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The Return of the Living dead was created by the late Dan O'Bannon, the writer of the original 1979 Alien. The movie is actually an adaptation of a story done in 1978, by Rooty Richy. This classic from my childhood was released in 1985. At the tail end of the Zombie craze that had been around for about 5 years at the time. Not a traditional Zombie movie, this one takes a slightly different approach to it. The movie aimed to poke fun at zombie movies, and never takes it's self too seriously.

The movie starts off with Freddy, played by Tom Matthews, on his first at his first job. At a medical supply warehouse. Horror buffs might remember Tom Matthews from Friday the 13th part 6 Jason lives, where he played an all grown up Tommy Jarvis. His boss Frank played by veteran character actor James Caren, is showing Freddy the ropes. When Frank, decides to tell Freddy a story about some military containers that were shipped to the warehouse accidentally years ago. In them are the remains of an experiment that went wrong in 1967, and caused the dead to rise. Then the bumbling employees accidentally release the gas into the air. And this causes the dead animals and cadavers in the wear house to come alive. Meanwhile, a group of punk rockers are partying, getting drunk, and getting naked~.[1]Out of ideas on how to dispose of the reanimated beings, Freddy and Frank call the owner of the warehouse Bert, played by another veteran character actor, Clue Goologger. Who decides to take the chopped up pieces of reanimated creatures, across the street to his friend Ernie, played by Don Calfa. Who also runs the mortuary in the cemetery, and then fry them in his crematorium. Don Calfa is a long time television actor, who's been in everything from the streets of San Fransisco, to Boy meets world.

Once Bert convinces Ernie, and yes I just got the inside joke, Bert and Ernie, to help them, all the dead things go up in smoke. However, the smoke goes into the air, causes it to rain, and now the tainted water seeps through into the ground and quite literally, wakes the dead. Now the dead are crawling out of their graves, and we have everything from half mutated corpses, to strip down skeletons crawling out of the ground. And these zombies are different, they actually speak. And one of them actually states that they eat brains, because it hurts to be dead and it somehow relieves the pain. O-Okay remember that this is a horror comedy.

You want me to eat the what now?

One of the coolest things in this movie is watching Freddy and Frank who have had direct exposure to the gas, slowly and methodically go from living breathing people, to the walking dead. And one of the creepiest sub plots of the movie, is the relationship between Freddy and his girlfriend Tina. Tina, oblivious almost to the point of being obtuse about it, stands by her man as he slowly begins to turn into a brain eater. That is until he'd use her as a buffet meal.There is definitely a culture clash theme going on in the movie as well, with the old establishment types like Bert bumping heads with the youthful anarchist types like Spider, played by Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Now this was years before he was famous for his ground breaking role in Juana man.

Although a horror comedy, the movie does capture the atmosphere of a classic horror movie, over crowded century old cemeteries, the medical supply warehouse, the mortuary, death fixated punk kids, and lots of dark comedy. And the music is awesome. It's a little thrash metal for my taste, but it sets the mood, and gives the movie a great energy that helps the viewer overlook certain plot holes, and over the top acting, that permeate the story.

Cause cradling your about to be undead boy friend is such a good idea. You get a gold star!....Dumbass.

The Return of the Living dead gets a 8.3/10. I know what your thinking, "Oh my god you praise this movie! Why'd you give it and 8/10?!!" look, this move is goofy and violent. And there's lots of sex. And the plot is fairy plausible considering the circumstances. But I know that this is not the greatest movie ever made. But it doesn't try to be anymore than it is, which is a real, popcorn movie. Unlike the pale imitations of today which enlist A-list actors, and multimillion dollar CGI effects, but are afraid to show some blatant TNA or a few drops of blood. If you are a horror fan of the ages then you know what im talking about. And this would be a fun trip down memory lane. If you were raised on Scream and his less worthy imitators, you would have to give this one a chance. This was made when horror movies knew what they were, and they didn't try to break the 50 million dollar mark on opening weekend.

[1] Now imagine me saying that in real life.

It's been ages since I've seen this movie! I am going to have to check it out again.

Nice review! You made me all nostalgic and stuff! BRAINS!

It's been ages since I've seen this movie! I am going to have to check it out again.

Nice review! You made me all nostalgic and stuff! BRAINS!

I was hoping I would make people Nostalgic. To be honest it is one of my favorite zombie movies of all time, but it definitely did not deserve a 10. Hence, the 8.3/10.

Thank you though!
This is so not a disguised bump at all!

I have never seen this movie.

I have also missed out on a lot of Zombie films.

Maybe I should start watching some...


Good review though.


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