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    This kind of film is incredibly hard to review since there isn't really that much to talk about without ruining things that are really best seen without having a clue what's about to happen. This is why the review is quite short so sorry about that.

    Also, leaving a comment would be great, even if you don't have anything to add it's nice to see that people take the time just to leave a few words, however relevant. These reviews do take quite a while to do you know and it's dissheartening when people read the review but cannot be bothered to leave a comment. If I don't feel that anyone really cares about these reviews I may just stop.

    I'm not very good at movie reviews, so I won't mind if someone takes it upon themselves to rip it to shreds. If anything it will help me improve.


Hot Tub Time Machine

After having a rather dragged out and depressing talk with my dad yesterday on the subject of death/ euthanasia/ existence I thought it would probably be a good idea to try and cheer myself up. And with Movie Bob's review of Hot Tub Time Machine still circulating round the inner workings of my brain I decided to take his advise and give it a go.

At heart, or in fact anything else, Hot Tub Time Machine is a comedy, but not the kind of mature comedy that people attempt to wind into many films nowadays, it's a pure, unbridled fun kind of comedy reminiscent of Anchorman or even Life of Brian. The film depicts four "friends" who reunite after many years after one of them nearly dies, to cheer the guy up they decide to revisit a Ski-resort where they spent a particularly booze ridden holiday 30 odd years ago. When they get there they find that a lot has changed (for the worse of course) and as they are debating whether or not to go home they discover a Hot Tub outside the house. This, of course, is where the title comes in and the quartet find themselves zapped back into the 70's when they had the holiday they so fondly remember. Even though one of them hadn't been born at the time.

You have your standard array of characters, the four "friends" [1] are made up by people that in reality, would usually have nothing to do with each other. You have an insurance salesman who seems determined to show his fun side, a nerd who writes fan fiction and spends all day behind a screen[2], a black guy who both overreacts at everything but manages to stay cool and then you have the bat-shit crazy guy who supplies most of the shock laughs. As befits the genre, these characters have almost no depth to them apart from things that the movie thrust in front of you. But to be honest, I do not care, especially with a movie as silly as this.

What I think the film does very well is to take the piss out of many other time-related films such as Back to the Future and The Butterfly Effect. In fact they even bring up the latter to the response of "That film is awesome!", which it most certainly is. All the theories about changing things and that causing things to happen in the future is touched upon, though very light-heartedly as some of the group go about to change as much as they can so they are more successful in the future. One takes the Back to the Future route of gambling on results that he already knows. Though the future certainly does not consist of motor-cycle ridden anarchy in this film as a result. Also, all possibility of the group meeting their younger selves is void since they effectively quantum leap into their old selves, with the exception of the one who wasn't alive at the time.[3]

__"Excuse me madam, what colour is Michael Jackson?"

__________________"He's black..."


It's best to note, especially because this film is a comedy, that there are some parts of this film that are incredibly funny. Even bordering on full on belly laughter and though Hot Tub Time Machine may not be in the same league as the previously mentioned Anchorman or Life of Brian it is most certainly up there. The best parts are with the mad man where all the jokes are cruel, slightly disturbing and incredibly funny. The black guy also gets some good lines but the other two main characters aren't so lucky, but they exist as more targets of jokes than people who say them.

No, getting naked in a Hot Tub with four other guys isn't gay, it's male bonding!

The amount of quotes to be found in this film is astonishing, you can see the one I've put in bold but trust me there are many many more. And these quotes go along with some scenes that are unforgettable for their hilarity, shock value and in one case, for the "Oh my god did that really happen?" reaction. While there are some parts in the film devoid of many good gags these parts more than make up for them.

I would reckomend that everyone with a sense of humour should go and see this movie, while it is definitely not a classic it is well worth a watch if you want to cheer yourself up, some of the scenes will stay with you for weeks after you finish watching.

[1] I put it in speech marks because really, they don't get on very well.
[2] remind you of anyone?...
[3] "Hey shouldn't you be a sperm swimming around in someone's testicles?" "Rwadn'no"

even though i'm actually into "artsy" films, this movie sounds REALLY funny.

great review

I apologize in advance but I gotta nitpick: it's set in the 80's, not the 70's. Other than that this was a great review of a great movie. Definitely worth seeing, especially if you love the eighties and its films.

Footnote two was pretty funny. As for the movie, I have this new rule that if I don't laugh at all during the preview, I won't see the movie. Thus I will never see this movie unless my wife makes me since she will only watch comedies.

Your review makes me want to se it slightly more than before but humor is so subjective that what one finds funny another will not, so who knows. Another good review though.

And I know that its frustating to see so many reads with so little replies
*thinks of my own recent thread


people say we should be happy that its being read, but it still annoys me too.


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