone can give some constructive criticism I'd appreciate it. Also willing to answer questions.


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