I have removed my words from this site.

I looooved Stronghold. The graphics were so great! And the briefings too. That's another example of a game not needing to have standard 'good graphics'.

I'd write more but someone's cooking cabbage outside my window and i need to run away from my house right fucking now. Be back in a half hour!

Jesus, now this was a blast from the past. A friend of mine showed me this game in third grade and I fell in love with it. Well, until Half-Life 2 was released a year later. Then I forgot completely about it. Regardless, excellent game.

Excellent review as well. This review is one of the most focused I've ever read. Not only that, but you can seamlessly transition from one paragraph to the next in such a manner that I simply adore.

One of your best, indeed.

I have removed my words from this site.

Wasn't a new stronghold released recently? That took the old game and beefed up the armies to tens of thousands of troops?

It was a bit short, but I think that this was the best work of yours I've read since Review Wars II. The key to your reviews is really in the intro, but a lot of them feel to cold and detached. This one, is pretty fitting and made me anxious to know about the game. The rest of the review, like your others, remained top notch. So just keep working at the intros.

I have removed my words from this site.

Uhm, I sorta liked Stronghold 2 =p. It was fun to play with friends, although never very well balanced. We had to make our own rules so that it wouldn't be ^^

I remember that one!

I really liked the siege stuff - various catapults and trebuchets, boiling oil, and trenches filled with what seemed like gas/petrol/whatever.

And having "realistic" arrows was fun. You can't break a freaking stone wall with an arrow! You had to try to shoot vertically and even then the people on the other side would be pretty defended.

I have removed my words from this site.


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