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First review here. Let's see if i can start this with a bang.

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Ok, quick trivia. Who loves Batman? Almost everyone. And this direct-to-video animated movie offers ever thing from awesome story to mad psychopaths which do justice to the world's greatest Detective's name. It is nothing less than a masterpiece.

The story begins from the infamous "Death in the Family"[1] comic and continues from there onwards five years later into the Dark Knight's latest exploits. It has a good amount of Batman going on to keep you interested through out the movie. And since, it's run-time being less than 11/2 hour it's a great bargain. However,it irked me how loose the plot was. The supposed big surprise, is obvious by the time a quarter of the movie is finished and so, it's basically eye exercise for us while we watch Batman investigate. But it's Batman, so I have no problem with that! :)

Would you like to know more? Yes? Too bad. Any more info will spoil the amazing movie that it is.

Villains are what the comics world revolves and it also works here. The Joker, Ra's al Ghul and Black Mask are present in this film and they are damn fun to watch. A new villain is also introduced who calls himself the Red Hood[2]. He presents an interesting twist to the movie. And it's fun to watch the confrontations between Batman and him.

Back to the original design. Classic
Back to the original design. Classic

The voice acting is beautifully done. The animations are top notch and the voice cast is very well assembled. The iconic villain are back with Ra's al Ghul and Black Mask making appearances. And who can forget the Joker, right? The honourable mention goes to John Di Maggio who is widely known for voicing Bender in Futurama. His voice acting of the Joker could actually give the ever fan favourite Mark Hamill a run for his money. The Batman cast also includes Nighwing,the first Robin, voiced perfectly by Niel Patrick Harris and Black Mask, the crime lord of Gotham, voiced by Wade Williams.

It's a Batman movie after all so expect awesome fight scenes. The animation is fluid and it's sweet watching the cape flow seamlessly throughout.


It has to be one of the best DCU movie in the recent years and it's highly recommended for all. Even for those who have the slightest of interest in the man who wears tights with a fabulously long, black cape. Although, it isn't true to the comic, so expect some hiccups here and there.

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[1] Seriously, have you read it? It's way too serious and tragic.
[2] Therefore, the title.

I preferred the comic book frankly.

Black Mask was given an appalling case of Adaptation Decay in that movie, and I think if they were going to try and turn that particular storyline into a movie then they really should have gotten the main players right at least.

Sure but nothing ever stays faithful to the original does it?

This sounds like a great film. I shall purchase and watch it, thank you, kind sir.

I have seen it and yeah it's a very good film. I agree that it had great animation, voice actor etc. I love the last part of the film, it was a powerful and compelling scene.
Oh even that DC showcase Jonah Hex was brilliant as well. It just a shame that the showcase didn't repersent the live movie.

Scarim Coral:
Oh even that DC showcase Jonah Hex was brilliant as well. It just a shame that the showcase didn't repersent the live movie.

Aye. It's a mighty shame at the one. The movie was..... *shudder*.


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