I have removed my words from this site.

Great read, didn't look up from my screen until I'd finished it, good work! I never did play any of the Unreal Tournaments, I guess I was just too young to have heard of them when it was relevant.

I adored UT 2004, partly because the gore entertained my feeble child mind, and partly because it was the only online shooter at the time that handed out rocket launchers like free samples at a grocery store. That said, UT 3 was a major disappointment for me, mostly due to the lack of balance. Yeah, the Darkwalker thing is cool, but how many times can you get fucked by it on Heat Ray before you just end up getting pissed off?

I'm really surprised that you were able to complain about the lack of changes in the series for three paragraphs alone, especially given the source material. Regardless, it was an awesome review. Very few grammatical hiccups (one or two like you're instead of your, etc), valid points, and a perfect length.

Oh yeah, and your formatting will always be the shit.

I have removed my words from this site.

I was planning to review this game soon and now I feel like I can't.

I really hated how Epic tried to reinvent the series for new games. It's Unreal Fucking Tournament, if you don't know about the series by now you're not much of a gamer. And as I fan of the series (owning Unreal 1&2, UT99, 2k3, 2k4, and III. UC is simply a port and UC2 did really make me want an Xbox) I was thoroughly disappointed by the attempt at the half-ass explaining of the tournament. Really? I'm supposed to believe the flag controls the enemies respawner? Fuck you and fuck this story. Why didn't you just make Unreal 3 instead?

Sorry for the DP

But why didn't you mention the run-around that was the DLC and exclusive content?

Edit: Also the modding?

I have removed my words from this site.

I'm debating between this and Republic Commando now... :P



Oh yeah, and your formatting will always be the shit.

I sure hope that's the seldomly used positive form of shit.

For me, it's the often used positive form of shit. I rather enjoy the way you format your reviews. Makes them very easy on the eyes and it keeps them from being plane jane and boring.

What I found with it was that the graphics meant that they couldn't keep the speed of the predecessors. They had to slow the players down until it looked like they were running at a normal pace, which wasn't necessary in the blocky graphics of its ancestors.

The lack of Onslaught mode peeved me greatly. It was the multiplayer mode I enjoyed most of all, and replaced by an idiot version that lacked the same appeal. Plus the fact that Malcolm was absent as a playable character.

Did enjoy some bits of it. I remember playing a local with some weird mod that swapped the weapons for demonic-looking instruments. I actually won a round using just the melee weapon, a horribly overpowered sledge called the Hammer of Judgment. There's always something oddly gleeful about smashing into a opponent and sending their ragdoll flying, much to a stream of loud annoyed curses. It even switched the view to third person to enjoy it even more. The rest of the arsenal seemed to suffer a slight bit of John Romero syndrome.

We need an unrealistic shooter. If they make this realistic the gaming community will just see it as a bland MW2 ripoff.

I played this game and for a time owned it. My opinion was a bit of a MEH. I actually sold and uninstalled it because I have really good games that have murdered my hard drive space.


Its always sad to see amazing franchises fall from grace...

I found its main flaw was trying to add a damn story to a PC heavy game. Seriously, you expect my to take the story seriously when my mission is to "capture flags to stop them from respawning?" Please...

I loved UT04 the best. It had the same fast-paced, amazing combat, with brilliant level design, and overall was just fun as hell. Also, all hail the player that can carry every weapon ever at once. Fuck the "only 2 weapons at a time tactical" shit, give me everything at once and send me speeding into the enemy base, firing like a madman. Now thats fun.

An one thing UT has that no game will ever be able to match and surpass, the fucking amazing announcer. Just hearing his booming voice is just... amazing.

Also, why the fuck did they take out the Assult mode? It was fucking great!

Nice review as well.

I have removed my words from this site.



Also, why the fuck did they take out the Assult mode? It was fucking great!

Whoever thought that removing the single greatest game mode they ever had was a good idea deserves to get fired. Now.


I haven't played UT3, but I still play UT 2004, and my two favourite game modes: Assault and Onslaught.

Both missing in UT3. Though wikipedia says they kind of meld in the Warfare mode, I'm still pretty suspicious.

And the review is very good. From what I've heard about the game this review is pretty truthful. The balancing was a problem in UT2004 too.

For example: Two people could be in a tank, the other one driving and the other one in a turret, but it's really of no use. The driver can easily switch to the turret when needed (against aircraft, for example), and there are usually enough vehicles for everyone, and even fighting on foot is usually more effective than operating a turret.

I still like it though. And the multiplayer is still living well. I've heard UT3 has very little server and players, but again, I can't confirm it, because I don't have it.


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